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Plug-in option


16-bit digital input function


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi inverter plug-in option. This Instruction Manual provides handling information and precautions for use of this product. Incorrect handling might cause an unexpected fault. Before using this product, always read this Instruction Manual carefully to use this product correctly. Please forward this Instruction Manual to the end user.
  • Page 3  Additional Instructions The following instructions must be also followed. If the product is handled incorrectly, it may cause unexpected fault, an injury, or an electric shock. Caution Transportation and mounting  Do not install or operate the plug-in option if it is damaged or has parts missing. ...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    — CONTENTS — 1 PRE-OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS Unpacking and checking the product....................6 1.1.1 Product confirmation............................6 Component names..........................7 Specifications.............................8 2 INSTALLATION Pre-installation instructions ......................9 Installation procedure ........................9 Wiring..............................12 3 CONNECTION DIAGRAM AND TERMINAL Connection diagram ........................16 Terminals ............................18 Code input example.........................19 4 PARAMETER Parameter list ...........................20 Setting the parameter ........................21...
  • Page 5 <Notes on descriptions in this Instruction Manual> Connection diagrams in this Instruction Manual appear with the control logic of the input terminals as sink logic, unless otherwise specified.
  • Page 6: Pre-operation Instructions

    PRE-OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS Unpacking and checking the product Take the plug-in option out of the package, check the product name, and confirm that the product is as you ordered and intact. This product is a plug-in option dedicated for the FR-A800/F800 series. 1.1.1 Product confirmation Check the enclosed items.
  • Page 7: Component Names

    Component names Front view Rear view Symbol Name Description Refer to page Mounting hole Fixes the option to the inverter with screws, or installs spacers. Terminal block Used for connecting devices to input signals to the inverter. Switch for manufacturer setting. Do not change the initially-set status Switch for manufacturer setting ―...
  • Page 8: Specifications

    Specifications  Types of digital input signals 3-digit or 4-digit BCD code 12-bit or 16-bit binary  Selection of digital input signals On operation panel or parameter unit  Input current 5 mA (24 VDC) ... Per circuit  Input specifications Relay contact signal or open collector input ...
  • Page 9: Installation

    INSTALLATION Pre-installation instructions Check that the inverter's input power and the control circuit power are both OFF. Caution  With input power ON, do not install or remove the plug-in option. Otherwise, the inverter and plug-in option may be damaged. ...
  • Page 10 Spacer Mounting screw Connector 3 Spacer Mounting screw Spacer Spacer Connector 2 Connector 1 Spacer Spacer Mounting screw Mounting screw Insertion positions for screws and spacers INSTALLATION...
  • Page 11 NOTE • When mounting/removing the plug-in option, hold the sides of the option. Do not press on the parts on the option circuit board. Stress applied to the parts by pressing, etc. may cause a failure. • Caution must be applied to mounting screws falling off when removing and mounting the plug-in option. •...
  • Page 12: Wiring

    Wiring (1) For the wiring, strip off the sheath of a cable, and use it with a blade terminal. For a single wire, strip off the sheath of the wire and apply directly. Insert the blade terminal or the single wire into a socket of the terminal. Strip off the sheath for the below length.
  • Page 13 Blade terminals commercially available (as of February 2012. The product may be changed without notice.) Ferrule terminal model Cable gauge Crimping tool Manufacturer With Without name For UL wire  insulation sleeve insulation sleeve AI 0,5-10WH — — AI 0,5-10WH —...
  • Page 14 (2) Insert the cable into a socket. When using a single wire or stranded wires without a blade terminal, push the open/close button all the way down with a flathead screwdriver, and insert the wire. Open/close button Flathead screwdriver • Wire removal Pull the wire while pushing the open/close button all the way down firmly with a flathead screwdriver.
  • Page 15 NOTE • When using stranded wires without a blade terminal, twist enough to avoid short circuit with a nearby terminals or wires. • Pulling out the wire forcefully without pushing the open/close button all the way down may damage the terminal block. •...
  • Page 16: Connection Diagram And Terminal

    CONNECTION DIAGRAM AND TERMINAL Connection diagram Relay contact signal input Open collector signal input (sink logic (sink logic   FR-A8AX AY41 type transistor FR-A8AX output unit ∗2 100s 100s 1000s 1000s Reading command ∗1 ∗1 Inverter Inverter ∗2 CONNECTION DIAGRAM AND TERMINAL...
  • Page 17  Use terminal SD or PC on the inverter.  AY41 type unit requires 24 VDC power. Example of connection with the output module (AY41 type) of Mitsubishi programmable controller. For details on the output module, refer to the Instruction Manual of the output module manual. ...
  • Page 18: Terminals

