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Piping; Electrical - Bosch TW Series Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Water to water
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6 | Piping

Supply and return piping must be as large as the unit
connections on the heat pump (larger on long runs).
NOTICE: Never use flexible hoses of a
smaller inside diameter than that of the
fluid connections on the unit.
TW units are supplied with either a copper or optional
cupro-nickel Water to refrigerant Heat Exchanger.
Copper is adequate for ground water that is not high in
mineral content.
Proper testing is recommended to assure the well
water quality is suitable for use with water source
equipment. When in doubt, use cupro-nickel.(See
Water Quality Table on page #28)
In conditions anticipating moderate scale formation or in
brackish water a cupro-nickel heat exchanger is
Both the supply and discharge water lines will sweat if
subjected to low water temperature. These lines should
be insulated to prevent damage from condensation. All
manual flow valves used in the system must be ball
valves. Globe and gate valves must not be used due to
high pressure drop and poor throttling characteristics.
NOTICE: Never exceed the recommended
water flow rates as serious damage or
erosion of the water-to-refrigerant heat
exchanger could occur.
Always check carefully for water leaks and repair
appropriately. Units are equipped with female pipe
thread fittings. Consult Unit Dimensional Drawings.
Teflon tape sealer should be used when connecting
water piping connections to the units to insure
against leaks and possible heat exchanger fouling.
NOTICE: Do not overtighten the
Flexible hoses should be used between the unit and the
rigid system to avoid possible vibration. Ball valves
should be installed in the supply and return lines for unit
isolation and unit water flow balancing. (See Water
Quality Table on Page#26)
6720220047 (2016/02)


Refer to electrical component box layout. (Figure #3)
NOTICE: Field wiring must comply with
local and national electric codes.
WARNING: Power to the unit must be
within the operating voltage range indicated
on the unit nameplate or on the
performance data sheet.
WARNING: Operation of unit on improper
line voltage or with excessive phase
imbalance will be hazardous to the unit,
constitutes abuse and may void the
Properly sized fuses or HACR circuit breakers must be
installed for branch circuit protection. See unit
nameplate for maximum fuse or breaker size.
The unit is provided with a concentric knock-out for
attaching common trade sizes of conduit, route power
supply wiring through this opening. Always connect the
ground lead to the grounding lug provided in the control
box and power leads to the line side of compressor
contactor as indicated on the wiring diagram (Figures on
Pg#27 To 34).
1] Comfort Alert Module (Option)
[2] Compressor contactor
[3] Capacitor
[4] Auxiliary Relay (DP/DT)
[5] Unit Protection Module (UPM)(CS Option)
Subject to change without prior notice
TW Series Water to Water
Figure # 3
TW Series Water to Water


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