Cleaning Your Blender - Frigidaire FPJB56B7MS Use & Care Manual

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Unplug the blender from electrical outlet before cleaning.
• To disassemble, empty the jar and turn upside down.
Turn locking collar counter-clockwise to unlock. Lift of
locking collar, power blade assembly and gasket.
Handle the power blade assembly carefully.
It is SHARP and may cause injury. Do not attempt to
remove blades from cutting assembly.
• Wipe the motor base with a soft damp cloth and dry it
• Wipe the power cord with a damp cloth.
• Wash the jar, lid, pouring insert cover, gasket, blade
assembly and locking collar in warm soapy water. If
there are any stubborn foods, use a brush to free
residual food. Rinse all parts and dry thoroughly.
• If you desire, the jar can be washed using the
dishwasher on a normal cycle, in upside-down position.
Lid, pouring insert cover, gasket, power blade assembly
and locking collar are also top-rack dishwasher-safe.
• You may also wash the power blade assembly by
adding 1 cup of warm soapy water to blender jar.
Operate on 'Low' speed for 30 seconds. Empty jar. Add
clear warm water and operate another 30 seconds to
rinse. Carefully disassemble parts, rinse in clear warm
water and dry thoroughly.
• For stubborn or strong stains and odors: Soak the jar
and lid for 5 minutes in a detergent solution. Rinse with
clear warm water and dry thoroughly.
Never submerge the motor
base in water or another
liquid. Never place the motor
base in a dishwasher. The
motor base is designed to be
resistant to liquids, but must
not be submerged in water.
• Never use scouring pads or
abrasive cleaners on the
motor base, as this can
scratch or damage the
• Do not use bleach solutions
to clean the motor base, as
bleach can damage the
stainless steel finish.
Power Blade Assembly
Glass Jar


Table of Contents

Table of Contents