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GE GSD2800 Series Use And Care Manual

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  Summary of Contents for GE GSD2800 Series

  • Page 1 Dispenser Cups Water Temperature Energy-Saving Tips Winter Storage Front Panel Color Change Loading 14, 15 Lock Controls Feature Model and Serial # Location Operating Ins~ctions Cycle Selection Drying Options GE Answer Center Soil Level 808626.2000 Models GSD2800 SERIES GE Appliances...
  • Page 2: Help Us Help You

    It lists causes of minor operating NEXT, if you are still not pleased, Consumer Affairs problems that you can correct write all the details—including GE Appliances yourself. your phone number—to: Appliance Park Louisville, KY 40225 Manager, Consumer Relations...
  • Page 3 GE Answer Center! period of two weeks or longer. of cut-type injuries. 800,626.2000. HYDROGEN GAS IS .
  • Page 4: How To Operate The Dishwasher

    How to operate the dishwasher ENERGY MONITOR SELECTED CYCLE INDICATOR LIGHTS TIME TO END OF CYCLE CYCLE PHASE SYSTEMS MONITOR This panel tells you what is happening in the dishwasher and can alert you to some possible problems. Information displayed: Selected wash cycle Selected dry option Minutes to end of cycle...
  • Page 5 DOOR LATCH “OFF” POSITION STEP 6 Start the dishwasher When you’re ready to wash dishes, touch the START pad. There is a time delay between start-up and water fill so you will not hear any wash action right away. Dishwasher will proceed through your entire program and turn off automatically.
  • Page 6 The dishwasher remembers your If you don’t want to change any of last cycle so you don’t have to the settings, simply touch START. reprogram each time. NOTE: If there has been a power failure, NORMAL WASH, NORMAL When the dishwasher is loaded and the door latch is moved to the ON SOIL and HEATED DRY off will automatically be programmed.
  • Page 7 The SYSTEMS MONITOR tells you what’s happeting DISPLAY WHAT IT MEANS NUMERALS FROM Number of minutes left in the cycle. 1 to 99 MINUTES NUMERALS FROM Number of hours delay until start of cycle. 1 to 9 HRS. DELAY ENERGY MONITOR Shows relative amount of energy used from LO (one bar lighted) to HI (all five bars lighted).
  • Page 8 The SYSTEMS MONITOR tells you if cetiin things are wrong DISPLAY WHAT IT MEANS WHAT TO DO Electrical power to the dishwasher IF DISHWASHER WAS IN USE WHEN THE POWER has been interrupted but is now FAILURE OCCURRED: back on. 1.
  • Page 9 DISPLAY WHAT IT MEANS WHAT TO DO BLOCKED Locate and remove the blockage in the drain system. Similar to slow drain. This DRAIN To pump any remaining water out of the machine: indicates that the drain is so clogged that the dishwasher 1.
  • Page 10: Before You Call For Service

    The SYSTEMS MONITOR (continued) WHAT TO DO DISPLAY WHAT IT MEANS Avoid showers or laundry just prior to running the The water temperature in the dishwasher. (Use the “DELAY START” feature to start dishwasher did not reach the WATER dishwasher when the water heater is up to normal TEMP proper wash temperature.
  • Page 11: What Happens In Each Cycle

    What happens in each cycle You’ 1 I occasional c1 icki ng The motor stops during drying. sounds: Water vapor comes through the —Soft food disposer shredding vent by the door latch during action. drying pumped out. —Drain valve opening to pump water out.
  • Page 12: Temperature Sensor

    Temperature Sensor How to use a rinse agent. How to choose and use detergent System A rinse agent makes water flow off dishes quicker than usual. This First, use only powder or liquid To get dishes clean and dry you lessens water spotting and makes detergents specifically made for need hot water.
  • Page 13: Detergent Usage Guide

    How to prepare the dishes You’ll find two detergent dispensers on the inside door for washing of your dishwasher. Two, If this is your first dishwasher, or Note: The foods mentioned here some cycles use two washes. if you’re replacing a much older are examples only.
  • Page 14: How To Load Your Dishwasher

    How to load your dishwasher WATCH OUT FOR THIS. The wash tower rises through the center of the bottom Make sure dishes are properly loaded to insure that rack during the wash and rinse portions of the cycle. water can reach the soiled surfaces. The wash arm in Don’t block it or load tall things next to it.
  • Page 15 How to load the BOTTOM WCK Fit plates and saucers between the pins. Load platters, As shown here, this plate is being placed with the pots and bowls along the sides, in corners or in the soiled side facing the center of the rack so water and back.
  • Page 16 What you can usually wash safely in your dishwasher. And what you can’t. Usually Material Exceptions (not safe) Safe Special Instructions colored anodized darkening or spotting Aluminum Some Some possible. Remove by aluminum can fade. scouring with soap-filled steel wool pads. Antique, metal-trimmed, If in doubt, check with the manufacturer.
  • Page 17 PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE CONTROL PANEL Time too long between touching of selected pads. Each pad must be touched within LIGHTS GO 0~ 30 seconds of the others. To relight, touch any pad again, or unlock and relatch door. WHEN YOU’RE SETTING CONTROLS DISHWASHER A fuse in your home maybe blown, or the circuit breaker tripped.
  • Page 18 The Problem Solver (continued) PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SPOTS AND HLMING Spotting can be caused by all of these things: GLASSES AND Extremely hard water. (See How to Choose and Use Detergent section.) FLATWARE Low inlet water temperature. (To test, see How to Test Water Temperature section.) Overloading the dishwasher.
  • Page 19 Check the detergent cup for signs of any discoloration. TUB ~TERIOR If cup is discolored, change to detergent without any colorant. If you need more help... call, toll free: GE Answer Center@ 800.626.2000 consumer information service...
  • Page 20: User Maintenance Instructions

    Appliance Polish Wax & Cleaner Drain water from the inlet line (Cat. No. WR97X0216) is and water valve. (Use a pan to available from GE Appliance catch the water.) Parts Mart. Reconnect the water inlet line to The inside usually takes care of the water valve.
  • Page 21: How To Change Color Panels

    How to change color panels If you are redecorating, you can How to change lower panel inserts: change your dishwasher’s front and panel can be replaced by V4° 1. Remove access panel panels to match or blend with your thick wood inserts to match your attachment screws.
  • Page 22 Notes...
  • Page 23 With the purchase of’your new GE appliance, receive the assurance that ifyou ever need In-Home Repair Service ( ;enter” st:rki(c> is orc>tl 24 Ilotlts ii d:ty, ( ;otlsumet-s wi[h imp;iired hearing teletypewriter free of’ch;lrge, citll 800.( j2[j.2000. Service Contracts User maintenance instructions contained in this booklet Individuals qualified to service their ow appliances cover procedures intended to be performed by any user.
  • Page 24 To know what your legal rights are in your state, consult your local or state consumer affairs office or your state’s Attorney General. Warrantor: General Electric Company If further help is needed concerning this warranty, write: Manager—Consumer Affairs, GE Appliances, Louisville, KY 40225 This book is printed on recycled papec SERIES...