Tips For Best Use - Frigidaire FPJB56B7MS Use & Care Manual

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K Use 'Low' button for drinks or cocktails,
mayonnaise, dressings, marinades, and any
food which needs to get batters with
K Use 'High' button for pureeing soups or
liquefying any food.
K Use 'Pulse' button to get a quick burst of
power for a short period of time, such as for
chopping onions, nuts or grains.
K Use 'Crush' button to crush ice. For best
results, work in small batches.
K For even results, cut foods into 1/2- to 1-inch
cubes before processing.
K For uniformly mixed ingredients, add liquids to
the jar first; then add remaining solid
K Remove the pouring insert cover to add
ingredients without interrupting blender
operation. Put the pouring insert cover back in
place after ingredients have been added.
K Operate the blender with the lid on.
K Make sure the locking collar is tightly attached
to the jar before operating blender.
K Remove locking collar and power blade
assembly before cleaning.
K When blending thick mixtures, turn blender off
to scrape sides of the blender with a spatula.
K When chopping dry foods such as fresh herbs
or bread crumbs, make sure the jar and power
blade assembly are completely dry.
K If food sticks to the sides of the blender jar,
use the 'Pulse' button to work in short bursts.


K Do not blend heavy mixtures for longer than 1
minute. Press the speed button (Low or High)
to pause and allow mixture to rest; then press
again to restart.
K Do not use blender jar as storage for liquids or
K Do not use your blender without the lid on
tightly. If you need to add ingredients, remove
the pouring insert cover and pour or drop in
ingredients. Replace pouring insert cover after
adding ingredients.
K Do not place very hot or boiling liquids in the
jar. Allow food to cool before placing in the jar.
K Do not remove the jar while the motor in
K Do not use the blender to knead dough, mash
potatoes, or create meringues with egg whites.
The blender is not designed for these tasks.
K Do not overload the blender. This can cause
the motor to stall.
K Do not over-blend your food. Most desired
results are obtained in a few seconds.
K Do not use any utensil inside the jar while
blender is running.
K Do not remove locking collar while the jar is on
the motor base. Remove jar from the base and
twist counter-clockwise to remove the locking
K Do not use any accessories not recommended
by the manufacturer. This could result in injury.
K Do not place hands inside the blender when
the blender is plugged into an outlet.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents