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Miele KWT 6312 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Operating and Installation Instructions
Wine Storage Unit
To prevent accidents and damage to the appliance, you must read all
instructions supplied before installing for using the appliance.
en - US, CA
M.-Nr. 10 036 260



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  Summary of Contents for Miele KWT 6312

  • Page 1 Operating and Installation Instructions Wine Storage Unit To prevent accidents and damage to the appliance, you must read all instructions supplied before installing for using the appliance. en - US, CA M.-Nr. 10 036 260...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS....... . . 5 Guide to the appliance ..........10 Accessories .
  • Page 3 Contents Maximum capacity..........34 Sommelier set .
  • Page 4 Contents Securing the appliance in the niche ........70 Adjusting the lateral alignment of the appliance door .
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    Miele cannot be held Miele cannot be held liable for damage liable for non-compliance with these resulting from improper or incorrect use instructions.
  • Page 6: Technical Safety

    Danger of suffocation! – disconnect the appliance from the electrical power supply, – air the room in which the appliance is located for several minutes and – contact Miele Technical Service.
  • Page 7 If the power cord is damaged, it strict accordance with local and must be replaced by a Miele authorized national safety regulations. technician in order to protect the user Unauthorized repairs could cause from harm.
  • Page 8: Cleaning And Care

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Defective components should only Do not operate any electrical be replaced by Miele original parts. equipment (e.g. an electric ice cream Only with these parts can the maker) inside the appliance. manufacturer guarantee the safety of Danger of sparking and explosion! the appliance.
  • Page 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Do not use defrosting sprays or Ensure during and after disposal de-icers, as they could contain that the appliance isn't stored in the substances which could damage the vicinity of gasoline or other flammable plastic parts or which might cause the vapors and liquids.
  • Page 10: Guide To The Appliance

    Guide to the appliance a For turning the entire appliance on e X To set a colder temperature and off f For confirming a selection b Optical interface (OK button) (for Service use only) g Y To set a warmer temperature c Activation/deactivation of the h For accessing or leaving DynaCool function (constant...
  • Page 11 Guide to the appliance Explanation of symbols Symbol Meaning Function Safety Lock For preventing inadvertent turning off changing of settings Acoustic signals Activation/deactivation of the button tone and the door alarm if it has been activated Demo mode For turning off Demo mode (only visible when Demo mode is active) Display brightness...
  • Page 12 Guide to the appliance a Push2Open door catch b Control panel for the wine conditioning zones c Lighting strip d Active charcoal filter e Glass holder* f Wooden shelves with labels (FlexiFrames with Noteboard) g Bottle holder* (ConvinoBox) h Decorative shelf i Safety glass door with UV filter j Ventilation grill with air filter...
  • Page 13: Accessories

    Accessories Included accessories Stainless steel maintenance – Each application of the Miele Active charcoal filter stainless steel conditioner forms a water and dirt repellent protective The active charcoal filter in the top of the appliance achieves optimum air coating. It gently removes water quality by filtering the incoming air.
  • Page 14: Emergency Door Opener

    Emergency door opener Emergency door opener To avoid damage to the emergency The Push2Open door catch on your door opener: wine storage unit makes it easy to open - Do not obstruct the appliance door the door. while it is opening. The appliance door is sensitive to - Do not push in or hold onto the pressure.
  • Page 15: How To Save Energy

    How to save energy Normal Increased energy consumption energy consumption Installation / In a well-ventilated room. In an enclosed, Maintenance poorly ventilated room. Protected from direct In direct sunlight. sunlight. Away from heat sources Near a heat source (radiator, (radiator, stove/oven). stove/oven).
  • Page 16: Turning The Appliance On And Off

    Turning the appliance on and off Before first use Operating the appliance The appliance is operated with the use Packaging material of touch keys activated by a finger. ^ Remove all packaging material from A tone will sound each time a button is the inside of the appliance.
  • Page 17: Turning The Appliance Off

    Turning the appliance on and off Turning the appliance off Turning off for longer periods of time If the appliance is not going to be used for a longer period of time: ^ Turn the appliance off, ^ Touch the On/Off button. ^ Unplug the appliance or trip the If this does not work, the safety lock 0 is activated.
  • Page 18: Selecting Additional Settings

    Selecting additional settings Certain appliance settings can only be selected in the settings mode. The door alarm is automatically disabled when the appliance is in ^ By tapping the X or Y button, you settings mode. can now select whether the safety lock is activated or deactivated: Safety lock 0 0: the safety lock is deactivated...
  • Page 19: Acoustic Signals )