    Terminals Terminal Terminal Description location symbol • FR-A8AX Digital signal input terminal (frequency setting / torque command signal terminal  Input the digital signal at the relay contact or open collector terminal. (Refer to page 16.) X0 to X15 For the digital signal input, choose either BCD code or binary.
  • Page 19: Code Input Example

    Code input example The following table explains examples of terminal status and input value during BCD code input and binary input. BCD code input (when the input value is 6325) Binary input (when the input value is HAB65) Terminal Terminal input Terminal Terminal input Input value...
  • Page 20: Parameter

    The following parameters are used for the plug-in option (FR-A8AX). The FR-A8AX does not function with the initial setting. When a value other than "9999" is set in Pr.304, digital input is enabled. Set the following parameters according to applications.
  • Page 21: Setting The Parameter

    NOTE • For binary input, the input data is taken in hexadecimal, and for BCD code input, the input data is taken in decimal. Setting the parameter 4.2.1 Selection of input method (Pr.304) Availability of analog input Pr.304 setting BCD code input Binary input compensation ...
  • Page 22: Read Timing Operation Selection (pr.305)

    BCD code/binary input example. • If 0 to 5 V (0 to 10 V) is input at the inverter terminal 1 from the external potentiometer with the FR-A8AX installed, the inverter operates at the frequency obtained by adding the FR-A8AX BCD code input and the compensation input from terminal 1 only when "2, 3, 12, 13"...
  • Page 23  When "0 or 10" is set in Pr.305 Filter (Pr. 305 = "10") Digital signal input (terminal X0 to X15) 20ms or more necessary∗ ∗ Hold the digital signal input (X0 to X15) status for 20ms or more. Reflected on the set frequency Changing the signal within 20ms Set frequency may not reflect it on the set frequency.
  • Page 24: Bias And Gain Adjustment (pr.300 To Pr.303)

    4.2.3 Bias and gain adjustment (Pr.300 to Pr.303) Name Setting range Initial value BCD input bias 0 to 590 Hz 0 Hz BCD input gain 0 to 590 Hz, 9999 60 Hz/50 Hz  BIN input bias 0 to 590 Hz 0 Hz BIN input gain 0 to 590 Hz, 9999...
  • Page 25  Bias/gain adjustment for digital inputs  Bias adjustment Bias adjustments can be made for the digital input signal. Set the set frequency at the digital input signal of 0. For BCD code input, set using Pr.300, and for binary input, set using Pr.302. ...
  • Page 26: Digital Input Unit Selection (pr.329)

    4.2.4 Digital input unit selection (Pr.329) Initial Name Setting range value Digital input unit selection 0, 1, 2, 3 When "9999" is set in Pr.301 or Pr.303, it is possible to set the increments when the digital input signal is set as the output frequency.
  • Page 27: 16-bit Digital Torque Command (fr-a800 Series Only)

    0, 1, 3 to 6 Digital torque command can be given under torque control using the FR-A8AX. A digital command can be given using the FR-A8AX when "4 (12-bit)" or "14 (16-bit)" is set in Pr.304 and "4" is set in Pr.804. Pr.804 setting...
  • Page 28 The input signal uses the last 15 (11) bits as torque command and the most significant bit as sign. When 16-bit is selected Bit15 Bit0 0 to H7FFF Sign bit 0: positive, 1: negative NOTE • The digital torque command is input only as a binary input. •...
  • Page 29: Torque Command

     Input method of torque command Torque command may be input in either of the following two ways:  Set the torque commands at 0 and Torque command value H7FFF (H7FF) signal inputs Pr.448 150% Set the torque command value when the input Initial value signal is "0"...
  • Page 30: Precautions

    • The priorities of the frequency setting are as follows: JOG > Stop-on contact (RT, RL) > Multi-speed command (RH, RM, RL) > PID (X14) > AU (terminal 4) > Pulse train input > Digital command by the FR-A8AX > terminal 2 ...
  • Page 31 REVISIONS *The manual number is given on the bottom left of the back cover. Print date *Manual number Revision Aug. 2013 IB(NA)-0600495ENG-A First edition Addition Oct. 2014 IB(NA)-0600495ENG-B • Compatibility with the FR-F800 series...
  • Page 32 INVERTER HEAD OFFICE: TOKYO BUILDING 2-7-3, MARUNOUCHI, CHIYODA-KU, TOKYO 100-8310, JAPAN IB(NA)-0600495ENG-B(1410) MEE Printed in Japan Specifications subject to change without notice.

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