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How To Load Your Dishwasher; How To Load The Top Rack - GE GSC870M Use And Care Manual

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How to load your dishwasher

Make sure dishes are properly loaded to insure that
water can reach the soiled surfaces. The wash arm in
the bottom sprays water up. The tower that rises in the
center sends water out over the dishes to wash the
items in the upper rack. A spray arm in the top washes
down also. Make sure to place tall items to the outside
so the upper wash arm is not blocked.

How to load the TOP RACK

The top rack is best for glasses, cups and saucers. Two
rows of cups can be washed when using the folding
shelf and load the top row. Cups and glasses fit best
along the sides. This is the place for dishwasher-safe
plastics, too. Make sure small plastic items are lodged
in tightly so they can't fall onto Cal rod'" heating unit.
Arrange stemware so that it cannot move easily. Don't
let the glasses touch each other.
The wash tower rises through the center of the bottom
rack during the wash and rinse portions of the cycle.
Don't block it or load tall things next to it. Also, be
careful not to let a portion of an item such as a pot or
dish handle extend through the bottom rack. This could
block the wash arm and cause poor washing results.
Sauce pans, mixing bowls and other small items may
be placed—face down—in the top rack. The top rack is
handy for all kinds of odd shapes



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