Right Side Panel; Rear Panel; Front Panel - Asus Dual-Interface External Slim Combo Drive SCB-1608-D User Manual

Asus scb-1608-d dual-interface external slim combo drive user's manual 16x/10x/24x cd-rw drive 8x dvd-rom drive
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Right Side Panel

4. Power switch
Turns the power supply ON or OFF. Switching to the right turns the
machine OFF and switching to the left turns it ON.
5. Power/Read/Write Indicator
This LED flashes green when drive power is turned ON, when reading
data from a disc or when the USB connection is established.It flashes
red when data is being written on a disc. The LED turns off when drive
power supply is OFF.

Rear Panel

6. Headphone Jack
This jack allows you to connect a headphone with a stereo mini-plug.
7. Headphone Volume Dial
To adjust volume of headphone connected, turn dial to the left to
decrease volume; turn to the right to increase volume.
8. IEEE 1394 connector
A standard high performance serial bus interface for computers.
9. USB connector
A standard Universal Serial Bus (USB 2.0) plug and play interface.

Front Panel

ASUS SCB-1608-D User's Manual


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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