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Door Reversal - Haier WC200GS User Manual

Dual compartment flex-zone
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Table of Contents
Steps to Door Reversal
Remove lower toe kick (Front cover)
Remove plastic plug in the center if hinge cover (#3)
Remove screw from center of hinge cover (#2)
Remove hinge cover (#3)
Remove Square cover on left (#1)
Loosen and remove all 3 screws from upper door hinge (#4 and #5)
NOTE: Hold door while loosing and removing upper hinge to prevent fall
and Damaging door as well as bodily injury
Lift door and lay door flat on the door
Loosen and remove the screws that hold the plastic door closer attached on
the door in place (#14 and #15)
Remove upper right hole plastic door spacer (#12)
10. Remove the small screw hole cap in place (#19)
11. Loosen and remove door magnet switch from bottom center of door (#16 and
#17) and reattach it to the top center of door.
12. Loosen and remove the 4 screws that hold the bottom right door hinge in Place
13. Remove bottom right door hinge
14. Loosen and remove the screw that hold the plastic door closer attached to the
bottom right door hinge (#10 and #11)
15. Attach and tighten plastic door closer removed in step 13 to the bottom left
door hinge provided in the accessory bag inside unit
16. Attach and tighten the bottom left door hinge to the unit with the screws
removed in step 8
17. Take door so handle is now on the right side as it is placed in front of you
and lay flat on floor
18. Insert plastic door spacer removed in step 9 into top left hole of door
19. Attach the plastic door closer to the door removed in step 8
20. Align the bottom left hole on the door with the pin on the bottom left door hinge
21. Slide into place gently
22. Take upper door hinge removed in step 6
23. Align pin of upper door hinge with hole on the upper left if door
24. Take the 3 screws removes step 6 and attach them to the screw holes on the
unit and tighten Note: Do not fully tighten yet
25. Make sure top of door is level with top of cabinet
26. Once level, fully tighten screws that hold upper door hinge in place
27. Replace upper hinge cover removed in step 4
28. Tighten hinge cover to unit with screw removed in step 3
29. Replace screw cover plug removed in step 2
30. Replace square cover removed in step 5 to top cover right screw holes
31. Replace the small screw hole cap removes in step 10
32. Attach and tighten toe kick (Front cover) to the unit with the screws removed in
step 1


Table of Contents

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