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On-Screen Menu; Osm Menu Structure - NEC TheaterSync Video Processor User Manual

Nec display solutions home stereo system user manual
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5 On-Screen Menu


OSM Menu Structure

The On-Screen Menu (
TheaterSync system. When first powered up, the TheaterSync will be in a Factory Default
configuration, with English as the OSM language, Component Video as Video Input, and
S/PDIF Audio as Audio input. All other Factory Default parameters are indicated in Table 4.
When the user selects the Factory Reset from the OSM menu, TheaterSync reloads all of these
default parameters, replacing any adjustments previously made. Certain parameters are not
affected by the Factory Reset and are left in their most recently selected position. These
parameters are: Language, Selected Input, and Selected Audio Input. As indicated in chapter 4,
the Setup Parameters are not affected by Factory Reset.
TheaterSync remembers all the signal processing parameters on a selected input basis. When the
user powers down or selects a different input, the processing parameters previously selected are
automatically re-established when returning to that input. An Input Reset sets the currently
selected input to its default parameters. (This allows the user to reset a specific input channel
without disturbing selections that affect the entire TheaterSync operation).
A complete view of the OSM menu structure is shown in Table 3 and Table 4.
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) is the primary way of controlling and selecting functions in the
Table 3: OSM Main Menu Structure
Enter this submenu to select the video or audio input.
Enter this menu to adjust the image brightness, contrast,
sharpness, gamma correction, black level, color temperature,
color, hue, tint, and aspect ratio.
Enter this submenu to review the video system, select the
background color, reset to default settings, and setup the menu
Enter this submenu to select the language used by the OSM.
Enter this submenu to view information about the system (input
resolution, horizontal and vertical frequency, output resolution,
horizontal and vertical frequency, firmware revision, FPGA
revision, serial number, and IP address).
TheaterSync Video Processor User Manual
NEC Solutions, Inc.



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