Brother dcp-9020cdw Advanced User's Manual
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Advanced User's Guide
Version A


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Brother dcp-9020cdw

  • Page 1 Advanced User’s Guide DCP-9015CDW DCP-9020CDW Version A UK/IRE...
  • Page 2 Wi-Fi Direct™ Guide This Guide provides details on how to PDF file / Brother Solutions configure and use your Brother machine for Center wireless printing directly from a mobile device supporting the Wi-Fi Direct™ standard.
  • Page 3 This Guide provides information for using PDF file / Brother Solutions AirPrint to print from OS X v10.7.x, 10.8.x Center and your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or other iOS device to your Brother machine without installing a printer driver. Visit us at
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents General Setup Memory storage.....................1 Automatic Daylight Saving Time................1 Ecology features ....................2 Toner Save ......................2 Sleep Time ......................2 Deep Sleep mode....................3 Auto Power Off ....................3 Touchscreen ......................4 Setting the backlight brightness...............4 Setting the Dim Timer for the backlight ............4 Security features Secure Function Lock 2.0 ..................5 Before you begin to use Secure Function Lock 2.0.........6...
  • Page 5 Routine maintenance Checking the machine ..................22 Printing the Test Print ..................22 Checking the Page Counters................. 22 Checking the remaining life of toner cartridges ..........23 Checking the remaining life of parts .............. 23 Replacing periodic maintenance parts..............24 Packing and shipping the machine ..............25 Glossary Index...
  • Page 7: General Setup

    Automatic Daylight NOTE Saving Time Most of the illustrations in this User's Guide show the DCP-9020CDW. You can set the machine to change automatically for Daylight Saving Time. It will Memory storage set itself forward one hour in the spring, and back one hour in the autumn.
  • Page 8: Ecology Features

    Chapter 1 Ecology features Sleep Time The Sleep Time setting can reduce power Toner Save consumption. When the machine is in Sleep mode (Power Save mode) it acts as though it You can save toner using this feature. When is turned off. The machine will wake up and you set Toner Save to On, print appears start printing when it receives a print job.
  • Page 9: Deep Sleep Mode

    NOTE The machine does not go into Power Off mode when the machine is connected to a wired (DCP-9020CDW) or wireless network or has secure print data in the memory. Press Press All Settings. Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display General Setup.
  • Page 10: Touchscreen

    Chapter 1 Touchscreen Setting the Dim Timer for the backlight Setting the backlight You can set how long the Touchscreen LCD brightness backlight stays on after you go back to your Home screen. You can adjust the brightness of the Touchscreen LCD backlight.
  • Page 11: Security Features

     Color Print Page Limit  Scan includes scan jobs via Brother iPrint&Scan. Print and Color Print include print jobs via AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and Brother iPrint&Scan. Available for Print, Copy and Web Connect (Download).
  • Page 12: Before You Begin To Use Secure Function Lock 2.0

    (where users and to turn Secure Function Lock on or “machine’s IP address” is the IP address off. (See Setting up restricted users of your Brother machine). on page 7 and Turning Secure Function Lock  For example: on/off on page 8.)
  • Page 13: Setting Up Restricted Users

    Security features Setting up restricted users Setting up and changing the Public user mode You can set up users with restrictions and a password. You can set up to 25 restricted Public user mode restricts the functions that users. are available for all users who do not have a password.
  • Page 14: Turning Secure Function Lock On/Off

    Touchscreen will show keyboard on the Touchscreen. Wrong Password. Enter the correct Press OK. password. If you forget it, contact Brother customer service. Turning Secure Function Lock on Press Press All Settings. Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display General Setup.
  • Page 15: Switching Users

    Security features Switching Users Changing to the Public mode This setting allows you to switch between Press registered restricted users or Public mode when Secure Function Lock is turned on. Press Go to Public. NOTE Changing to the restricted user mode •...
  • Page 16: Setting Lock

    Contact your Swipe up or down, or press a or b to administrator or Brother customer service. display General Setup. While the Setting Lock is On, you cannot access the machine settings.
  • Page 17: Changing The Setting Lock Administrator Password

    Security features Changing the Setting Lock Turning Setting Lock on/off administrator password If you enter the wrong password, the Touchscreen will show Wrong Password. Enter the correct password. Press Turning Setting Lock on Press All Settings. Press Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display General Setup.
  • Page 18: Printing Reports

    Printing reports Reports How to print a report The following reports are available: Press 1 User Settings Prints a list of your current settings. Press All Settings. 2 Network Configuration Swipe up or down, or press a or b to Prints a list of your current network display Print Reports.
  • Page 19: Making Copies

