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"°F/°C" Conversion; Shelving; Interior Light; Power Button - Haier WC200GS User Manual

Dual compartment flex-zone
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The following is an illustration for 48-78mm wine bottles. This may very based on
size and shape of bottle. NOTE: For illustrative purpose only.
"°F/°C" Conversion
Press and hold "°F/°C" for 3 seconds, the displayed temperature in Fahrenheit
degree and °F character will convent to temperature in Celsius degree and "°C"
character. Press and hold "°F/°C" for 3 seconds again, the temperature in Celsius
degree and "°C" character will convert to temperature in Fahrenheit degree and
"°F" character.


• The shelves are designed for appearance and easy cleaning. Larger bottles or
Magnums can be more easily accommodated at the cross shelves at the bottom
of the cellar.
• There are 5 glide-out shelves for easy storage and removal of your wine.
• You can put unfinished bottle of wine on the bottom wine racks at an angle.
• Unfinished wood trim is stainable to accommodate your decor.

Interior Light

• Compliment the look of your collection, a soft light has been built into the wine
cellar. Simply push the "Light" button and the light comes on, push again for
off. For maximum energy efficiency, leave light off when not viewing your
• When door is open the light will go on. Upon closing the door, light will go off

Power Button

• You can shut off the power of the wine cellar when it isn't in use by pressing the
"Power" button for 3 seconds. It will shut off the compressor, electromagnetism
valve and the display panel. It can also be turned on again by pressing the
"Power" button quickly. The light inside the wine cellar will turn on if you open
the door while power is shutting off for convenience.
Normal Operating Sounds You May Hear
• Boiling water, gurgling sounds or slight vibrations are the result of the
refrigerant circulating through the cooling coils.
• The thermostat control will click when it cycles on and off.


Table of Contents

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