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Grounding Instructions; Location Requirements - Kenmore 461.99610 Owner's Manual

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This appliance must be
grounded. In the event of an
electrical short circuit, ground-
ing reduces the risk of electric
shock by providing an escape
W A R N I N G !
wire for the electric current.
Improper use of the ground-
This appliance is equipped
ing plug can result in a risk of
with a power cord having a
electrical shock.
grounding wire with a ground-
ing plug. The plug must be
plugged into an outlet that is
properly installed and ground-
Consult a qualified electrician
or service technician if the
grounding instructions are not
completely understood, or if
doubt exists as to whether the
appliance is properly ground-
If the outlet is a standard 2-
prong wall outlet, it is your per-
sonal responsibility and obliga-
tion to have it replaced with a
properly grounded 3-prong
wall outlet.
• Select a location with a
strong, level floor.
• Allow 5 inches of space
between the back of the
appliance and any adjacent
• Avoid direct sunlight and
heat. Direct sunlight may
affect the acrylic coating,
heat sources nearby will
cause higher electricity
2 in.
2 in.
For best operation, plug this
appliance into its own electri-
cal outlet to prevent flickering
of lights, blowing of fuse or
tripping of circuit breaker.
Do not
under any circum-
stances cut or remove the
third (ground) prong from the
power cord.
Do not
use an adapter plug
with this appliance.
Do not
use an extension cord
with this appliance. If the
power cord is too short, have
a qualified electrician or serv-
ice technician install an outlet
near the appliance.
• Use this appliance
outdoors: This appliance is
intended for household use
only . Do not attempt to
operate or store this
appliance outdoors.
• Build this appliance
into an enclosure: This
appliance is designed for a
free-standing application
only and is not intended to
be "built-in".
Cuidado y Limpieza
AT E N C I Ó N !
Verifique que la unidad esté apagada antes de limpiar cualquiera de sus partes.
Deje la puerta abierta por unos
Consejos Útiles
minutos luego de limpiarla para
que se ventile y para secar el
interior del gabinete.
Paredes, Piso, Interior
Cómo limpiar el
de las Puertas y
Las manchas de agua y tierra
se pueden limpiar con un trapo
¡ I M P O R TA N T E !
Nunca use un limpiador com-
ercial o abrasivo u objetos
filosos en ninguna parte de la
heladera para vinos.
Cómo limpiar el
Cubierta Exterior
Es importante mantener limpia
la zona donde la puerta cierra
contra el gabinete. Limpie esa
área con trapo enjabonado.
Enjuáguela y séquela comple-
¡ I M P O R TA N T E !
No use limpiadores que ten-
gan amoníaco o alcohol.
Bastidor de la puerta
El amoníaco o el alcohol
Use únicamente detergentes
pueden dañar la apariencia
livianos, no abrasivos, aplica-
del artefacto.
dos con una esponja limpia o
un trapo suave.
Enjuáguelo bien.
Panel de control y
puerta de vidrio
Repáselo con un trapo húme-
do y séquelo completamente.
No use limpiadores en
aerosol, demasiada agua y
jabón, objetos abrasivos o
filosos en el panel de control
ya que podría dañarlo.
Algunas toallas de papel tam-
bién podrían rayar el panel de


Table of Contents

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