Brother HL-5440D Product Safety Manual

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Product Safety Guide
(HL-5440D / 5450DN / 5470DW(T / 6180DW(T) / DCP-8110DN / 8150DN /
8155DN / MFC-8510DN / 8710DW / 8810DW / 8910DW / 8950DW(T))
P l e a s e read this guide before attempting to operate the product, or before attempting any
maintenance. Failure to follow these instructions may result in an increased risk of personal injury
or d a m a g e to property, including through fire, eiectricai shock, burns or suffocation. Brother shall
not be liable for d a m a g e c a u s e d where the product owner h a s failed to follow the instructions set
out in this guide.
R e a d ail of the instructions. S a v e them for later reference.
Symbols and
conventions used In
the documentation
T h e following symbols and conventions are
used throughout the documentation.
W A R N I N G indicates a potentially hazardous
situation which, if not avoided, could result in
death or serious injuries.
C A U T I O N indicates a potentially h a z a r d o u s
situation which, if not avoided, may result in
minor or moderate injuries.
O Important
important indicates a potentially h a z a r d o u s
situation which, if not avoided, may result in
d a m a g e to property or loss of product
Notes teii you how you should
respond to a situation that may arise
or give tips about how the operation
works with other features.
Bold typeface identifies specific
k e y s on the product's control
panel or on the computer
s c r e e n .
italicized typeface e m p h a s i z e s
an important point or refers you
to a reiated topic.
C o u r i e r
T e x t in Courier New font
identifies m e s s a g e s on the
L C D of the product.
Follow ail warnings and instructions marked
on the product.
I j ^ N o t e
' -
• Not ail models are available in ail
• T h e illustrations in this guide show the
H L - 5 4 7 0 D W and M F C - 8 5 1 0 D N .
Prohibition icons indicate actions
that must not be performed.
Eiectricai H a z a r d icons alert you to
possible eiectricai shock.
Fire H a z a r d icons alert you to the
possibility of fire.
Hot S u r f a c e icons w a r n you not to
touch product parts that are hot.
( H L - 6 1 8 0 D W ( T ) / D C P - 8 1 1 0 D N / 8 1 5 0 D N /
8 1 5 5 D N ) in U S A :
P l e a s e go to the Brother Solutions Center at and click
Manuais on your model page to download the
other m a n u a i s .


Table of Contents

Table of Contents