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Using The Device - Asus E976 User Manual

Asus dvd-rom drive atapi / enhanced ide interface user's manual
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Safety Information
1. Use of any controls or adjustments or procedures other than
specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
2. To prevent exposure to laser emanations (harmful to human
eye), do not attempt to disassemble this unit.

Using the Device

Do not place damaged or warped discs inside the device. A warped disc may
break while in use and damage the device, or cause body injury.
Do not move the device from a cold to a warm or hot environment. Drastic
change of temperature is harmful to the device.
Before moving or uninstalling the drive, remove a disc from it, if any.
Prevent liquids or any metal to get into the device. If this situation occurs, contact
your retailer for help.
Do not use any evaporating solvents to clean the device. If you accidentally
sprayed any solvent on the device, use a clean cloth to wipe it. You may also use
a neutral cleaner to dilute the solvent to easily wipe it from the device.
Try not to interrupt the supply of power while the device is in reading or writing
Do not place discs into the device immediately if they came from a cold
environment, specially during cold seasons. Wait until the discs have reached
room temperature.
ASUS High-Speed DVD-ROM Drive



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