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Front Panel Controls - Asus E976 User Manual

Asus dvd-rom drive atapi / enhanced ide interface user's manual
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Now that you've installed your DVD-ROM Drive, it's ready for use. To start using
your DVD-ROM Drive, you need to know how to (1) operate the DVD-ROM Drive
using the controls on the front panel, (2) insert CD/DVD discs into and remove them
from the drive, and (3) handle CD/DVD discs.

Front Panel Controls

1. Headphone Jack allows you to connect a pair of earphones or headphones to the
drive for private listening. It also allows you to connect a pair of powered/self-
amplified speakers. Just plug them into the Headphone Jack.
2. Volume Control allows you to adjust the volume of your earphones, headphones
or powered/self-amplified speakers connected to the Headphone Jack. This control
has no effect on the audio output from devices (such as speakers) connected to your
sound card.
3. Disc Indicator lights up when there is a disc inside your DVD-ROM Drive,
otherwise this indicator will not light. This indicator flashes whenever your DVD-
ROM Drive is busy reading information from your disc or when your drive is in
4. Emergency Ejection Hole allows you to manually eject the tray in case of power
failure. See Emergency Eject for more information.
5. Select Buttons allows you to manually control your audio discs without having
to run any software program.
Open/Close/Stop Button
The right button has three states: OPEN, CLOSE, and STOP. If tray
is closed, pressing this button will OPEN or eject it. If tray is out,
pressing this button will CLOSE it. If the drive is playing, pressing
this button will momentarily STOP or pause CD playback.
Play/Skip Button
The left button has two states: PLAY track and SKIP track. If the drive
is idle, pressing this button will start PLAYing audio CD discs from the
first track on. If the drive has been momentarily STOPped or paused,
pressing this button will resume CD playback or rePLAY the audio discs.
If the drive is playing, pressing momentarily this button will SKIP to the
next track of an audio CD disc.
ASUS High-Speed DVD-ROM Drive



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