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Uniden UH076DLX Owner's Manual

Handheld uhf-cb transceiver
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Handheld UHF-CB Transceiver
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  • Page 1 UH076DLX Handheld UHF-CB Transceiver For more exciting new products please visit our website: Australia: New Zealand:
  • Page 2: Lithium Ion Battery Pack Warning

    Being defined as having no ingress of water when immersed at 1 metre for 30 minutes. The UH076DLX will only meet this rating if fully assembled and all rubber seals and bungs are well maintained and correctly fitted. This means that the speaker microphone bung is inserted, and the battery pack and antenna are attached and securely fastened.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Adjusting the Key Beeps Roger Beep Selecting Channel Squelch To Transmit and Receive Using a Repeater Channel To Operate UH076DLX in Duplex Mode Scanning Open Scan (OS) Mode Group Scan (GS) Mode Programming Scan Channels Priority Channel Choosing a Priority Channel...
  • Page 4: Features

    Introduction The UH076DLX is a JIS7 Waterproof, portable two-way UHF-CB radio. It is compact, rugged and fits easily in your hand. This hand held UHF-CB radio will give you consistent, outstanding performance in virtually all conditions and situations. To ensure that you get the most from the UH076DLX features, please read this operating guide carefully before using the unit.
  • Page 5: Included In Your Package

    Hang Up Bracket (CK 078) Owner’s Manual If any of these items are missing from the box, contact your place of purchase, immediately. NOTE Optional Accessories • VOX Headset • Heavy Duty Speaker Mic UNIDEN UH076DLX Handheld UHF-CB Transceiver...
  • Page 6: Controls And Indicators

    Channel Numbers 15 Open Scan/Group Scan CTCSS (os/gs)/VOX 16 Channel Up Button ( Roger Beep 17 Duplex Key (dup)/ Battery Level Indicator CTCSS Key (ctcss) Key Lock 18 Channel Down Button ( Memory 19 Speaker Receive UNIDEN UH076DLX Handheld UHF-CB Transceiver...
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    0º C (32º F) or above 45º C (113º F) NOTE Input Voltage (Cigarette Lead Charger): +12VDC to+24VDC. Attaching the Antenna Attach the antenna to the UH076DLX. Be sure the antenna is firmly seated. UNIDEN UH076DLX Handheld UHF-CB Transceiver...
  • Page 8: Attaching The Battery Pack

    It will only fit in one way. 2. Snap the battery release clip until it clicks. Be sure the battery pack fits tightly against the UH076DLX body. Avoid exposing the Lithium Ion battery, attached or unattached to the radio, in direct sunshine, heated cars, or in areas with temperatures below –20°C (–4°F) or above...
  • Page 9: Charging The Battery Pack

    Charging the Battery Pack Your radio is powered by a specially designed Lithium Ion battery pack. • Before operating the UH076DLX, charge the Lithium Ion battery pack for 5 hours without interruption in the drop-in charger or 3.5 hours without interruption in the cigarette lead charger.
  • Page 10: Battery Level Display

    Getting Started Battery Level Display The BATTERY icon in the top right hand corner of the screen indicates the UH076DLX current battery voltage level at all times. The battery level is displayed in 4 levels. LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4 Battery approx.
  • Page 11: Spkr/Mic Jack Cap

    SPKR/MIC plug by tightening the plug collar clockwise. Mount the Hang-Up Bracket Use the radio Hang-up Bracket when charging the UH076DLX with the Cigarette Lead Charger in a vehicle. The radio Hang-up Bracket comes in two parts. How and where you choose to mount the Hang-up Bracket will determine which parts to use.
  • Page 12: Operation

    Your radio emits a beep each time-one of the keys (except for the PTT or mon) are pressed. To turn OFF this beep: Press and hold while turning on the radio. To turn ON this beep: Press and hold while turning on the radio. UNIDEN UH076DLX Handheld UHF-CB Transceiver...
  • Page 13: Roger Beep

    For your reference a list of the available channels, corresponding frequencies and guidelines for their use and selection is printed on page 23. For Australia, Channels 05 NOTE and 35 are reserved for Emergency Calls. UNIDEN UH076DLX Handheld UHF-CB Transceiver...
  • Page 14: Squelch

    The squelch is used to eliminate any annoying background noise when there are no signals present. Make sure to first select a channel not in use before setting the squelch in your UH076DLX UHF-CB radio. Make sure to first select a channel not in use before setting the NOTE squelch in your UH076SX UHF-CB radio.
  • Page 15: To Transmit And Receive

    Operation To Transmit and Receive The UH076DLX uses the UHF-CB Channels. For your reference a list of the available channels and corresponding frequencies is printed on p.24 - p.25. 1. The maximum RF transmit power of UH076DLX is 5 Watts.
  • Page 16: Using A Repeater Channel

    Repeater station and then re-transmitted at the same time on another channel. Your UH076DLX is designed with duplex capability on Channels 1 to 8 and Channels 41 to 48. When any of these channels are set to operate...
  • Page 17: To Operate Uh076Dlx In Duplex Mode

    Check with your local retailer for available repeaters. NOTE Scanning The UH076DLX has two types of scanning; Open Scanning (OS) and Group Scanning (GS). Scanning allows you to search for active channels programmed in the OS or GS memory. To initiate scanning;...
  • Page 18: Group Scan (Gs) Mode

    Operation If SCAN is deactivated while in an active channel, the UH076DLX will stay on that active channel. If no other channels are active, the UH076DLX will reinstate the NOTE starting channel. Group Scan (GS) Mode Allows you to monitor a Priority Channel while scanning.
  • Page 19: Programming Scan Channels

    (scanning pauses). Drop-out Delay While scanning, the UH076DLX stops at a busy channel and receives a signal. When the received signal is over, the unit will wait for 3 seconds for the return of the signal, otherwise, the radio resumes scanning.
  • Page 20: Advanced Features

    2. Press and hold to change to CTCSS scan mode. 3. When a signal is sensed on a CTCSS CH, the UH076DLX stops for about 400 msecs (decode time) to decode the CTCSS code. If there is no code or the receive code does not match the one programmed on the unit, the unit resumes scanning.
  • Page 21: Power Save

    Operation VOX feature will not work without the VOX Headset Microphone. The built in mic of UH076DLX is temporarily disabled when VOX feature is working, however accidental NOTE pressing of will cause the unit to transmit briefly. To activate VOX for 1.5 secs.
  • Page 22: Keypad Lock

    2 sec. A two tone beep will be heard and the receiver circuit will stay open letting in both the noise & weak signals. • Display shows MON and BUSY icons. • To return to normal receive mode press UNIDEN UH076DLX Handheld UHF-CB Transceiver...
  • Page 23: Ctcss Codes And Frequencies

    71.9 141.3 74.4 146.2 77.0 151.4 79.7 156.7 82.5 162.2 85.4 167.9 88.5 173.8 91.5 179.9 94.8 186.2 97.4 192.8 100.0 203.5 103.5 210.7 107.2 218.1 110.9 225.7 114.8 223.6 118.8 241.8 123.0 250.3 127.3 UNIDEN UH076DLX Handheld UHF-CB Transceiver...
  • Page 24: Uhf-Cb Channel Guidelines

    When a new narrowband radio receives a signal from an older wideband radio the speech may sound loud - however the NOTE UH076DLX’s built-in AVS (Automatic Volume Stabilizer) circuitry will detect and manage incoming audio to comparable levels. Narrowband radios operating on CH41 - CH80 may encounter interference from a nearby wideband radios transmitting on high power on an adjacent channel (frequency).
  • Page 25: Uhf-Cb Channels And Frequencies

    477.300 (CH36) 477.050 476.575 477.325 (CH37) 477.075 476.600 477.350 (CH38) 477.100 476.625 477.125 476.650 477.150 476.675 477.175 476.700 477.200 476.725 477.225 476.750 477.250 476.775 477.275 476.800 477.300 476.825 477.325 476.850 477.350 476.875 477.375 476.900 477.400 UNIDEN UH076DLX Handheld UHF-CB Transceiver...
  • Page 26 477.0625 476.5875 477.3375 (CH 77) 477.0875 476.6125 477.3625 (CH 78) 477.1125 476.6375 477.1375 476.6625 477.1625 476.6875 477.1875 476.7125 477.2125 476.7375 477.2375 476.7625 477.2625 476.7875 477.2875 476.8125 477.3125 476.8375 477.3375 476.8625 477.3625 476.8875 477.3875 476.9125 477.4125 UNIDEN UH076DLX Handheld UHF-CB Transceiver...
  • Page 27: Warranty

    Terms of Warranty: Uniden Aust/NZ warrants to the original retail purchaser only that the UH076DLX (“the Product”), will be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for the duration of the warranty period, subject to the limitations and exclusions set out below.
  • Page 28 Product, together with satisfactory evidence of your original purchase (such as a legible copy of the sales docket) to Uniden at the addresses shown below. You should contact Uniden regarding any compensation that may be payable for your expenses incurred in making a warranty claim.
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