Problem Solving - Frigidaire FPJB56B7MS Use & Care Manual

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Blender does not turn on.
Food is spattering outside the jar.
The motor base is bogging down.
Blender jar is leaking at the bottom.
• Check to be sure the power plug is securely inserted into the
• Make sure the ON/OFF pad is illuminated. If not, press
ON/OFF to turn blender on.
• Touch the desired speed.
• If blender still does not turn on, check for a blown fuse or
reset the circuit breaker.
• Be sure the lid is on the jar securely before blending.
• Operate the blender on low setting while you remove the
pouring insert cover to add new ingredients.
• Do not overload the jar. If the jar is too full, turn the blender off
and remove some of the mix.
• Be sure the blender is not overloaded. If the jar is too full or
mixture is very thick, turn off the blender, remove some of the
mix, and re-start the process.
• Cut foods into even-sized pieces, 1/2- to 1-inch cubes, before
• When using the 'Smooth' or 'Crush' setting, break any large
chunks of ice into smaller pieces before adding to blender.
• Be sure the gasket is in place between the jar and the power
blade assembly.
• Check the locking collar to be sure it is aligned properly and
securely fastened to blender jar.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents