National Instruments NI PCIe-8360 User Manual

Mxi-express multisystem extension interface for pci express, compact pci, and pxi bus computers ni pcie-8360 and ni pxi-8360.
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MXI-Express Series User Manual
MXI-Express Multisystem eXtension Interface for PCI Express, Compact PCI,
and PXI Bus Computers
NI PCIe-8360
NI PXI-8360
MXI-Express Series User Manual
May 2005


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  • Page 1

    MXI-Express Series User Manual MXI-Express Multisystem eXtension Interface for PCI Express, Compact PCI, and PXI Bus Computers NI PCIe-8360 NI PXI-8360 MXI-Express Series User Manual May 2005 371452A-01...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    For further support information, refer to the Technical Support and Professional Services appendix. To comment on National Instruments documentation, refer to the National Instruments Web site at and enter the info code feedback. © 2005 National Instruments Corporation. All rights reserved.

  • Page 3: Important Information

    Warranty The NI PCIe-8360 and NI PXI-8360 are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment, as evidenced by receipts or other documentation. National Instruments will, at its option, repair or replace equipment that proves to be defective during the warranty period.

  • Page 4

    These classes are known as Class A (for use in industrial-commercial locations only) or Class B (for use in residential or commercial locations). All National Instruments (NI) products are FCC Class A products. Depending on where it is operated, this Class A product could be subject to restrictions in the FCC rules. (In Canada, the Department of Communications (DOC), of Industry Canada, regulates wireless interference in much the same way.) Digital...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Larger MXI-Express Systems ...1-2 What You Need to Get Started ...1-3 Unpacking ...1-3 Chapter 2 Hardware Installation Hardware Installation...2-1 Installing an NI PCIe-8360...2-1 Installing an NI PXI-8360 ...2-3 Cabling ...2-4 Powering Up the MXI-Express System ...2-5 Powering Down the MXI-Express System...2-5 Chapter 3 Hardware Overview Functional Overview...3-1...

  • Page 6

    Contents Appendix B Common Questions Appendix C Technical Support and Professional Services Glossary Index MXI-Express Series User Manual

  • Page 7: About This Manual

    About This Manual This manual describes the features, functions, and operation of the MXI-Express series of products. The products in this series are the NI PCIe-8360 and the NI PXI-8360. Conventions The following conventions appear in this manual: » The » symbol leads you through nested menu items and dialog box options to a final action.

  • Page 8: Related Documentation

    About This Manual Related Documentation The following documents contain information that you might find helpful as you read this manual: • • • • • • • • MXI-Express Series User Manual Set Up Your MXI-Express System Your computer or chassis documentation PXI Hardware Specification, Revision 2.1 PXI Software Specification, Revision 2.1 PCI Specification, Revision 2.3...

  • Page 9: About The Mxi-express Series, Description And Features, Basic Mxi-express System

    The two products in this series are the NI PCIe-8360 and NI PXI-8360. For the remainder of this manual the term MXI-Express card refers to any product in the MXI-Express series.

  • Page 10: Larger Mxi-express Systems

    Chapter 1 Introduction Larger MXI-Express Systems Each NI PCIe-8360 has two MXI-Express connectors. One NI PCIe-8360 may be connected to two different NI PXI-8360 cards in separate PXI/CompactPCI chassis. If multiple PCI Express slots are available in the host PC, additional PXI chassis can be connected by installing an NI PCIe-8360 in any available PCI Express slot.

  • Page 11: What You Need To Get Started, Unpacking

    PXI/CompactPCI chassis. Store the device in the antistatic envelope when not in use. © National Instruments Corporation One NI PCIe-8360 and one NI PXI-8360 A MXI-Express cable A host PC with an available x1 (or wider) PCI Express slot An expansion chassis—the PXI/CompactPCI chassis that you control...

  • Page 12: Hardware Installation, Installing An Ni Pcie-8360

    To protect both yourself and the computer from electrical hazards, your computer should remain off until you finish installing the NI PCIe-8360. Note The BIOS or motherboard may not support the NI PCIe-8360 in a slot intended for a graphics card. © National Instruments Corporation Power off your computer, but leave it plugged in while installing the NI PCIe-8360.

  • Page 13

    2 PCI Express x1 Card-Edge Connector MXI-Express Series User Manual Line up the NI PCIe-8360 with the slot on the back panel. Slowly push down on the top of the NI PCIe-8360 until its card-edge connector is resting on the expansion slot receptacle. Using slow, evenly distributed pressure, press the NI PCIe-8360 straight down until it seats in the expansion slot.

  • Page 14: Installing An Ni Pxi-8360

    Figure 2-2. © National Instruments Corporation Power off your PXI or CompactPCI chassis, but leave it plugged in while installing the NI PXI-8360.

  • Page 15: Cabling

    Chapter 2 Hardware Installation Figure 2-2 shows an NI PXI-8360 just before installation in the system controller slot of a National Instruments chassis. 1 PXI/Compact PCI Chassis 2 NI PXI-8360 Cabling Caution Do not remove the cable after the system is powered on. Doing so can hang or cause errors in applications communicating with devices behind MXI-Express.

  • Page 16: Powering Up The Mxi-express System, Powering Down The Mxi-express System

    The order in which expansion chassis are powered off, relative to each other, is not important. © National Instruments Corporation Power on all of the expansion chassis in any order you choose.

  • Page 17: Functional Overview

    2.5 Gbps in each direction simultaneously. Figure 3-1 shows the basic architecture of MXI-Express. The NI PCIe-8360 consists of a PCI Express x1 card edge connector, a PCI Express switch, and two cabled PCI Express connectors. The NI PXI-8360 consists of one cabled PCI Express connector, a PCI Express-to-PCI bridge, and a PXI connector.

