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Before Using For The First Time; Important Safeguards & Recommendations - Kenwood HCE600 Nstructions For Use

Ceramic cooktop installation advice
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Read the instructions carefully before installing and using the appliance
After unpacking the appliance, make sure it is not damaged. In case of doubt, do
not use the appliance and contact your supplier or a qualified engineer.
Remove all packaging and do not leave the packing material (plastic bags, poly-
styrene, bands etc ) in easy reach of children as they may cause serious injury.
The packaging materials are recyclable.
The appliance should be installed and all the electrical connections made by a
qualified engineer in compliance with local regulations in force and following the
manufacturer's instructions.
Do not attempt to modify the technical properties of the appliance, as it may
become dangerous to use.
Do not carry out any cleaning or maintenance without first disconnecting the appli-
ance from the electrical supply.
During and after use of the hob, certain parts will become very hot. Do not touch
hot parts.
After use always ensure that the control knobs are in the OFF position.
Keep children away from the hob during use.
Do not allow young children or infirm persons to use the appliance without your
When correctly installed, your product meets all safety requirements laid down for
this type of product category. However special care should be taken around the
underneath of the appliance as this area is not designed or intended to be touched
and may contain sharp or rough edges, that may cause injury.
Fire Risk! Do not leave inflammable materials on the Hob top.
Make sure that electrical cords connecting other appliances in the proximity can-
not come in to contact with the Hob top.
Do not allow heavy or sharp objects to drop on the glass ceramic hob. If the hob is
cracked or damaged , unplug and call the after-sales service.
Do not scratch the hob with sharp objects. Don't use the hob as a work surface.
Before disposing of an unwanted appliance, it is recommended that it is made
inoperative and that all potentially hazardous parts are made harmless.
Important: This appliance has been designed for domestic use only. The appli-
ance is NOT suitable for use within a semi-commercial, commercial or communal
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a special cord by a
qualified electrical technician in order to avoid a hazard.



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