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Cisco 7861 Quick Reference Manual

Cisco 7861 Quick Reference Manual

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Cisco IP 7861/41/21 Phone for CDK Network Phone Enterprise

Dialing Plan

Fill in these important numbers for
your dialing plan.

Making Calls

When making calls outside your
dealership, enter a 9 and then the
10-digit number. You do not need to
enter a 1 for long distance calls.
During a call, you can alternate
between handset, headset, and
hands-free mode by pressing the
Speakerphone or Headset buttons,
or picking-up the handset.
You can set up Speed Dials from
the Unified Communications Self
Care Portal.

Answering Calls

There are several different ways of
answering calls on your phone.
If you want to silence the ringer
when an incoming call arrives,
press the left side of the volume

Ending Calls

There are several ways to end a
call on your phone.
2015 CDK Global
Dialing a Number
Do one of the following then dial the number:
Lift the handset from the cradle.
Press an unlit line button
Press the New Call softkey.
Press the (unlit) Headset
Redialing Numbers
Press the Redial softkey. Your phone dials the number you last called.
Calling Speed Dial Entries
Do one of the following:
Enter a speed-dial code, and then press the SpeedDial softkey.
Pick up the handset, press the SpeedDial softkey, enter the speed dial code, and
then press the SpeedDial softkey again.
Calling Internal Extensions from the Voice Enabled Directory
1. Dial your voice-enabled directory extension, usually 8090.
2. At the voice prompt, speak the name of the person you want to call.
If the system finds a single match, it plays the greeting for the person and
automatically transfers you to that person's extension.
If there are multiple matches, the system plays the greeting for the first
matching person. If the greeting matches the person you want to call, speak
Yes, and you will be connected to the person's extension; if not, speak No, and
the system presents the greeting of the next matching person.
If the system cannot find a match, try speaking the name again, or just the
person's first or last name.
Answering a Ringing Call
To answer a ringing call, do one of the following:
Lift the handset.
Press the flashing amber line button
Press the unlit Headset
Press the Answer softkey.
Call Waiting
If a second call arrives while you are on another call, the name of the second caller
displays and the line button flashes amber. To answer the second call and put the
first call on hold, press the flashing amber line button
again to switch between the two calls.
Perform one of the following options to end a call:
Replace the handset in its cradle.
Press the End Call softkey.
Press the lit Headset

Quick Reference Guide

or Speakerphone
or Speakerphone
or Speakerphone
My Direct Dial or Extension
Off-Site Voice Mail Number
Department Name
Department Group Extension
Zone Overhead Paging (if Multi-zone)
Over-phone Zone Paging
. Press the line button
June 11, 2015



Summary of Contents for Cisco 7861

  • Page 1: Quick Reference Guide

    Cisco IP 7861/41/21 Phone for CDK Network Phone Enterprise Quick Reference Guide Dialing Plan Number Description My Direct Dial or Extension Fill in these important numbers for Operator/Attendant your dialing plan. Off-Site Voice Mail Number Overhead Sales Service Parts Office...
  • Page 2: Muting Calls

    Quick Reference Guide Muting Calls You can mute your phone using the Mute button. This allows you to listen to all parties on a call but prevents them from hearing any noise coming from your line. Mute applies to all modes: handset, Press Mute to toggle Mute on and off.
  • Page 3: Call History

    Quick Reference Guide Diverting Calls to Voice You can redirect a ringing or active call to voice mail by using the Divert softkey. This feature is also available when your line is busy and you receive a second incoming Mail call.
  • Page 4 Speed dials Speed dials Ringing call/ voice mail indicator Softkeys Navigation pad Speaker Handset Messages Select Hold button Settings Directories Conference Transfer Speakerphone Headset Volume Mute Dial pad Line buttons/ Speed dials for the 7861 © 2015 CDK Global 63948-01...

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