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R-410A Split Series
FTXS, FTKS, FTX,FTK, series.
ATXS, ATKS, ATX,ATK, series.
Split-Baureihe R-410A
R-410A Split-systeem
Manual de instalación
Manuale d'installazione
Serie Multiambienti R-410A
Åã÷åéñßäéï åãêáôÜóôáóçò
äéáéñïýìåíçò óåéñÜò R-410A
Manual de Instalação
Ðóêîâîäñòâî ïî ìîíòàæó
Ñåðèÿ R-410A ñ ðàçäåëüíîé óñòàíîâêîé
Installation manual
R-410A Split series
Manuel d'installation
Série split R-410A
Serie Split R-410A
Série split R-410A


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   Summary of Contents for Daikin R-410A Split series

  • Page 1: Installation Manual

    INSTALLATION MANUAL R-410A Split Series Installation manual English R-410A Split series Installationsanleitung Deutsch Split-Baureihe R-410A FTXS, FTKS, FTX,FTK, series. Manuel d’installation Français Série split R-410A Montagehandleiding Nederlands R-410A Split-systeem ATXS, ATKS, ATX,ATK, series. Manual de instalación Español Serie Split R-410A...

  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions • Read these Safety Precautions carefully to ensure correct installation. • This manual classifies the precautions into WARNINGS and CAUTIONS. Be sure to follow all the precautions below: they are all important for ensuring safety. WARNINGS ....Failure to follow any of WARNING is likely to result in such grave consequences as death or serious injury. CAUTIONS.....Failure to follow any of CAUTION may in some cases result in grave consequences.

  • Page 3: Indoor Unit

    Accessories – Indoor unit Mounting plate Wireless remote controller Indoor unit fixing screws (M4 × 12L) Air purifying filter Remote control holder Operation manual (FTX25/35, FTK25/35 ATX25/35, ATK25/35) Air purifying filter Photocatalytic deodorizing filter AAA dry-cell batteries Installation manual (FTXS25/35, FTKS25/35 ATXS25/35, ATKS25/35) Choosing a Site •...

  • Page 4

    Installation Tips How to attach the front grille. 1) Set the 3 keys of the front grille into the slots and push them in all the way. Fit the key 2) Supporting the front grille with one hand, fit the lock by sliding up the knob with into the slot.

  • Page 5

    Indoor Unit Installation Drawings How to attach the indoor unit. A Mounting Hook the claws of the bottom frame plate to the mounting plate. If the claws are difficult to hook, remove the front panel. Clip How to remove the indoor unit. Push up the marked area (at the A Mounting plate lower part of the front panel) to...

  • Page 6

    Intelligent-Eye Sensor Adjusting the angle. 1) Once installation of the indoor unit is complete, adjust the angle of the Intelligent-eye sensor to ensure the detection area properly covers the room. (Adjustable angle: 15° to right and left of centre) 2) Gently push and slide the sensor to adjust the angle. Aim so that the sen- sor is pointing to the centre of the room, or to the part of the room that is most frequently used.

  • Page 7

    Indoor Unit Installation Installing the mounting plate. • The mounting plate should be installed on a wall which can support the weight of the indoor unit. 1) Temporarily secure the mounting plate to the wall, make sure that the panel is completely level, and mark the boring points on the wall.

  • Page 8: Installing Indoor Unit

    Indoor Unit Installation Installing indoor unit. 3-1. Right-Side, Right-Back, or Right-Bottom Piping 1) Attach the drain hose to the underside of the refrigerant pipes with adhesive vinyl tape. 2) Wrap the refrigerant pipes and drain hose together with insulation tape. Right-back piping Remove pipe port cover here for right-side piping...

  • Page 9

    Note: 1) Wrap the refrigerant pipes and drain hose together with insulation tape as right figure, in case of setting the drain hose through the back of the indoor Mounting unit. Drain hose plate 2) If it difficult to fix the claws of the bottom frame on the catches of the Refrigerant mounting plate.

  • Page 10: Drain Piping

    Indoor Unit Installation When connecting to an HA system. 1) Remove the front grille. (2 screws) 2) Remove the electrical wiring box. (3 screws) 3) Remove the metal plate electrical wiring cover. (4 tabs) 4) Remove the resin plastic electrical wiring cover. (2 tabs) 5) Attach the connection cord to the S21 connector and pull the harness out through the notched part in the figure.

  • Page 11: Refrigerant Piping Work

    Refrigerant piping work , install as described in the installation manual supplied with the Multi outdoor unit. With a Multi indoor unit Flaring the pipe end. (Cut exactly at 1) Cut the pipe end with a pipe cutter. right angles.) Remove burrs 2) Remove burrs with the cut surface facing downward so that the chips do not enter the Flaring...

  • Page 12

    Refrigerant piping work 2-2. Selection of Copper and Heat Insulation materials • When using commercial copper pipes and fittings, observe the following: Inter-unit wiring 1) Insulation material: Polyethylene foam Gas pipe Heat transfer rate: 0.041 to 0.052kW/mK (0.035 to 0.045 kcal/mh°C) Liquid pipe Refrigerant gas pipe’s surface temperature reaches 110°C max.

  • Page 13

    Trial Operation and Testing Trial Operation and Testing. 1-1 Measure the supply voltage and make sure that it falls in the specified range. 1-2 Trial operation should be carried out in eitr cooling or heating mode. I I I I For Heat pump •...

  • Page 14

    2P098777-1 M02B078 (0211) HT...

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