    Selecting additional settings Acoustic signals ) The appliance features acoustic signals such as a keypad tone and acoustic alarm for the door and temperature ^ By touching the X or Y button you alarm. can now select: 0: button tone off; door alarm off You can turn the button tone or the door 1: button tone off;...
  • Page 20: Display Brightness S

    Selecting additional settings Display brightness s You can adjust the brightness of the display to suit the light conditions in the room. ^ By touching the X or Y button, you can now alter the brightness of the The display brightness can be adjusted display: in steps from 1 to 3.
  • Page 21: Temperature And Air Quality

    Temperature and air quality Wine keeps on maturing depending on the surrounding conditions. The length Type of wine Recommended of time for which wine can be kept in drinking good condition will therefore depend temperature not only on the temperature but also on Light, fruity red +57°F to +61°F the air quality.
  • Page 22: Setting The Temperature

    Temperature and air quality Safety device in case of low ambient Setting the temperature temperatures ^ Set the temperature using the two The appliance is equipped with a safety buttons underneath the display. thermostat to protect your wine against By touching the button: a sharp drop in temperature.
  • Page 23: Possible Setting Values For The Temperature

    Temperature and air quality The temperature being set will flash in Possible setting values for the the display. temperature The following information shows in the The temperature can be set between display when the buttons are tapped: 41°F and 68°F (5°C and 20°C). –...
  • Page 24: Air Quality And Humidity

    Temperature and air quality DynaCool (constant humidity) m Air quality and humidity A conventional refrigerator with its low DynaCool raises the relative humidity humidity level is not the best place to inside the appliance. store wine. It is very important to store It also distributes the humidity and the wine in an atmosphere with a high temperature evenly around the interior...
  • Page 25: Air Filtering With The Active Charcoal Filter

    Temperature and air quality Turning off DynaCool The appliance uses slightly more energy and is a little noisier when the DynaCool function is turned on. You can turn it off occasionally if you wish. ^ Tap the button for constant humidity until it no longer lights up yellow.
  • Page 26: Temperature And Door Alarm

    Temperature and door alarm The appliance is equipped with an Turning off the acoustic alarm alarm system so that the temperature If the acoustic alarm bothers you, it can cannot rise or fall unnoticed, thus be silenced. possibly damaging the wine. Temperature alarm If the temperature becomes too warm or too cold, the alarm symbol ;...
  • Page 27: Door Alarm

    Temperature and door alarm Door alarm An acoustic alarm will sound if the door has been left open for longer that 2 minutes. The alarm symbol ; will light up in the display. The acoustic alarm will stop when you close the door.
  • Page 28: Feature Lighting

    Feature lighting The interior lighting can be set to Setting the brightness of the feature remain on when the door is closed so lighting your wines can be on display at all The brightness of the feature lighting times. can be adjusted. Thanks to the use of LED lighting, the wine will not be adversely affected by heat or UV light.
  • Page 29: Lighting Duration Of The Feature Lighting

    Feature lighting The selected brightness is saved and By touching the button: the temperature reappears in the display. As soon as the appliance door is closed, the set brightness for the feature lighting takes effect. When the – lighting duration is reduced by 30 appliance door is opened, the interior minutes lighting returns to its normal level.
  • Page 30: Storing Wine Bottles

    Storing wine bottles Wooden shelves Vibration and movement have a negative effect on the maturing process which can affect the taste of the wine. To avoid disturbing other bottles when removing a bottle of wine, store bottles of the same type beside each other on the same shelf.
  • Page 31: Moving The Wooden Shelves

    Storing wine bottles Moving the wooden shelves The wooden shelves can be removed and replaced again if required. The notches on the wooden shelf fit into the retaining brackets. The magnetic strip should be pointing forwards. ^ Slide the wooden shelf back into the appliance as far as it will go d.
  • Page 32: Adjusting The Wooden Shelves

    Storing wine bottles Adjusting the wooden shelves Labeling wooden shelves The slats in the wooden shelves can be For quick and easy identification of the individually adjusted to suit so that wines in storage, you can use the chalk every bottle is stored in perfect safety supplied to annotate the magnetic regardless of shape or size.
  • Page 33: Securing Bottle Holders

    Storing wine bottles Securing bottle holders Up to four additional bottles can be supported by bottle holders in the top two wooden shelves. ^ Slide the bottle holders in the positions shown in the drawing. ^ Then lay the bottles on them. ^ Insert the bottle holders at an angle Decorative shelf between the two outer slats a.
  • Page 34: Maximum Capacity

    Storing wine bottles Maximum capacity Up to 46 Bordeaux bottles (0.75 l (25.4 oz.)) can be stored in the appliance. The maximum number of bottles can only be achieved by using all of the wooden shelves. Each wooden shelf has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 55 lbs - 25 kg.
  • Page 35: Sommelier Set

