Ejecting A Disc From The Drive - Asus Dual-Interface External Slim Combo Drive SCB-1608-D User Manual

Asus scb-1608-d dual-interface external slim combo drive user's manual 16x/10x/24x cd-rw drive 8x dvd-rom drive
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3. Place the disc into the tray and make sure the disc is securely clipped
in place.
4. Close the top cover by gently pressing the cover downwards until the
top cover locks in place.

Ejecting a Disc from the Drive

1. Press the open/stop button on the top cover panel of the drive to open
the top cover.
2. Carefully remove the disc from the drive.
3. Close the top cover by gently pressing it downwards.
ASUS SCB-1608-D User's Manual


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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