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IP8820 IP Phone

User Guide

for Broadworks
Please read this guide carefully before operating your set.
Retain this guide for future reference.
Dec. '08


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Guide

    IP8820 IP Phone User Guide for Broadworks Please read this guide carefully before operating your set. Retain this guide for future reference. LGN8820-1002SBUG-01.00 Dec. ‘08...
  • Page 2: Regulatory And Safety Notices

    LG-Nortel is a trademark of LG-Nortel Co. Ltd. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. IP8820 Broadworks IP Phone with Multi-Line Telephone Systems: User Guide...
  • Page 3 • Do not use during lightning storms. Lightning presents a potential shock hazard. • Clean the IP8820 Phone with a soft dry cloth; do not use liquid cleaners. • Always use caution when connecting to AC power. Use only with a properly grounded standard AC power outlet.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Accessing Your Voice Mail ... 8 3.15. DSS/BLF Coverage ... 8 3.16. Hotline/Warm-Line ... 9 Advanced Services and the IP8820 Phone LCD Menu ...10 4.1. Using the Call Logs Menu... 10 4.2. Using the Phone Book Menu ... 10 4.3.
  • Page 5 5.8. Enabling Speed Number Dialing ... 19 5.9. Key Tone... 20 5.10. Language Setting... 20 Appendix A Dial Pad Character Set ...21 Appendix B Time Zones...22 IP8820 Broadworks IP Phone User Guide Dec. ‘08...
  • Page 6: Ip8820 Ip Phone Overview

    IP network. Features available to IP8820 Phone through SIP call servers are similar to those of a conventional business telephone. In addition to the features described in this guide, your call server may provide additional features, often using dialed feature codes.
  • Page 7 Flexible buttons not assigned for line access may access features such as Speed dial, Redial and others. Refer to section 5.5 and your system administrator for further information. The figure below shows other major components of IP8820 Phone. These components include: • Handset •...
  • Page 8: Installing Your Ip8820 Phone

    (Power over Ethernet) in accordance with the IEEE-802.1af industry standard. When connected to a PoE complaint LAN port, the IP Phone derives power from the port. If the LAN port does not support PoE, use the AC/DC adaptor, available separately, for connection to power. The handset connects to the base with the supplied standard handset coiled cord.
  • Page 9: Using Features Of Ip8820 Phone

    3.2. Placing a Call You place calls with the handset on-hook or off-hook. Similar to your mobile phone, the IP8820 Phone uses a technique called ‘store and forward dialing’. After you dial a digit, the IP Phone waits about 6 seconds for additional digits.
  • Page 10: Announcing A Call Transfer

    Call forward directs incoming calls to ring at another location that you designate. You can select one of four (4) conditions that will forward your calls: Call Forward Busy – redirects incoming calls if the line is busy. IP8820 Broadworks IP Phone Hold softkey. The call status changes to hold and you receive dial...
  • Page 11: 3-party Conference

    3.8. Call Waiting With Call Waiting configured, while you are in a call the IP Phone alerts you of an incoming call. The line button flashes and you receive a beep tone over the active conversation to indicate the new call. In addition, during the ring signal, the LCD displays the incoming caller id so you know who is calling before you interrupt the current call.
  • Page 12: Redial

    3.9. Redial Your IP Phone saves the last number you dialed and allows you to redial the number with the touch of a button. The number is stored in memory but is lost if power to the IP Phone is interrupted.
  • Page 13: Muting A Call

    To listen to your messages, follow the instructions for your voice mail system. 3.15. DSS/BLF Coverage The IP8820 Phone has a DSS line type that addresses the special needs associated with an Attendant or Secretarial answering position. The specific needs for these users are: •...
  • Page 14: Hotline/warm-line

    Slow blinking red 3.16. Hotline/Warm-Line With Hotline/Warm-Line operation configured, the IP Phone automatically calls the defined destination when you take the handset off-hook or press the speaker button. The call initiates immediately, Hotline, or after a delay of up to 10 seconds, Warm-Line. The later permits you the time to access another feature or line as needed.
  • Page 15: Advanced Services And The Ip8820 Phone Lcd Menu

