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Important Safety Instructions - GE GSC870M Use And Care Manual

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Read all instructions before using this appliance
using this
appliance, always exercise basic
the following:
this appliance only for its
purpose, as you will find
described in this Use and Care
This dishwasher must be
properly ins~lled and
located in accordance with
the Installation Instructions
Instructions sheet with your
dishwasher, you can obtain one
by contacting the service
location nearest you.
—This appliance must be
connected to a grounded metal,
permanent wiring system; or an
equipment-grounding conductor
must be run with the circuit
conductors and connected to the
equipment-grounding terminal
or lead of the appliance.
—Connect to a properly rated,
protected and sized power-supply
circuit to avoid electrical
combustible materials,
gasoline or other flammable
vapors and liquids in the
vicinity of this or any other
Use only powder or liquid
detergents or wetting agents
recommended for use in a
Do not wash plastic items unless
marked "dishwasher safe" or the
equivalent. For plastic items not so
marked, check the manufacturer's
they will not become dislodged
and drop to the bottom of the
dishwasher-they might come
into contact with the heating
unit and be damaged.
To minimize the possibility
of i~ury.
When loading items to be
A. Locate sharp items so that
they are not likely to damage
the door seal, and
B. Load sharp knives with the
handles up to reduce the risk
of cut-type injuries.
Do not touch the heating
element during or immediately
after use.
unless all enclosure panels are
properly in place.
Do not abuse, sit on, or stand
on the door or dish rack of the
Close supervision is necessary
if this appliance is used by or
near children. Do not allow
children to play inside, on or
with this appliance or any
discarded appliance. Dispose
of discarded appliances and
shipping or packing material
properly. Before discarding a
dishwasher, remove the door
of the washing compartment.
Keep all washing detergents
and wetting agents out of the
reach of children, preferably in
a locked cabinet. Observe all
warnings on container labels to
avoid personal injury.
To minimize the possibility
of electric shock, disconnect
this appliance from the power
supply before attempting any
Note: Turning the control dial
to the OFF position does not
disconnect the appliance
from the power supply. We
recommend having a qualified
technician service your a~liance.
is produced by the chemical
action within your water heater.
It can accumulate in the water
heater andor water pipes if hot
water has not been used for a
period of two weeks or longer.
EXPLOSIVE. To prevent the
possibility of damage or injury,
if you have not used hot water
for two weeks or more, or
moved into a residence in which
the hot water system may not
have been used for some time,
turn on all hot water faucets and
allow them to run for several
minutes before using any
electrical appliance which is
connected to the hot water
system. This will allow any
hydrogen gas to escape. Also,
since the gas is flammable, do
not smoke or use an open flame
or appliance during this process.



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