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Epson Stylus Photo PX700W Series Basic Operation Manual

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Basic Operation Guide

- for use without a computer -



  Summary of Contents for Epson Stylus Photo PX700W Series

  • Page 1: Basic Operation Guide

    Basic Operation Guide - for use without a computer -...
  • Page 2: About This Guide

    About This Guide Follow these guidelines as you read your instructions: & Warning: Caution: Must be observed to avoid Note: Indicates a page number where bodily injury and damage to additional information can be Warnings must be followed Cautions must be observed Notes contain important your equipment.
  • Page 3 Getting More Information User’s Guide Options Bluetooth Auto Duplexer...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Handling Media Selecting Paper ..............................10 Loading Paper ..............................11 Loading a CD/DVD ............................15 Inserting a Memory Card ..........................17 Placing Originals ...............................19 Copying Copying Documents ............................22 Reprint/Restore Photos ..........................24 Copying a CD/DVD ............................26 Copy Mode Menu List .............................28 Photos Mode Printing Photos ..............................32 Printing in Various Layouts ..........................34 Printing on a CD/DVD .............................36 Printing Photo Greeting Cards ........................39...
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Make sure the power cord Place the printer near a wall Use only the power cord that Use only the type of power Do not let the power cord Do not open the scanner unit meets all relevant local safety outlet where the power cord comes with the printer.
  • Page 6: Guide To Control Panel

    Guide to Control Panel Control panel design varies by area. Home Turns on/off printer. Moves the CD/DVD tray Returns to the top menu. When Changes the view of photos or Switches View PhotoEnhance On & 7 on the top menu, switches crops the photos.
  • Page 7: Using The Lcd Screen

    Using the LCD Screen Use Copies + or - to set Press l or r to set the Press u or d to select Press r to open the Press l or r to change the number of copies for density.
  • Page 8: Power Saving Function

    Adjusting Angle of Control Panel Power saving function After 13 minutes of inactivity, the screen turns black to save energy. Press any button (except P On) to return the screen to its previous state. Raise manually. Press to lower.
  • Page 9: Handling Media

    Handling Media...
  • Page 10: Selecting Paper

    (d) Epson Photo Main Quality Ink Jet Paper Matte (e) Epson Matte Main Paper Heavy -weight Prem. (f ) Epson Premium A4: Main Glossy Glossy Photo Paper Other than A4: Photo Prem. (g) Epson Premium The availability of special paper...
  • Page 11: Loading Paper

    Loading Paper Close the output tray if it is ejected. Flip down. Pull out. a: Photo tray b: Main tray Make sure paper is not loaded in the photo tray.
  • Page 12 & 10 Slide and raise. Pinch and slide to the sides. Load printable side down. Slide to the edges of paper. Slide to your paper size.
  • Page 13 & 10 Replace. Pinch and slide to the sides. Load printable side down. Slide to the edges of the paper. Align the edges of the paper before loading. Slide to your paper size. Insert keeping the cassette flat. Slide out and raise.
  • Page 14 See the online User’s Guide when Do not use paper with binder Do not pull out or insert the using Legal size paper. holes. paper cassette while the printer is operating. When loading a Photo Sticker sheet, place it face down as shown on the right.
  • Page 15: Loading A Cd/Dvd

    Loading a CD/DVD Close. Raise as far as it will go. Eject the CD/DVD tray. The CD/DVD tray cannot be To print on 8 cm CDs, see the The CD/DVD tray closes ejected or extended any further. online User’s Guide. automatically after a certain period of time.
  • Page 16 Place. Do not pull the CD/DVD tray. Press gently. Close the CD/DVD tray. Removing a CD/DVD Remove horizontally. Close the CD/DVD tray. Lower.
  • Page 17: Inserting A Memory Card

    Inserting a Memory Card Do not try to force the card all the way into the slot. It should not be fully inserted. Insert one card at a time. Check the light. Removing a memory card Flashing Check the light. Remove.
  • Page 18 xD-Picture Card CompactFlash xD-Picture Card Type M xD-Picture Card Type M+ xD-Picture Card Type H Microdrive SD Memory Card SDHC Memory Card MultiMediaCard MMCplus MMCmobile * *Adapter required MMCmicro * miniSD * miniSDHC * microSD * microSDHC * If the memory card needs an adapter then attach it before inserting the Memory Stick card into the slot, otherwise the card...
  • Page 19: Placing Originals

