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Display Modes - Fm; Fm Stereo (Auto)/Mono; Ipod Docking; Charging Your Ipod/Iphone - Makita BMR103 Instruction Manual

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Display modes — FM
Your radio has a range of display options for FM radio
1. Repeatedly press the Menu/Info button
the RDS information of the station you are listening to.
a. Station name Displays the name if the station being
listened to.
b. Program type Displays the type of station being
listened to such as Pop, Classic, News,
c. Radio text
Displays radio text message such as
new items etc.
d. Year/Day
Displays the year and day of the week
according to the date setting of your
e. Date/Day
Displays the date and day of the week
according to the date setting of your
Displays the frequency of the FM for
the station listened to.

FM stereo (auto)/mono

If the FM radio station being listened to has a weak signal
some hiss may be audible. It is possible to reduce this
hiss by forcing the radio to play the station in mono rather
than stereo.
1. Press the Source button
FM band and tune to the desired FM station as
previously stated.
2. Press and hold Menu/Info button
menu setting.
3. Rotate the Tuning control
setting shows on the display. If the setting is Auto
press the Tuning control to switch to Mono mode to
reduce the hiss. Press the Tuning control to select the
Recalling a preset in AM/FM mode
1. Press the Power button
2. Press the Source button
3. Momentarily press the required Preset button
to cause your radio to tune to one of
the stations stored in the preset memory.

iPod docking

Your radio has an iPod docking facility which allows you
to play digital audio files and soundtracks held on your
iPod/iPhone directly.
Your radio uses the iPod Universal Dock adjustor
developed for use with iPods and iPhone. Recent models
of iPod/iPhone are supplied with Universal Dock Adapter
inserts which ensure correct alignment of the iPod/iPhone
with the electrical connector.
to view
as needed to select the
to enter the
until the FM Auto/mono
to switch on your radio.
to select AM or FM radio
The radio does not support iPod 3rd generation (build
2003-2004). To avoid possible damage to your iPod,
do not use your iPod with the product without the
correct adapter fitted to the radio.
1) All the model listed in the following can be connected
to your radio, but not for iPod shuffle: (1) iPhone 4S
(2) iPhone 4 (3) iPhone 3GS (4) iPod touch 4G
(5) iPod touch 3G (6) iPod nano 6G (7) iPod nano 5G
(8) iPod classic
2) Models listed above have been certified by the
developer to meet Apple performance standards. The
models which are not listed above can also operate
with your BMR103; however, there is no certification
to meet Apple performance standards.

Charging your iPod/iPhone

1. Place the iPod/iPhone onto the Universal Dock
Adjuster into the iPod docking compartment. Press the
Power button
to switch on your radio.
2. Press Source button
display. If you see (battery with thunder) on your iPod
screen, it indicates your radio is charging your iPod's/
iPhone's internal battery.
1) AM does not operate while charging your iPod/iPhone.
2) When the radio is plugged with AC adapter, your iPod/
iPhone can be charged regardless of power on/off of
the iPod/iPhone itself or the radio.
3) When the battery is used as power supply, your iPod/
iPhone can only be charged when the radio is power
Navigating your iPod/iPhone
To navigate your iPod/iPhone menus to make selections
or to change settings, you should use your iPod/iPhone
controls. The radio controls can be used for Menu/Select,
Previous/Next, Fast Rewind/Fast Forward and Play/
Pause functions.
1. Use the Menu/Info button
level menus on your iPod/iPhone.
2. Rotate the Tuning control
or down a menu screen on your iPod/iPhone.
3. Press the Tuning control
option on your screen menu.
If this item is a lower level menu item, you may then
navigate further by pressing the Tuning control.
until "iPod" shows on the
to navigate to higher
as required to move up
to select the highlighted



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