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Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use.


Getting Started
Introduction .....................................................
Description of Parts ........................................
First-time Operation ........................................
Turning On / Turning Off ..............................
Useful Information
Handling and Maintenance ..........................
Installing Software .......................................


Troubleshooting (Basic) ...............................
Specifications ..............................................
Standard Limited Warranty ..........................
Basic Guide
Personal Computer
Model No.


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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Basic Guide Personal Computer CF-54 Model No. series Contents Getting Started Introduction ............. Description of Parts ........First-time Operation ........Turning On / Turning Off ......Useful Information Handling and Maintenance ......Installing Software ........Troubleshooting Troubleshooting (Basic) ....... Appendix LIMITED USE LICENSE AGREEMENT ..
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Introduction Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic product. For optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully. In these instructions, the names are referred as follows. ® indicates Windows 8.1 Operating System. ® indicates Windows 7 Operating System. n Terms and illustrations in these instructions Conditions that may result in minor or moderate injury.
  • Page 3 Bluetooth is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., U.S.A. and licensed to Panasonic Corporation. HDMI, the HDMI Logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.
  • Page 4: Description Of Parts

    Description of Parts Contactless Fingerprint Smartcard Reader Reader Camera K: CD/DVD Drive / PC Card Slot Battery Pack Slot 2 / Smart Card Slot <Only for model with camera> Only for model with CD/DVD drive Reference Manual “Camera” è Reference Manual “CD/DVD Drive” è...
  • Page 5 NOTE A: Wireless WAN Antenna <Only for model with wireless WAN> l This computer contains a magnet and magnetic products at the locations dashed Connect to a network “Wireless WAN” è line circled in the illustration above. Avoid B: GPS Antenna leaving metallic object or magnetic media <Only for model with GPS>...
  • Page 6 Description of Parts Right side Rear side A: Hard Disk Drive (Quick Release Drive) I: HDMI Port Reference Manual “Hard Disk Drive” Reference Manual “External Display” è è B: Wireless Switch J: SIM Card Slot Connect to a network “Disabling/ è...
  • Page 7 Bottom side A: Back Cover B: Ventilation Hole (Intake) C: Hard Disk Latch Reference Manual “Hard Disk Drive” è D: Expansion Bus Connector Reference Manual “Port replicator” è E: Battery Latch 1 Reference Manual “Battery Power” è F: Battery Indicator Reference Manual “Battery Power”...
  • Page 8: First-time Operation

    First-time Operation n Preparation A Check and identify the supplied accessories. If you do not find the described accessories, contact your support office. • AC Adaptor ..1 • AC Cord ..1 •...
  • Page 9: Open The Display

    Connect your computer to a power outlet The battery charging starts automatically. CAUTION l Do not disconnect the AC adaptor and do not switch the wireless switch to on until the first-time operation procedure is completed. l When using the computer for the first time, do not connect any peripheral device except the battery pack and AC adap- tor.
  • Page 10: Turn On The Computer

    If the computer does not power on even after cooling down, contact Panasonic Technical Support (è pages 41 - 43). l Any changes from the default setting of the Setup Utility must not be made until the First-time Operation is completed.
  • Page 11: Setup Windows

    Setup Windows Select language and click [Next]. Turn on the computer. Follow the on-screen instructions. l The computer restarts several times. Do not touch the key- board or touchpad, and wait until the drive indicator turned off. l After the computer is turned on, the screen remains black or unchanged for a while, but this is not a malfunction.
  • Page 12 First-time Operation Update the on-screen manual A Connect to the internet. Sign in / Log on to Windows as an administrator. For further information, refer to Connect to a network. B Update the on-screen manual. Double-click [Manual Selector] on the desktop. Alternatively, click the [Manual Selector] tile on the Start screen.
  • Page 13 NOTE l PC Information Viewer This computer periodically records the management information of the hard disk, etc. The maxi- mum data volume for each record is 1024 bytes. This information is only used for estimating the cause in the case when the hard disk goes down by any possibility.
  • Page 14 First-time Operation NOTE l You can create an additional partition using remaining unallocated space or newly creating unallocated space. l To delete a partition, right-click the partition and click [Delete Volume] in the step C. <For MUI OS model> To select language To select a language other than the one you have selected during the first-time operation, follow the steps below.
  • Page 15: Turning On / Turning Off

    Turning On / Turning Off Turning On Press and hold the power switch (è page 4) until the power indicator (è page 4) lights. NOTE l Do not press the power switch repeatedly. l The computer will forcibly be turned off if you press and hold the power switch for four sec- onds or longer.
  • Page 16 Turning On / Turning Off Precautions against Starting Up/Shutting Down l Do not do the following • Connecting or disconnecting the AC adaptor • Pressing the power switch • Touching the keyboard, touchpad, touchscreen <only for model with touchscreen> or exter- nal mouse •...
  • Page 17: Handling And Maintenance

