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LG CA40N Owner's Manual page 6

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Inserting a Disc
• Insert the disc, label-side up, about quarter-way into the drive slot till a slight
resistance is felt.
• Gently push the disc further into the drive slot until the drive mechanism is heard
to engage and draw in the disc.
NOTE: 8 cm discs are not supported for Slot load drive.
Removing a Disc
• Select the Eject Command on OS/Applications, then the drive will eject the disc.
• Remove the disc.
Usage Guidelines
• Never use a damaged, broken, scratched, or deformed disc.
• Keeps the disc unloaded when not using the drive.
NOTES : High-speed drives spin the disc at a high rotational speed. If a disc has
printing on only half of the disc, or if there is a slight imbalance in the
disc, the imbalance is greatly magnified by the high speed, causing the
drive to vibrate or produce a fan-like noise. These effects are inherent in
the high-speed technology and do not indicate a problem with the drive.

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