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Kenwood HCE600 Nstructions For Use page 11

Ceramic cooktop installation advice
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It is very important that the pans used on the hobs are made of a suitable material and
have the correct base as follows:
The base should be flat and smooth.
Any rough part on the pan base could scratch the hob surface.
Choose pans which are the same size as the cooking zone and with bases that are as
non reflective as possible. eg. dull and dark.
Only pans recommended for use on ceramic hobs should be used.
Pans made of the following materials can cause problems:-
Cast Iron
– The base may be rough which will scratch the hob.
Toughened – If the pan becomes too hot, the hob may overheat and reduce cooking
– Can easily distort and will therefore not form a good contact between base
and hob which will result in uneven cooking.



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