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Item Checklist - Asus E976 User Manual

Asus dvd-rom drive atapi / enhanced ide interface user's manual
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Thank you for purchasing an ASUS DVD-ROM Drive. The DVD-ROM Drive
complements your system with audio and video capabilities for that complete all-in-
one versatile personal PC or home theater.
DVD-ROM, short for Digital Versatile Disc Read-Only Memory or Digital Video
Disc Read-Only Memory, is a type of read-only compact disk which supports a
minimum of 4.7GB. That's enough memory to provide you with hours of film and
music enjoyment right at the comfort of your home.
The ASUS DVD-ROM Drive is backward-compatible and, aside from DVDs, allows
you to play CDs, CD-I disks, CD-R disks, and VCDs. So there's no need to throw
away that favorite old CD, and still take advantage of the new and more sophisticated
DVD titles.
The ASUS DVD-ROM Drive uses your computer's IDE connector thereby
eliminating the cumbersome use of an interface card.
This User's Manual explains how to install the ASUS DVD-ROM Drive and the
software to get it started. Basic trouble-shooting procedures are included to help you
detect and solve problems that your drive may encounter.

Item Checklist

The package contains the following items along with the drive. Check to see if there
are damaged or missing items and, if so, contact your retailer.
(1) DVD-ROM Drive
(1) Audio Cable
(1) Mounting Screw Package
(1) Emergency Ejection Pin
(1) DVD-ROM Driver Disk
(1) Latest Bundle Software CD
(1) User's Manual and Multi-language Quick Installation Guide
NOTE: The above items are available in retail boxes only.
ASUS High-Speed DVD-ROM Drive



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