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Installation; List Of Standard Components; Setting Up Your Theatersync - NEC TheaterSync Video Processor User Manual

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3 Installation


List of Standard Components

The TheaterSync processor ships with a number of standard components. When unpacking your
unit, verify that the following items are included:
• TheaterSync unit (qty 1)
• IEC-320 American AC power cord (qty 1)
• Infrared remote control (qty 1)
• Rack-mount adapter kit (qty 1)
• TheaterSync User Manual (qty 1)

Setting up your TheaterSync

To set up your TheaterSync unit, follow the steps below:
1. Connect the TheaterSync unit to the video input sources.
2. Connect the TheaterSync unit to the display device.
NOTE: If you are connecting to a panel or projector that supports the coding of HDCP
encrypted material on its DVI input, you must connect to that DVI input using TheaterSync's
HDMI OUT connector (and an HDMI to DVI adapter).
3. To power up the unit, press the Power switch located on the rear of the unit, close to the
power cord. The Power switch may be left on in normal operation. The On/Setup button
on the front panel may be used to put the unit into a low-power state (Setup Mode).
NOTE: When TheaterSync is in Setup (Stand-by) Mode, the output to the projector or panel is
temporarily suspended.
4. Select the output resolution to match the native resolution of the display device:
a) Place the unit in Setup (Stand-by) Mode by toggling the Operate/Setup button on the
IR remote (or by using the On/Setup button on the unit's front panel).
b) Using the up/down arrow keys of the remote, cycle through the different setup modes
(which will be displayed on the box LCD display) until the output resolution mode is
selected ("OUT = xxx" will appear on the LCD display, where 'xxx' is the current
active output resolution)
c) Using the left/right arrow keys, select the desired output resolution.
5. Return TheaterSync to Operate Mode by pushing the On/Setup button on the front panel
or the Power button on the IR Remote. This activates the TheaterSync output circuits.
Further adjustments may be made using the TheaterSync OSM (On-Screen Menu).
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TheaterSync Video Processor User Manual
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