    4.1. Using the Call Logs Menu The IP8820 Phone has access to a log of all calls placed or received by the phone, including incoming calls that were not answered (missed calls). The LCD displays the call logs that you can use to place a call to the logged party.
  • Page 16 Press the right navigation button to locate the softkey. Del.All Select softkey and confirm the deletion by selecting softkey. Caution this action deletes all records from the Phone Book. IP8820 Broadworks IP Phone softkey. softkey for each Set, which shows the Edit softkey. softkey for each...
  • Page 17: Private Hold

    Barge-in and “Make a new call”) for the line displays. Previous-Next Use the softkeys to highlight the Barge-in selection. Press the softkey. IP8820 Broadworks IP Phone Find softkey. Set, which shows the PrivHold User Guide Phone Book (Page 1) >(01)Tom,1234 Find Del.All...
  • Page 18: Setting Your Preferences

    The IP Phone uses one of fourteen distinctive ring types for incoming call notification. Nine are stored in the memory of your IP Phone and the remaining five (5) must be downloaded prior to use. By assigning different ring signals to closely located phones, you can identify the ringing phone. The ring type assigned for the IP Phone is the “Default Ring Type”...
  • Page 19: Setting Line Ring Type And Delay

    ) button to exit the configuration session. To set delayed ring for a line: Press the Setting ( ) button. Dial 3, or move the cursor to softkey. IP8820 Broadworks IP Phone 3.Phone Settings Previous-Next using the 2.Ring Setting Previous-Next using the 1.Default Ring Type...
  • Page 20: Ringer Off

    5.4. Enabling Automatic Headset Operation Your IP8820 Phone supports use of a headset with a standard RJ-11 jack. In the Headset Auto Mode, pressing a line button automatically connects audio to the headset. Also, redial, Speed dial, Speed number dialing and click-to-call place calls with audio through the headset.
  • Page 21: Setting Flexible Buttons

    ) button to exit the configuration session. 5.5. Setting Flexible Buttons Your IP8820 Phone has twelve (12) flexible buttons. Normally, the first two (2) buttons are for your line. The flexible buttons not assigned as line buttons can access various functions. The table below indicates the available functions with a brief description of each.
  • Page 22: Time Configuration

    5.6.1. SNTP Server Address SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) is a standard protocol that permits a network device to obtain the network’s current time. For operation with SNTP, the IP8820 IP Phone requires an SNTP server IP address or name.
  • Page 23: Dst Auto Adjustment

    Move to another parameter with the navigation buttons and continue the session or press the Setting ( ) button to exit the configuration session. 5.6.3. DST Auto Adjustment The IP8820 Phone automatically adjusts for DST (Daylight Savings Time) when enabled. To enable/disable automatic daylight savings time: Press the Setting ( ) button.
  • Page 24: Lock Outgoing Call

    Setting ( 5.8. Enabling Speed Number Dialing The IP8820 Phone includes a Phone Book that supports up to 100 entries. Each Phone Book record includes a two-digit Speed number, see number (00~99) sends the contact number or user id from the associated Phone Book record.
  • Page 25: Key Tone

    5.9. Key Tone When you press a button on the IP8820 phone, the phone will generate a beep tone to indicate that the button has been pressed. This key tone is optional and can be enabled or disabled using the key tone setting.
  • Page 26: Appendix A Dial Pad Character Set

    Appendix A Dial Pad Character Set The IP8820 Phone dial pad inputs digits or alphanumeric characters. The table below maps each dial pad digit to characters available. Three modes are available, dial pad digits, upper case letters and lower case letters as shown in the table.
  • Page 27: Appendix B Time Zones

    GMT+01:00 Amsterdam, Netherlands GMT+01:00 Berlin, Germany GMT+01:00 Bern, Switzerland GMT+01:00 Brussels, Belgium GMT+01:00 Central European GMT+01:00 Copenhagen, Denmark GMT+01:00 Madrid, Spain IP8820 Broadworks IP Phone Country GMT+01:00 Oslo, Norway GMT+01:00 Paris, France GMT+01:00 Rome, Italy GMT+01:00 Stockholm, Sweden GMT+01:00 Vienna, Austria...
  • Page 28 LGN8820-1002SBUG-01.00 Nov. ’08...

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