    Sommelier set Covering the runners ^ Place the two covers supplied a over the runners which are now visible with the thicker side of the The sommelier set can be used to have cover pointing forwards. your wine ready for drinking. You can store wine glasses and accessories in Glass holder the appliance, decant your wine, and...
  • Page 36: Bottle Holder

    Sommelier set The wine decanter can be placed in the middle of the shelf, and stored there if you wish. Bottle holder You can store opened wine bottles in the bottle holder c: ^ Remove the necessary number of slats on the wooden shelf and place bottle holder c on it.
  • Page 37: Automatic Defrosting

    Automatic defrosting Condensate and frost can build up on the back wall of the appliance while the compressor is running. These are automatically removed and defrosted by the appliance. The condensate is drained away through a channel and drain hole, then fed into an evaporation system at the back of the appliance.
  • Page 38: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and Care Glass cleaners may be used to clean WARNING! the exterior. However do not allow Danger of electric shock. them to sit or "puddle", this can cause Unplug refrigerator or disconnect damage to the surface. Remove the power. cleaner promptly.
  • Page 39: Ventilation Slits

    ^ To clean stainless steel surfaces on ^ The door seal should be cleaned the appliance, use the Original Miele regularly with clean water and then ceramic and stainless steell cooktop wiped dry with a soft cloth.
  • Page 40 ^ Insert the new filter. ^ Push the filter in and then release it. The filter will lock into place automatically with an audible click. Active charcoal filters can be obtained from Miele or via the ^ Pull the filter out. internet.
  • Page 41: Active Charcoal Filter

    Active charcoal filter To confirm the filters have been changed, ^ Touch the OK button to confirm your selection. ^ Touch the settings button. The selected setting will be adopted and the — symbol will flash. All symbols available for selection will appear in the display and the 0 symbol flashes.
  • Page 42: Frequently Asked Questions

    With the aid of this guide, minor problems can be corrected without a service call. If, having followed the suggestions below, you still cannot resolve the problem, please contact Miele Service. To prevent cold from escaping, open the appliance doors as little as possible until the malfunction has been corrected.
  • Page 43 Frequently asked questions The compressor runs for longer periods of time, and the temperature in the appliance drops. Problem Possible cause Solution ^ Correct the temperature The temperature in The temperature setting is setting. the appliance is too too low. low.
  • Page 44 A dash is lit up Only temperatures within up/flashing in the the range of the appliance display. temperature will be displayed. ^ Contact Miele Service. "F1" to "F3" or "S1" There is a fault. to "S9" appear.
  • Page 45 Frequently asked questions Interior lighting Problem Possible cause Solution ^ Contact Miele Technical The interior To avoid overheating, the lighting turns itself off Service! lighting is not automatically after approx. working. ^ The LED lighting may only 15 minutes if the door is left be repaired or replaced open.
  • Page 46 Frequently asked questions Other problems Problem Possible cause Solution There is no This is not a fault. The acoustic acoustic alarm alarm has been turned off in although the door settings mode (see "Selecting has been open for additional settings - Acoustic a long time.
  • Page 47: Noises

    Noises Normal noises What causes them Brrrrr... This noise may get louder for brief periods when the motor kicks on. Blub, blub..A gurgling noise can be heard when the refrigerant circulates through the pipes. Click..Clicking sounds occur whenever the thermostat turns the motor on or off.
  • Page 48: After Sales Service

    Miele appliance. Warranty Please note that unless expressly approved in writing by the Miele Ser- For additional information, please refer vice department, Extended Service to your warranty booklet. Contracts offered by other providers for...
  • Page 49: Information For Dealers

    Information for dealers Demo mode r The appliance can be demonstrated in the showroom or at exhibitions in "Demo mode". In this mode the control ^ Keep your finger on the X button until panel and interior lighting are active but the r symbol appears in the display.
  • Page 50 Information for dealers ^ Touch the X or Y button so that 0 appears in the display (Demo mode is inactive). ^ Touch the OK button to confirm your selection. The selected setting will be adopted and the s symbol will flash. ^ Touch the settings button to leave the settings mode.
  • Page 53: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions Information is subject to change. Please refer to our website to obtain the most current product specification, technical & warranty information. To prevent accidents and machine damage read these instructions before installation or use.
  • Page 54: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposing of the packaging Disposal of your old appliance materials Old appliances may contain materials that can be recycled. Please contact The packaging is designed to protect your local recycling authority about the the appliance from damage during possibility of recycling these materials.
  • Page 55: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection Failure to follow these Electrocution hazard instructions can result in death, fire, Electrical grounding required. This or electrical shock. appliance is equipped with a three-prong (grounding) polarized Improper connection of the plug for your protection against equipment grounding conductor possible shock hazards.
  • Page 56 Electrical connection The appliance must be connected to an Do not use an extension cord to electrical outlet that is properly connect the appliance to the power grounded. The electrical installation supply. Extension cords do not must comply with the applicable guarantee the required safety of the electrical code.
  • Page 57: Installation