    Placing Originals Place face-down horizontally. Fit to the corner. Place in the center. You can reprint photos from You can reprint two or more 30 × 40 mm. photos of different sizes at the same time, as long as they are larger than 30 ×...
  • Page 20 You can print two pages of a book on a single side of one sheet. Select Book/-up or Book/-Sided as the layout and place the book as shown on the left. Place the first page. Place the second page.
  • Page 21: Copying

  • Page 22: Copying Documents

    Copying Documents & 11 & 19 Select Copy. Load paper. Place original horizontally. Set the number of copies. Select a color mode. Set the density. Enter the copy setting menu.
  • Page 23 & 28 Make sure you set the Paper Size and Paper Type. Select Paper and Copy Settings. Make the appropriate copy settings. Finish the settings. By using the optional Auto Duplexer you can print on both sides of the paper. For more details, see your online User’s Guide.
  • Page 24: Reprint/Restore Photos

    Reprint/Restore & 11 & 19 Photos Select Copy. Load paper. Place original horizontally. Enter the copy setting menu. Select Copy/Restore Photos. Select On or Off. Proceed.
  • Page 25 If you scanned two photos, repeat step 8 for the second photo. Set the number of copies. Enter the copy setting menu. Proceed. & 28 Make sure you set the Paper Size and Paper Type. Make the appropriate print settings. Finish the settings.
  • Page 26: Copying A Cd/Dvd

    Copying a CD/DVD & 19 Select Copy. Place original. Enter copy menu. Select Copy to CD/DVD. Proceed. Set the printing area.
  • Page 27 & 15 If you print on If you want to print a test sample on paper, select Test print on A the colored areas shown paper. on the right (the units are in mm), the disk or CD/DVD tray may be stained with ink.
  • Page 28: Copy Mode Menu List

    Copy Mode Menu List...
  • Page 29 Print settings for Copy Mode Paper and Copy Settings Layout With Border, Borderless *⁴, 2-up Copy, Book/2-up, Book/2-Sided *¹ 2-Sided Printing *¹ Off, On Reduce/Enlarge Actual, Auto Fit Page, 10×15cm->A4, A4->10×15cm, 13×18->10×15, 10×15->13×18, A5->A4, A4->A5 Paper Size A4, 13×18cm(5×7in), 10×15cm(4×6in), A5 Paper Type Plain Paper, Ultra Glossy, Prem.
  • Page 31: Photos Mode

    Photos Mode...
  • Page 32: Printing Photos

    Printing Photos & 11 & 17 Select Photos. Load photo paper. Insert a memory card. To select more photos, repeat steps 5 and 6. Select View and Print Photos. Select a photo. Set the number of copies.
  • Page 33 & 45 Make sure you set the Paper Size and Paper Type. Select Print Settings. Enter the print setting menu. Select appropriate print settings. To adjust photos, select Photo After step 6, you can crop and Adjustments and make the enlarge your photo.
  • Page 34: Printing In Various Layouts

    Printing in Various & 11 & 17 Layouts Select Photos. Load paper. Insert a memory card. Select Photo Layout Sheet. Select a layout. Select paper type and size. Select Automatic layout.
  • Page 35 If you select Place photos manually, place photos as shown in (1) or leave a blank as shown in (2). Proceed. Select a photo. To select more photos, repeat step 9. Finish selecting photos. Set the number of copies. Print.
  • Page 36: Printing On A Cd/Dvd

    Printing on a CD/ & 17 Select Photos. Select Print on CD/DVD. Insert a memory card. If you select Place photos manually, place photos as shown in (1) or leave a blank as shown in (2). Select a layout. Select Automatic layout.
  • Page 37 To select more photos, repeat step 7. Proceed. Select a photo. After step 7, you can crop and enlarge your photo. Press make the settings. Finish selecting photos. Set the printing area and proceed.
  • Page 38 & 15 If you want to print a test sample To make optional print settings, on paper, select Test print on A press x. paper. Select Print on a CD/DVD. Load a CD/DVD. To print a CD/DVD jacket, select in To adjust the print position, see &...
  • Page 39: Printing Photo Greeting Cards

    Printing Photo Greeting Cards You can easily print handwritten messages or drawings onto a photo. & 11 & 17 Load paper. Insert a memory card. Select Photos. Select Print Photo Greeting Card.
  • Page 40 Proceed. Select the photo to print. Select a setting menu. Select a settings menu. Select an item. Print. Check u aligns with the corner.
  • Page 41 Select the style of the text. Select the type. Select the number of copies. Write a message or drawing. & 19 Place the template face-down. Print greeting cards.
  • Page 42: Printing Photos From An Index Sheet

