Troubeshooting Guide - Honeywell CL201AE User Manual

Portable evaporative air cooler
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Customer Service Center: See the last page of the User Manual to find the contact details for the
Customer Service Center for your area.
No discharge of air.
Not Cooling /
Unit is making noise.
Excessive humidity in the
Remote control does not
The unit does not
The outdoor Air Cooler is
wet from rain.
Cord is not plugged in.
Power is not ON.
Pump is not turned ON.
Low or no water in tank, when
COOL is selected.
Damaged Pump or Calcium
deposits on blower.
In cooling mode, the Air Cooler
produces moisture as a result of
evaporative cooling. This is
When the Cooler is new.
Algae or mold due to moist parts.
In very damp conditions, algae
may form.
Remote control batteries are old
& used or inserted incorrectly in
the battery compartment.
Damaged remote control.
Damaged Control Panel
on unit.
The Air Cooler was placed
outdoors (this is only allowed for
outdoor Air Cooler models) and
soaked by heavy rain.
Make sure power cord is plugged in and the switch is
Turn the unit ON by pressing the power button on the
control panel or remote control.
Turn on COOL function from remote or control panel.
Refill water tank.
Contact Customer Service Center.
The Air Cooler cools best in dry climates. If the ambient
humidity level is high (60% or above), refrain from using
the Air Cooler until ambient humidity is reduced.
Make sure the window/doors are open and there is
adequate cross-ventilation in the room so that the
moisturized air can circulate better. Do not use the
evaporative cooling function on days with high ambient
When the unit is used for the first time, the
Honeycomb Cooling Media will have an odor, which
will dissipate within a few hours of initial use.
Check the Honeycomb Cooling Media. If you see mold
spots on the media or suspect an algae issue, remove
and replace the Honeycomb Cooling Media. Contact
the Customer Service Center for more information.
Check water tank & other cooler parts. If you see mold
spots or suspect an algae issue, use a damp cloth to
wipe away the algae until all spots have disappeared.
Make sure all parts are clean & dry before storage.
Contact the Customer Service Center if problem
Replace with new batteries. Follow the polarity guide
inside the battery compartment.
If replacing new batteries in the correct position does
not work, contact the Customer Service Center.
Try to activate the unit with the Remote Control. If the
unit responds, then the Control Panel on the unit may
be experiencing problems - contact the Customer
Service Center.
If neither the Remote Control or the Control Panel is
working, contact the Customer Service Center.
A small amount of rain on the unit is not a problem as
long as the electrical plug and outlet are dry. If they are
wet, DO NOT touch the unit or electrical plug/outlet.
Switch off the master power for the outlet before
unplugging the unit from the electrical outlet. Make
sure all outlets and plugs are dry before use.
The Air Cooler is designed to IPX4 product standards
and not recommended to be placed outdoors during
heavy rain conditions. Do not operate the Air Cooler
when wet. Wait for the Air Cooler to dry before
plugging in and turning on the unit again.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents