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Mitsubishi Electric MAC 10 Installation Manual

Mac operator terminal human-machine-interface.
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MAC Ope ra tor Terminal
In stal la tion Manual
MAC 10
MAC 12


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 MITSU BIS HI ELECTRIC MAC Ope ra tor Terminal Human-Machine-Interface In stal la tion Manual MAC 10 MAC 12 MITSU BIS HI ELECTRIC EU RO PE B.V. FACTORY AU TO MA TI ON...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety precautions ...2 Introduction ... 4 Function overview ...5 Installation... 6 A small example... 10 Overview ... 12 Technical data... 14 Drawings ...A-1 For more detailed information see the manual for the terminals. © Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. 1997 All examples in this manual are used solely to promote understanding of how the equipment works and its operation.
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions General – Check the delivery for transport damage. If damage is found, advise your supplier. – The product fulfils the requirements of article 4 of EMC directive 89/336/EEC. – Do not use the product in an explosive envi- ronment.
  • Page 4 Service and maintenance – The agreed warrenty applies. – Clean the display and face with a soft cloth and mild detergent. – Repairs should be made by qualified person- nel. At disassembly and scrapping – Local regulations apply concerning recyc- ling of products or part.
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction This leaflet describes the operator´s panels MAC 10/MTA-10 and MAC 12/MTA-12. Hereafter these products are referred to as the terminal. In the manual we refer to the software package MAC Programmer/SW-MTA for DOS and MAC Programmer+/SW-MTA-WIN for Windows. Hereafter these products are referred to as the PC software.
  • Page 6: Function Overview

    Summary of functions Textblock Textblock is used to build up dialogs. A Text- block can consist of an arbitrary number of text lines of up to 16 characters long. Static text Static text is text written in textblock which is not changed when executing the program.
  • Page 7: Installation

    FX PLC system. Connection to a FX0/FX0N PLC system Connect the MAC 10/12-CAB (8-pin MINI- DIN) cable to the outlet in the bottom of the ter- minal. The cable is straight; the contact at each end is compatible with both the terminal and the PLC system.
  • Page 8 Connection to a FX PLC system The terminal is connected to a FX PLC system using the FX-20P-CABN cable. The cable has a macimum length of 3 meter and the communi- cation speed i 9600 baud. The terminal is powered by the PLC system via the cable.
  • Page 9 Keyboard The terminal keyboard incorporates 6 mem- brane keys which are used to performe the follo- wing functions: Set manoeuvrable digital object (ON). Increase value of manoeuvrable analog object. Execute jump. Select/execute choice from a multiple choice object. Reset manoeuvrable digital object (OFF). Decreace value of manoeuvrable analog object.
  • Page 10 Settings All settings for the terminal must be done in the PC software. It is assumed that the PC software for Windows is installed on your PC and that you have started up with a new project. See the PC software maunal for further details. A number of basic settings have to be entered before using the terminal.
  • Page 11: A Small Example

    A small example The following section gives a small example of how to start creating applications quickly. The example follows the whole sequence from buil- ding up an application to executing to the PLC system. The terminal must be connected to a personal computer with the PC software.
  • Page 12 the signal is 1, in this example ON. 10. Press OK to close the dialog box. The dyna- mic object is now shown by # and two - on the screen. When the program is ready you can connect the terminal to the PLC system.
  • Page 13: Overview

    Overview Mode selection Keep the keys shown to the left pressed during terminal power-up to enter the mode Communi- cation with MP. The terminal normally enters Run mode during power-up. For a complete list of other modes possible see User´s manual for the terminal. Dynamic objects The following dynamic text objects can be used in block and linked to the stated types of...
  • Page 14 System block Certain blocks are reserved for special purpo- ses: Main menu Reserved for compatibility with other terminals Time channels 992-999 Reserved for compatibility with other terminals...
  • Page 15: Technical Data

    Technical data Front panel Width 96 x height 72 x depth 3 mm. Mounting depth MAC 10/MTA-10: Max 37 mm. MAC 12/MTA-12: Max 41 mm. Mounting holes 92 ±1 mm x 68 ±1 mm. Front panel seal IP 65 Rear panel seal...
  • Page 16 Supply voltage +5 VDC from PLC system CPU port via com- munication cable. Internal logic voltage +5 VDC ±5%. Power consumption MAC 10/MTA-10: 70 mA. MAC 12/MTA-12: 150 mA. Ambient temperature 0º to +50ºC Storage temperature -20º to +60ºC Air humidity Max 90% without condensation.
  • Page 26 MITSU BIS HI ELECTRIC MITSU BIS HI ELECTRIC EU RO PE B.V. FACTORY AU TO MA TION GOT HA ER STR. 8, D- 40880 RA TIN GEN TEL.: (0 21 02) 4 86- 10, FAX: (0 21 02) 4 86-1 12...

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