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D O N O T place the product near c h e m i c a l s or in a place w h e r e c h e m i c a l s could be spilled on it.
Should c h e m i c a l s c o m e into contact with the product, there may be a risk of fire or electric
shock, in particular, organic solvents or liquids s u c h a s b e n z e n e , paint thinner, polish remover,
or deodorizer may melt or dissolve the plastic c o v e r and/or c a b l e s , resulting in a risk of fire or
electric shock. T h e s e or other c h e m i c a l s may also c a u s e the product to malfunction or b e c o m e
DO N O T put the product in a location that blocks or obstructs a n y slot or opening in the product.
T h e s e slots and openings a r e provided for ventilation. Blocking the product's ventilation could
create a risk of overheating and/or fire.
• K e e p a gap of at least 6 in. (150 mm) between the ventilation hole and the wail.
• P l a c e the product on a solid surface. D O N O T place the product on a bed, sofa, rug, or other
similar soft surface.
• D O N O T place this product near or over a radiator or heater.
• D O N O T place this product in a "built-in" installation u n l e s s adequate ventilation is provided.
D O install your product near a n A C power outlet that is easily a c c e s s i b l e , in the event of a n
emergency, e a s y a c c e s s to the plug and outlet will allow you to shut off power to the product
quickly and completely.
Plastic bags are used in the packing of your machine. Plastic bags are not toys. T o avoid the
danger of suffocation, keep these bags a w a y from babies and children and dispose of them


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