    Printing Photos from an Index Sheet Select photos on the index sheet (A4), then scan it to print photos. & 11 & 17 Load paper. Insert a memory card. Select Photos. Select Print Index Sheet.
  • Page 43 Select Print Index Sheet. Select the range of photos. Print the index sheet. Select a paper size. Select border or borderless. Select to print with a date stamp. Check u aligns with the corner.
  • Page 44 & 19 You can print photos on Ultra Glossy Photo Paper, Premium Glossy Photo Paper or Premium Semigloss Photo Paper. Select the number of copies. Place the index sheet face-down. Print photos from the index sheet.
  • Page 45: Photos Mode Menu List

    Photos Mode Menu List...
  • Page 46 Photos Mode View and Print Photos, Print All Photos, Print Photo Greeting Card, Photo Layout Sheet, Print on CD/DVD, Print Index Sheet, Print Proof Sheet, Slide Show Photos Menu Select Photos Select All Photos, Select by Date, Cancel Photo Selection Print Settings Paper Size, Paper Type, Borderless *², Quality, Expansion *³, Date, Print Info.
  • Page 47: Other Mode

    Other Mode...
  • Page 48: Printing Ruled Paper

    Printing Ruled Paper You can print ruled paper or graph paper with or without a photo set as the background. & 11 & 53 If you select a format without a background image, go to F. Load A4-size plain paper. Select Print Ruled Papers.
  • Page 49 To rotate the frame, press d. Proceed. Select the photo to print. Proceed. Set the number of copies and print.
  • Page 50: Scanning To A Memory Card

    Scanning to a & 17 & 19 Memory Card Select Scan. Insert a memory card. Place original horizontally. & 53 If the edges of the photo are faint, change the Scan Area. Select Scan to Memory Card. Select settings and scan. Check the message on the screen.
  • Page 51: Scanning To A Computer

    Scanning to a Computer Make sure you have installed software for this printer on your computer and connected following the instructions on the Start Here poster. & 19 Place original horizontally. Select Scan. Select an item. See the online User’s Guide to continue.
  • Page 52: Backup To External Storage Device

    Backup to External Storage Device Select Backup Data. Select Backup Memory Card. Insert and connect. To change the writing speed, press You can print photos from the x, select Writing Speed and set. backup storage device. Remove the memory card from the printer, connect the device, then print &...
  • Page 53: Other Mode Menu List

    Other Mode Menu Scan Mode List Scan to Memory Format JPEG, Card Scan Area Auto Cropping, Max Area Document Text, Photograph Quality Standard, Best Memory Capacity Scan to PC Scan to PDF Scan to Email Backup Data Mode Backup Memory Card Print Ruled Papers Mode Notebook Paper - Wide Rule, Notebook Paper - Narrow Rule, Graph Paper, Stationery w/o Lines, Stationery w/Lines...
  • Page 55: Setup Mode (Maintenance)

    Setup Mode (Maintenance)
  • Page 56: Checking The Ink Cartridge Status

    Checking the Ink Cartridge Status Select Setup. Select Ink Levels. Finish. Cyan Yellow Light Cyan Black Magenta Light Magenta Ink is low.
  • Page 57 Epson cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non- genuine ink. If non-genuine ink cartridges are installed, the ink cartridge status may not be displayed.
  • Page 58: Checking/Cleaning The Print Head

    Checking/Cleaning & 11 the Print Head Select Setup. Select Maintenance. Load A4 size paper. Select Nozzle Check. Start the nozzle check. Check the pattern.
  • Page 59 Then try cleaning the print head again. If quality still does not improve, contact Epson support. Select Head Cleaning and start. Finish head cleaning.
  • Page 60: Aligning The Print Head

    Aligning the Print & 11 Head Select Setup. Select Maintenance. Load A4 size paper. Select Head Alignment. Print patterns. Select the most solid pattern.
  • Page 61 Select the pattern number. Enter the number. Repeat steps 7 and 8 if necessary. Finish aligning the print head.
  • Page 62: Pictbridge Setup

    PictBridge Setup Select Setup. Select PictBridge Setup. Remove. & 64 Select Print Settings. Select appropriate print settings. Connect and turn on the camera. See your camera’s guide to print.
  • Page 63 Compatibility PictBridge File Format JPEG Depending on the settings on this Some of the settings on your printer and the digital camera, digital camera may not be Image size 80 × 80 pixels to 9200 × 9200 pixels some combinations of paper reflected in the output.
  • Page 64: Setup Mode Menu List