    Making copies Copy settings Improving copy quality You can choose from a range of quality You can change the copy settings for the next settings. The factory setting is Auto. copy.  Auto These settings are temporary. The machine returns to its default settings one minute after Auto is the recommended mode for copying.
  • Page 20: Enlarging Or Reducing Copies

    (Copy). 94% A4iLTR 91% Full Page Enter the number of copies you want. 85% LTRiEXE Press Options. 83% LGLiA4 (DCP-9020CDW) 83% (DCP-9015CDW) Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display Enlarge/Reduce. 78% LGLiLTR (DCP-9020CDW) 78% (DCP-9015CDW) Press Enlarge/Reduce.
  • Page 21: 2-Sided Copying

    Press Colour Start or Mono Start  1sidei2side Long Edge Flip to scan the page. (DCP-9020CDW) If you placed the document in the ADF, the machine scans the pages and starts printing. If you are using the scanner glass, go ...
  • Page 22: Adjusting Density And Contrast

    Chapter 4 Adjusting Density and Contrast Contrast Adjust the contrast to help an image look sharper and more vivid. Load your document. Density Adjust the copy density to make copies Press (Copy). darker or lighter. Load your document. Enter the number of copies. Press Options.
  • Page 23: Sorting Copies

    Enter the number of copies. Press Colour Start or Mono Start Press Options. to scan the page. (DCP-9020CDW) Swipe up or down, or press a or b to If you placed the document in the ADF, display Page Layout. the machine scans the pages and starts printing.
  • Page 24 After scanning all the pages, press No in step k to finish. If you are copying from the ADF  4in1(P) (DCP-9020CDW): Place your document face up in the direction shown in the illustration:  2in1(P)  4in1(L) ...
  • Page 25: In 1 Id Copy

    Photo and the contrast to +2. Press 1 4 mm or greater (top, left)  (DCP-9020CDW) Even if a document is placed on the ADF, the machine scans the data from the scanner glass when in this mode.
  • Page 26: Adjusting Colour Saturation

    Chapter 4 Adjusting Colour Saturation Removing Background Colour You can change the default setting for colour saturation. Remove Background Colour removes the background colour of the document when Load your document. copying. Using this function will make the document clearer to read and may save Press (Copy).
  • Page 27: Saving Copy Options As A Shortcut

    Making copies Saving copy options as a Saving paper Shortcut You can use Paper Save to easily reduce the amount of consumed paper when You can store the copy options you use most copying. 4 in 1 layout and 2-sided copy often by saving them as a Shortcut.
  • Page 28: A Routine Maintenance

    Routine maintenance Checking the machine Checking the Page Counters You can see the machine’s Page Counters Printing the Test Print for copies, printed pages or a summary total. You can print a Test Print page to check your Press print quality. Press All Settings.
  • Page 29: Checking The Remaining Life Of Toner Cartridges

    Routine maintenance Checking the remaining life of Checking the remaining life of toner cartridges parts You can see the approximate remaining life You can see the machine’s parts life on the of the toner cartridges. Touchscreen. Press Press Press Toner Life. Press All Settings.
  • Page 30: Replacing Periodic Maintenance Parts

    The Fuser Unit and PF Kit parts listed in the table must be replaced after printing approximately 50,000 pages . Contact Brother customer service when these messages appear on the Touchscreen. Touchscreen Description message Replace the fuser unit.
  • Page 31: Packing And Shipping The Machine

    Routine maintenance Packing and shipping Press and hold down to turn off the the machine machine. Leave the machine turned off for at least 10 minutes to cool down. Disconnect all the cables, and then WARNING unplug the power cord from the electrical socket.
  • Page 32 Wrap the machine in a plastic bag, then Place the packing material (2) marked place it on the bottom packing material “R” on the right of the machine. Place (1). the packing material (3) marked “L” on the left of the machine. Place the AC power cord and printed materials in the original carton as shown in the illustration.
  • Page 33: B Glossary

    Glossary This is a comprehensive list of features and terms that appear in Brother manuals. Availability of these features depends on the model you purchased. 3.7 in. (93.4 mm) Touchscreen LCD and Scanning Touchpanel The process of sending an electronic...
  • Page 34: Index

    Index Numerics 2-sided copy ..........15 Machine information checking remaining life of parts .... 23 page counts .......... 22 Macintosh Apple Macintosh See Software User's Guide. See Software User's Guide. Maintenance, routine ....... 22 checking the remaining life of parts ..23 Memory storage ...........
  • Page 35 Reducing copies ...........14 Reports ............12 Drum Dot Print ........12 how to print ...........12 Network Configuration ......12 User Settings ........12 WLAN Report ........12 Scanning See Software User's Guide. Security Secure function lock administrator password ......6 Setting lock ...........10 Sleep mode ..........2 Sort ............17 Temporary copy settings ......13 Toner Save ..........2...
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