    In addition, no other appliances should Please contact Miele for specific be plugged into a socket located information about which directly behind this appliance. combinations will work with your –...
  • Page 58: Climate Class

    Installation Ventilation Climate class The appliance is designed for use WARNING! Danger of damage from within a certain climate range (ambient overheating. May restrict operation. temperatures) and should not be used Keep ventilation openings, in the outside this range. The climate range of appliance enclosure or in the built-in the appliance is stated on the data structure, clear of obstruction.
  • Page 59: Before Installation

    Installation Door opening angle limiter The door opening angle limiter restricts the opening angle to 90°. This may be necessary if the appliance door hits an adjacent wall when opened, for example. The cut-out in the plinth facing must be aligned centrally with the appliance.
  • Page 60: Installation Dimensions

    Installation Installation dimensions Before installation, ensure the building-in niche is the correct size. The specified ventilation cross-sections must be adhered to and the cut-out in the plinth must be aligned centrally with the appliance in order to ensure the correct functioning of the appliance.
  • Page 61 Installation View from above...
  • Page 62: Adjusting The Door Hinge

    Adjusting the door hinge The door hinging should be changed The second person must by authorized service personnel only. support the door. Caution. When the hinge is Two people are needed for changing released, the door is no longer the door hinging. secure.
  • Page 63 Adjusting the door hinge ^ Unclip upper and lower covers e. ^ Place the door with the outer side upwards on a stable surface. ^ Remove the screws e. Do not close the hinges. Danger of injury. ^ Place each hinge in the corner diagonally opposite from its original position g.
  • Page 64 Adjusting the door hinge ^ Remove covers j. ^ Replace screws h again. ^ Take off upper retaining bracket k and replace it on the opposite side. ^ Clip covers i back on. Note the position of the notches on the hinges.
  • Page 65 Adjusting the door hinge The second person must hold the door firmly. ^ Take off lower retaining bracket l and replace it on the opposite side. ^ Tighten the screws in upper hinge n. ^ Tighten the screws in lower hinge o. ^ The appliance can now be built under.
  • Page 66: Under-Counter Installation

    Under-counter installation Preparing the appliance Two people are required to install the appliance. The air filter prevents soiling of the compressor compartment to ensure ^ The appliance must be installed in a efficient functioning of the stable and correctly aligned niche on appliance.
  • Page 67 Under-counter installation ^ Position the appliance in front of the niche. ^ Screw adjusting feet b to 3/16" (4 mm) less than the height of the niche. The adjusting feet can be adjusted with the wrench supplied c or with a socket wrench d.
  • Page 68 Under-counter installation ^ Check the alignment of adjacent furniture housing doors. If adjacent doors vary in height from the wine conditioning unit, see "Aligning the appliance to taller furniture doors". If adjacent furniture doors are the same height as the appliance: Align the appliance horizontally and ^ Open the door by pushing on the vertically.
  • Page 69: Aligning The Appliance To Taller Furniture Doors

    ^ Pull the appliance as far as you need filler panel, which is available from to out of the niche so that you can tilt Miele or from your dealer. it towards you. The filler panel can be fitted above or...
  • Page 70: Pushing The Appliance Into The Niche

    Under-counter installation ^ Loosely hand-screw the bracket with Pushing the appliance into the the filler panel to the appliance. niche ^ Align the filler panel to the door of the Make sure that the power cord does wine conditioning unit over the long not become trapped or damaged as slots to give a flush finish.
  • Page 71: Securing The Appliance In The Niche

    Under-counter installation Securing the appliance in the niche ^ The appliance stands forward of the furniture doors evenly by 1/16" (2 mm). ^ Screw the appliance at the bottom ^ Open the appliance door. left and right to the adjacent furniture ^ Remove cover a and first screw the units.
  • Page 72 Under-counter installation ^ Close the door and check that the side edges of the door are aligned with the side walls of the appliance. Adjusting the lateral alignment of the appliance door If the appliance door is not aligned with the housing side walls, the appliance door can be adjusted using the screws underneath the hinges.
  • Page 73 Under-counter installation ^ Secure the plinth facing g in ^ Replace door catch i to activate the position. emergency door opener. The cut-out in the plinth facing must be aligned centrally with the appliance. ^ Secure plinth ventilation grill h. As you do, so the foam block will be pushed back.
  • Page 76 KWT 6312 UGS en - US, CA M.-Nr. 10 036 260 / 00...

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