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will be prompted. If correct SVP is entered, POST enters
BIOS setup without erasing POP. To boot up the system
user should override POP by SVP at the password
v When SVP is not set, POST erase the POP and then
boots up the system.
Power-on passwords
Power-on password is a security feature that is used to
protect the system from unauthorized access. If power-on
password is forgotten, follow the procedure described in "
Removing the Power-on password".

Supervisor password

A supervisor password (SVP) protects the system
information stored in the IBM BIOS Setup Utility . The SVP
must be entered in order to access the IBM BIOS Setup
Utility and make changes to system configuration settings.
made available to the servicer, there is no service
procedure to reset the password. The system board must
be replaced for a scheduled fee.
Removing the power-on password
If the customer forgets the power-on password, follow this
procedure to erase POP if SVP is not set:
1. Turn off the system.
2. Set DIP SW.
3. Turn on the system, and confirm the system starts
without prompting for Power-on password.
4. Turn off the system.
If SVP is set, do the followings to erase POP:
1. Power on the computer and press F1 to enter the
BIOS Utility menu.
2. Enter correct SVP (Supervisor password) at the
password prompt.
ThinkPad R30/R31 HMM
If the SVP has been forgotten and cannot be



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