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Attachment; Plug And Play; Power Saver; Troubleshooting - Acer AL1917C User Manual

Acer computer monitor user's guide
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Plug and Play

Power Saver


Power LED does
not light
Icon off
Color Default
Instability or Ripple
Image Offset or
wrong Size
The product provides the latest VESA plug and play function to prevent complicated
and time-consuming installation procedures. The plug and play function allows your
computer system to identify the LCD display easily and set up the functions of the
LCD display automatically.
The LCD display transfers the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) to your
computer system via the Display Data Channel (DDC), so that your computer can
use the self-setting function of the LCD display.
The LCD display has a built-in Power Control System (Power Saver).
When the LCD display is not operated during a certain time, the Power Control
System will brings the LCD display into low voltage status automatically to save
power. Move the mouse slightly or press any key to return to the normal operation.
The Power Saver function can only be operated by the display card of the computer
system. You can set up this function from your computer.
The LCD display is compatible with EPAENERGY STAR NÜTEK when used with
To save power and extend the life of the product, turn off the LCD display power
supply when it is not used or when remaining idle for a long time.
Check that the power switch is turned on.
Make sure that the power cable is connected.
Check that the power switch is turned on.
Make that the power cable is connected.
Ensure that the signal cable is inserted in the receptacle appropriately.
The Power Saver may turn off the display automatically during the operation. Make
sure that the display is restored when you press any key from the keyboard.
Refer to "Color Temperature Adjustment" to adjust RGB color or select color
Remove the electronic equipment in the vicinity that may cause EMI interference.
Check the signal cable of the display and ensure that no pin is bent.
Press the auto adjustment button to optimize the screen automatically.
Set up the reference position.



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