Storage And Maintenance Guidelines; Cleaning; End Of Season Storage - Honeywell CL201AE User Manual

Portable evaporative air cooler
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DO NOT leave the operating appliance unattended for an extended period of time.
DO NOT allow children to play with this appliance, packaging or plastic bags.
DO NOT continue to operate the unit if it is damaged or if it malfunctions. Refer to the
Always place the unit on a dry level floor.
DO NOT use in bathrooms or near water. DO NOT keep the product where it may fall into a water
Store in a dry area when not in use.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children or elderly) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been
given supervision or instructions concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
Always grip the side handles to move the Air Cooler.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not use this appliance with any solid state
speed control device.


Read the detailed CLEANING & DRAINING THE WATER TANK instructions for your Air Cooler, located
in the separate User Manual. Below is a general guideline for maintenance and storage of your Air
WARNING: Always switch OFF the Air Cooler and unplug it from the electrical source before
cleaning or maintenance.


At least once a week, drain the water tank completely and refill with fresh water. Doing this will greatly
reduce mineral deposits and help to extend the life of the Honeycomb Cooling Media.

End of Season Storage

If the Air Cooler will not be used for a long time:
Make sure all parts are dry by running the Fan Only mode for about 30 minutes before storing (time
depends on ambient humidity conditions).
Switch OFF the Air Cooler and unplug from the power supply.
Empty/drain all the water from the tank. Note: If the unit is connected to a continuous water supply,
you must switch off the water supply and remove the drain tube before draining the water tank. This
function is only available on some Honeywell Air Cooler models. Check the User Manual to see if
your unit has the Continuous Water Supply Function.
Clean the water tank with a damp cloth to wipe away any dust or mineral deposits.
Remove the Honeycomb Cooling Media and Carbon Dust Filter* from the Air Cooler and rinse under
fresh water to remove dust and dirt.
Replace the Honeycomb Cooling Media and Carbon Dust Filter* after they are clean and dry.
To protect the unit from dust and scratches, cover with a clean cloth or plastic bag before storing.
Coil the power cord and store it away from the floor to protect it.
*Carbon Dust Filter is available in specific models of Honeywell Air Coolers only. Check the User Manual for your model
to see if it includes a Carbon Dust Filter.


Table of Contents

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