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Care And Cleaning; User Maintenance Instructions - GE GSC870M Use And Care Manual

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Care and Cleaning

Clean the control panel with a
lightly dampened cloth. Dry
thoroughly. Do not use abrasives
or sharp objects on the panel. They
can damage it.
Clean the outside with a good
appliance polish wax. The outside
cabinet finish is durable, but it can
scratch. So use no scouring pads,
or harsh or gritty cleaners.
Appliance Polish Wax & Cleaner
(Cat. No. WR97X0216) is
available from GE Appliance
Parts Mart.
The inside usually takes care of
itself. If it should ever need
cleaning, use a mild cleansing
powder. Scouring pads and harsh
cleaners can mar the finish.
Conversion Kit
A special kit (Cat No. WD35X0193)
for changing a convertible
dishwasher to a permanent built-in
installation is available from your
dealer or service organization.
to prepare your
dishwasher for winter storage
(on built-in models only)
If the dishwasher is to be left unused
in an unheated location during the
winter month, have a service
technician take the following steps to
prevent the machine from freezing:
Remove fuses or trip circuit
breakers to remove electric power
from the dishwasher.
Turn off water to dishwasher.
Disconnect the
water inlet line
from the water valve and drain.
Remove water valve from the
dishwasher and blow on small
plastic outlet to remove water.
Replace water valve and water line.
Remove plug in bottom of rubber
boot and drain completely. Replace
the plug.
Removing the wood top
Remove the two mounting screws z
shown and pull the top toward you
to remove it from the dishwasher.
To remove the protective cover,
use scissors to ~ut the bag from the
under side. Then reinstall the top
taking care to engage the rear
brackets as shown.
DO NOT operate the dishwasher
without the wood top in place.
Care of the wood top
Before using, wipe well with a dry
cloth to remove surface dust.
Saturate a clean cloth with mineral
oil and polish all exposed wood
surfaces until they gleam. Allow
wood top to stand overnight to
absorb the oil and repeat the
treatment the next day. Allow to
stand for 4 to 6 hours and wipe off
excess oil with a soft, dry cloth.
Wood tops should not be used as a
place for thawing frozen foods,
even when protected by a sheet of
aluminum foil. Never let water
stand on the wood top.
To remove water stains, rub with a
cloth saturated with non-toxic
mineral oil (available at most
Should your top become too stained,
dirty or cut, sand with #000( 150) or
#000()(22()) sandpaper and then wipe
with a cloth saturated with non-toxic
mineral oil.
How to change color panels
(on built-in models only)
change your dishwasher's door
panel to match or blend with your
new colors.
The panel is held in place by the
door trim. Each side of the panel is
a different color. Or you can paint
the panel with the color of your
own choice.
NOTE: Do not operate the
dishwasher while changing panels
or when the lower access panel is
to change the door
1. Take out trim screws on either
side of the dishwasher door.
Remove the side trim.
2. Slide the panel out.
(Careful—edges may be sharp.)
3. Turn the panel around and put
the color you want in front.
4. Replace the panel, side trim and
How to change the lower panel:
1. Remove panel attachment screws.
2. Remove the entire panel.
3. Take out screws and remove the
top trim.
4. Slide the door panel out.
5. Turn the panel around and put
the color you want in front.
6. Replace the lower panel, top trim
and screws.
7. Replace the entire panel and
attachment screws.
A wood panel trim kit contains
trim and instructions for adding a
decorative wood door panel an~
lower access panel to match kitchen
cabinets. The kit is available at no
extra cost. (Specify GPF 40.)
Order from:
GE Appliances
c/o Dri-View Manufacturing
4706 Allrnond Ave.
Louisville, KY 40209



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