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Safety - Electrolux ETGC24R0MKS Instruction Manual

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29 electrolux safety


For children
Avoid accidents. After unpacking the
cooktop, keep packing materials
away from children.
Do not allow children to handle the
appliance, even when it is
Prevent children from touching the
cooktop surface and from staying in
its proximity when in use, still hot, or
after turned off.
For the user and/or installer
Care with electric parts
Disconnect the cooktop before
cleaning or doing maintenance.
Never unplug the cooktop by pulling
on the power cord. Use the plug.
Do not manipulate your gas cooktop
Do not bite, twist or tie the power
It is dangerous to modify your gas
cooktop specifications and
Do not install your gas cooktop on
top of the power cord.
Connect the cooktop to its own
outlet. Do not use an extension cord
or adaptor plug.To avoid any
accident, before replacing the light
lamp, turn off the cook top burners
and unplug the appliance.
Care with food and cookware
To handle or remove food from the
oven use cooking gloves.
Never leave clothes or flammable
materials near the burners when the
cooktop is in use.
When using frying oil or butter
additional care must be taken since
these products are flammable.
Containers with curved bases or
salient edges must not be used since
they can be easily destabilized when
The handle of the utensil should be
positioned so that it is turned inward.
Instructions for cleaning your cooktop
Before cleaning or servicing your gas
cooktop, unplug it and cut gas tap.
Cleaning should be done with the
appliance cold.
For hygienic and security reasons, you
should keep your gas cooktop always
Excess of grease or other food might
cause wrong operation or risk of
accident (please check cleaning
safety electrolux 30

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