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LG GP40NB40 Quick Setup Manual

LG GP40NB40 Quick Setup Manual

Slim portable dvd writer


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Hardware Installation
• Please pay attention to handling Electrostatic
Sensitive Devices, you may use anti-static
products such as wrist straps, heel straps,
mats to protect your body from electrostatic.
• Make sure you have a personal computer with
one or two open USB ports before connecting
the drive to your computer.
• Power for all other devices should be turn off
before attaching the cables.
Connecting to computer
Connect the drive to the computer as shown in
1 Connect the USB 2.0 (Y type) cable to
the drive.
2 Connect the other end of the USB 2.0
cable to your computer.
3 The drive may get its power from the
PC USB power. All systems may not
meet USB power requirements and full
performance may not be achieved.
In this case, connect to the USB power
USB Power cable
When the computer is ready, confirm that the
drive is detected. And then, insert the supplied
software CD into the drive and install the
• Please do not connect the USB cables by any means other than specified above.
Using the wrong type of cable with this drive can cause it to malfunction.
• The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision.
Young Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with appliance.
• If the appliance is supplied from a cord extension set or an electrical portable outlet device, the cord
extension set on electrical portable outlet device must be positioned so that it is not subject to splashing
or ingress of moisture.
What is TV Connectivity?
TV Connectivity is a function that allows you to
enjoy videos, pictures and music by connecting
this product to a compatible A/V device (e.g.
that supports USB connectivity.
How to Use TV Connectivity
* This product is defaulted to ODD mode when it is powered on.
A With the tray open, press and hold the 'Open/Close' button for 2 seconds.
(The LED indicator will turn on, switching to TV mode. Press and hold the button again
for 2 seconds with the tray open to return to ODD mode).
B Insert your supported media into the drive.
The disc file system will be converted to FAT32 and will be recognized as USB flash memory.
C Select and play the files from your A/V device to enjoy videos, pictures and music.
Refer to your owner's manual for more information.
TV Connectivity Specifications
# of files that can be used
About 500 files/13 Characters
(Short Filenames)
Time for Converting to FAT32
15 Sec/1GB
on TV Mode(per 1G byte)
Supported File System
• I cannot find the files in my disc's directory.
1. In TV mode, this product supports only about 500 files with filenames fewer than 13 characters.
2. Files larger than 4GB will not be recognized.
The maximum numbers of files and directories that can be displayed may be limited by the file
name's length, the numbers of files and directories.
• It takes too long to recognize my files when I insert a disc in TV mode.
1. This function requires converting the ISO/UDF file system typical for disc media to FAT32 which is
widely used in PCs. Therefore, it could take extra time to recognize your disc (it takes approximately
15 seconds per 1GB after inserting disc).
• If I insert a disc while in TV mode, the disc is not recognized.
1. This product is powered via USB from an A/V device. If the power of the A/V device is not sufficient
(less than 1.4A), it may not operate properly.
• After connecting to a TV, my videos/pictures/music cannot be played on their own.
1. This product is not designed to play media files on its own. The TV Connectivity function simply
allows you to connect an external Optical Disc Drive to a TV via a USB cable. Please refer to your
television's owner's manual to check whether video/pictures/music can be played on your TV.
You will also need to check whether your TV supports the files' codec.
2. Televisions generally do not have a decoder to play DVD titles, so you cannot play DVD titles using
the TV connectivity function. Please use your PC or DVD player to play DVD titles.
3. Video/Audio CDs cannot be played through this function, as their media structure is different.
Use your PC or other players to play video CD and audio CD.
4. Damaged files may not be played, and there may be some restrictions in some functions during
5. Videos with a resolution higher than that of your TV may not be displayed properly.
Refer to your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website for a list of supported resolutions.
• Does this function allow me to write onto a writeable disc?
1. Our TV Connectivity function is Read-Only and therefore you cannot write.
• Normal operation is not guaranteed if you use a USB hub or unspecified USB extension cables.
• Due to compatibility issue of some AV devices and disc, may not work.



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