  • Page 18: Functional Unit Descriptions, Pci Express X1 Card Edge Connector, Pci Express X1 Switch

    Functional Unit Descriptions PCI Express x1 Card Edge Connector The card edge connector allows you to use the NI PCIe-8360 in a x1 or wider PCI Express slot in a PC. The PCI Express Card Electromechanical Specification defines this connector.

  • Page 19: Pci Express-to-pci Bridge, Led Indicators

    LED Indicators The LEDs on MXI-Express give status information about power supplies and link state. The NI PCIe-8360 has two tri-color LEDs, one for each port on the panel. The NI PXI-8360 has two LEDs, one for power supply status and one for link state.

  • Page 20: Mxi-express Cable Options

    Chapter 3 Hardware Overview MXI-Express Cable Options MXI-Express is available with cables of various lengths. Table 3-1 shows the cables available from National Instruments. MXI-Express Series User Manual Table 3-1. National Instruments MXI-Express Cables Cable Length (Meters) MXI-Express copper cable...

  • Page 21: Specifications

    Power requirements © National Instruments Corporation NI PXI-8360 ... 10.0 × 16.0 cm (3.9 × 6.3 in.) NI PCIe-8360 ... 10.7 × 17.5 cm (4.4 × 6.9 in.) NI PXI-8360 ... One system slot NI PCIe-8360 ... One slot (PCI Express) NI PXI-8360 ...

  • Page 22

    Operating relative humidity...10 to 90%, noncondensing Storage Environment Ambient temperature range ...–20 to 70 °C (tested in accordance Storage relative humidity...5 to 95%, noncondensing MXI-Express Series User Manual NI PCIe-8360 Power Rail Typical Current +3.3 V 1.800 A +3.3 V Aux...

  • Page 23

    Operating relative humidity ... 10 to 90%, noncondensing Storage Environment Ambient temperature range... –20 to 70 °C (tested in accordance Storage relative humidity ... 5 to 95%, noncondensing © National Instruments Corporation Appendix A (Tested in accordance with IEC-60068-2-27. Test profile developed in accordance with MIL-PRF-28800F.)

  • Page 24: Electromagnetic Compatibility

    Appendix A Specifications Clean the NI PXI-8360 and NI PCIe-8360 with a soft nonmetallic brush. Make Caution sure that the device is completely dry and free from contaminants before returning it to service. Note For full EMC compliance, operate this device with shielded cabling. In addition, all covers and filler panels must be installed.

  • Page 25

    If you need to clean the module, use a soft, nonmetallic brush. Make sure that the module is completely dry and free from contaminants before returning it to service. © National Instruments Corporation , search by model number or product line, and click the Appendix A...

  • Page 26

    The maximum length for a MXI-Express copper cable is 7 m. National Instruments offers 3 m and 7 m copper cables. © National Instruments Corporation NI PCIe-8360: PCI Express MXI-Express interface NI PXI-8360: PXI MXI-Express interface MXI-Express Series User Manual...

  • Page 27

    NI PXI-8360 when the correct MXI-Express driver is installed. This second device provides configuration information for the software. The NI PCIe-8360 includes three PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridges. The NI PXI-8360 includes two additional bridges and one NI PXI-8360 device. If the MXI-Express software is not installed, the PCI-to-PCI function will still be detected and work correctly, but the MXI-Express configuration device will be detected as an unknown device.

  • Page 28

    PC. For more details, refer to the of Chapter 2, © National Instruments Corporation Support for PCI Express slots. Improved error correction and handling for noisy or harsh environments.

  • Page 29

    Technical Support and Professional Services Visit the following sections of the National Instruments Web site at • • • • © National Instruments Corporation for technical support and professional services: Support—Online technical support resources at include the following: –...

  • Page 30

    Appendix C Technical Support and Professional Services • If you searched your local office or NI corporate headquarters. Phone numbers for our worldwide offices are listed at the front of this manual. You also can visit the Worldwide Offices section of office Web sites, which provide up-to-date contact information, support phone numbers, email addresses, and current events.

  • Page 31

    Celsius clock hardware component that controls timing for reading from or writing to groups counter/timer a circuit that counts external pulses or clock pulses (timing) © National Instruments Corporation Value –9 – 6 –3 MXI-Express Series User Manual...

  • Page 32

    Glossary device a plug-in instrument card or pad that can contain multiple channels and conversion devices. Plug-in boards and PCMCIA cards, which connect to your computer parallel port, are examples of devices. digital trigger a TTL level signal having two discrete levels—a high and a low level direct memory access—a method by which data can be transferred to/from computer memory from/to a device or memory on the bus while the processor does something else.

  • Page 33

    Glossary a link or port with one physical lane © National Instruments Corporation MXI-Express Series User Manual...

  • Page 34

    B-1 help, technical support, C-1 installation cabling, 2-4 hardware, 2-1 of an NI PCIe-8360, 2-1 of an NI PXI-8360, 2-3 powering down the MXI-Express system, 2-5 powering up the MXI-Express system, 2-5 instrument drivers (NI resources), C-1...

  • Page 35

    (figure), 3-2 cable options (table), 3-4 hardware overview, 3-1 larger systems, 1-2 specifications, A-1 MXI-Express system description, 1-1 getting started, 1-3 National Instruments support and services, C-1 NI PCIe-8360 installation, 2-1 figure, 2-2 NI PXI-8360 installation, 2-3 figure, 2-4...

  • Page 36

    Index unpacking, 1-3 Web resources, C-1 © National Instruments Corporation MXI-Express Series User Manual...

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