    Setup Mode Menu List Setup Mode Ink Levels Maintenance Nozzle Check, Head Cleaning, Head Alignment, Automatic Head Maintenance *¹ Printer Setup CD/DVD, Stickers, Thick Paper *², Screen Saver Settings, Display Format *³, Language Network Settings See your online User’s Guide for details. Bluetooth Settings See your online User’s Guide for details.
  • Page 65: Solving Problems

    Solving Problems...
  • Page 66: Error Messages

    Contact Epson support to replace ink pads before the end of their service life. Contact Epson Support. service life. When the ink pads are saturated, the printer stops and Epson support is required to continue printing. The printer’s ink pads are at the end of their service life.
  • Page 67: Replacing Ink Cartridges

    Ink cartridges with low ink status may not be used when reinserted. Epson recommends the use of genuine Epson ink cartridges. Epson cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-genuine ink. The use of non-genuine ink may cause damage that is not covered by Epson’s warranties, and under certain...
  • Page 68 Check the color to replace. Select Replace now. Open. Do not lift up the scanner unit Be careful not to break the hooks when the document cover is open. on the side of the ink cartridge. Pinch and remove. Unpack new cartridge.
  • Page 69 Remove the yellow tape. Insert and push. Close. Ink charging starts. If you had to replace an ink To replace an ink cartridge cartridge during copying, to before it is expended, follow the ensure copy quality after ink instructions from step 3 with the charging is finished, cancel the printer turned on.
  • Page 70: Paper Jam

    Paper Jam Inside the printer 1 Check the message. Open. Remove. Remove. Remove.
  • Page 71 Reattach. Remove. Remove. Replace. Restart printing.
  • Page 72 Paper cassette Check the message. Close. Pull out. Remove. Align the edges. Carefully remove. Insert keeping the cassette flat.
  • Page 73 If an error message cannot be cleared, try the following steps. Restart printing. Turn off. Unplug. Pull out. Carefully stand the printer on its side. Remove. Replace.
  • Page 74 Inside the printer 2 Check the message. Turn off. Open. Remove.
  • Page 75 For details on removing jammed paper from the optional Auto Duplexer, see Auto Duplexer your online User’s Guide. (option)
  • Page 76: Printer Error

    Printer Error If the error message on the left is displayed, turn off the printer and then make sure that no paper remains in the printer. & 70 If the protective material is in its original position, remove it and install it as shown on the right.
  • Page 77: Print Quality Problems

    To clean the inside of the printer, make a copy without placing a document on the document table. Use up ink cartridge within six months of opening vacuum package. & 67 Try to use genuine Epson ink cartridges and paper recommended by Epson.
  • Page 78: Print Layout Problems

    Print Layout Check the following points. Problems Make sure you selected the correct Paper Size, Layout, and Reduce/Enlarge setting for the loaded paper. & 28, 45, 53 & 11 Make sure you loaded paper correctly. Make sure the original is placed correctly. &...
  • Page 79: Other Problems

    Other Problems In some cases, such as when the scanner unit is left open for a certain period of time, the printer may stop printing halfway and the paper or CD/DVD may be ejected. If the scanner unit is open, close it. The printer may resume printing, but if it does not, try printing again.
  • Page 80: Contacting Customer Support

    Contacting If you cannot solve the problem using the troubleshooting information, contact customer support services for assistance. You can Customer Support get the contact information for customer support for your area in your online User’s Guide or warranty card. If it is not listed there, contact the dealer where you purchased your product.
  • Page 82: Index

    Index Symbols 2-Sided Printing ..................29 Jams, paper .....................70 viewer ......................7 View PhotoEnhance ................7 Aligning the Print Head ..............60 Language, change ................64 Auto Head Maintenance ..............64 zoom (crop) .................. 7.33.37 Main tray ....................11 zoom (Reduce/Enlarge) ..............29 B&W print ..................29.46 Memory Card ..................17 Backup Memory Card ..............52.53 Bidirectional (print speed) ..............46...
  • Page 83: Copyright Notice

    Neither Seiko Epson Corporation nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this product or third parties for damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by the purchaser or third parties as a result of accident, misuse, or abuse of this product or unauthorized modifications, repairs, or alterations to this product, or (excluding the U.S.) failure to strictly comply with Seiko Epson Corporation’s operating and maintenance instructions.
  • Page 84 (T0815N) (T0816N) *1 For the PX700W Series, Epson recommends the T080 ink cartridges for normal print usage. *2 For the TX700W Series, the ink cartridge numbers between the parenthesis may be displayed depending on the area. Copyright © 2008 Seiko Epson Corporation.

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