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LG CA40N Owner's Manual page 9

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7. Cannot write to disc
(for drives with write
8. Cannot insert disc
(for slot load drives).
7-1. Is the disc loaded in the drive with the read/write surface
facing the right direction? The label should be up. If a disc
does not have a label, the disc code on the inner side of the
disc should be properly oriented for reading when looking from
the top of the disc.
7-2. CD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R, and BD-R discs cannot be
7-3. Please check the type of disc that is being used. Please
refer to Specifications section to ensure that the disc type is
supported by this drive.
7-4. Is there enough free space on the writable disc?
7-5. Did a screen saver or other application operate while
writing to the disc? If so, try again with the application turned
8-1. Check to see that the system is powered up.
8-2. Check whether there is already a disc in the drive.
If so, select the Eject Command on OS/Applications to eject
the disc, then load the intended disc.
8-3. Note that this drive only supports 12cm discs.

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