    Handling and Maintenance Operation environment l Place the computer on a flat stable surface not subject to shock, vibration, and danger of dropping. Do not place the computer upright or turn it over. If the computer is exposed to an extremely strong impact, it may become damaged.
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    Handling and Maintenance l Use the pen (optional) only for touching the screen. Using it for any other purpose may dam- age the pen (optional) and result in scratches on the screen. n When using peripheral devices Follow these instructions and the Reference Manual to avoid any damage to the devices. Care- fully read the instruction manuals of the peripheral devices.
  • Page 19: Dispose Of Computer

    To clean areas other than the LCD panel Wipe with a soft dry cloth such as gauze. When using detergent, dip a soft cloth in water-diluted detergent and wring it thoroughly. CAUTION l Do not use benzene, thinner, or rubbing alcohol since it may adversely affect the surface caus- ing discoloration, etc.
  • Page 20 Handling and Maintenance 4. Remove the cover (B) and lift the expansion bus connector (C). è 5. Remove the connectors on the built-in bridge battery (F), and then remove the screw (D) and the circuit (E). 6. Pull out the built-in bridge battery with the sheet cover. 7.
  • Page 21: Installing Software

    Installing Software Installing software will return the computer to the default condition. When you install the soft- ware, the hard disk data will be erased. Back up important data to other media or an external hard disk before installation. CAUTION l Do not remove the quick release drive during installation process.
  • Page 22 C Click [Troubleshoot] - [Advanced options] - [UEFI Firmware Settings] - [Restart]. Turn on the computer, and press F2 or Del while [Panasonic] boot screen is displayed. l If the [Panasonic] boot screen is not displayed, turn on the computer while holding down F2 or Del .
  • Page 23 Click [Next]. <Only for model with onboard drive> If the installation drive is displayed, confirm it. If the option is displayed, select the setting and click [Next]. l [Initialize and reinstall Windows to the whole Disk] Select this option when you want to install Windows to the factory default. After instal- lation, you can create a new partition.
  • Page 24: Optical Drive

    C Click [Troubleshoot] - [Advanced options] - [UEFI Firmware Settings] - [Restart]. Turn on the computer, and press F2 or Del while [Panasonic] boot screen is displayed. l If the [Panasonic] boot screen is not displayed, turn on the computer while holding down F2 or Del .
  • Page 25 Press while [Panasonic] boot screen is displayed. The Setup Utility starts up. l If the password is requested, enter the Supervisor Password. Select the [Exit] menu, then select CD/DVD drive or commercially available optical drive in [Boot Override] and press Enter The computer will restart.
  • Page 26 Installing Software <Only for model with onboard drive> Select the setting and click [Next]. At the confirmation message, click [YES]. Installation starts according to the instructions on the screen. (It will take approximately 30 - 45 minutes.) l Do not interrupt installation, for example by turning off the computer or pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del .
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting (basic)

    Follow the instructions below when a problem has occurred. There is also an advanced trouble- shooting guide in the “Reference Manual”. For a software problem, refer to the software’s instruc- tion manual. If the problem persists, contact Panasonic Technical Support (è pages 41 - 43) You can also check the computer’s status in the PC Information Viewer (è...
  • Page 28 Troubleshooting (Basic) n Starting Up You have forgotten the pass- l Supervisor Password or User Password: Contact Panasonic Tech- nical Support (è pages 41 - 43). word. l Administrator password: Ÿ If you have a password reset disk, you can reset the administra- tor password.
  • Page 29 n Starting Up [Enter Password] does not l Select [Enabled] in [Password On Resume] in the [Security] menu appear when resuming from of the Setup Utility (è Reference Manual “Setup Utility”). l The Windows password can be used instead of the password set sleep/hibernation.
  • Page 30: Shutting Down

    Troubleshooting (Basic) n Starting Up Other startup problems. l Start in the Setup Utility (è Reference Manual “Setup Utility”) to return the Setup Utility settings (excluding the passwords) to the default values. Start the Setup Utility and make the settings again.
  • Page 31 n Display No display. l The external display is selected. Press switch the display. Wait until the display has been switched completely before press- again. Then click the display mode. l When using an external display, Ÿ Check the cable connection. Ÿ...
  • Page 32 Troubleshooting (Basic) n Touchpad The pointer does not work. l When using the external mouse, connect it correctly. l Restart the computer using the keyboard. l If the computer does not respond to keyboard commands, read “No response” (è page 33). Cannot input using the l Set [Touch Pad] to [Enabled] in the [Main] menu of the Setup Util- ity.
  • Page 33 n Others Ctrl Shift No response. l Press to open Task Manager and close the software application that is not responding. l An input screen (e.g., password input screen at startup) may be hidden behind another window. Press to check. l Press the power switch for 4 seconds or longer to shut down the computer, and then press the power switch to turn it on.
  • Page 34: Limited Use License Agreement

    Programs and related documentation nor in or to the algorithms, con- cepts, designs and ideas represented by or incorporated in the Programs and related docu- mentation, all of which title, ownership and rights shall remain with Panasonic Corporation or its suppliers.
  • Page 35 TERM This license is effective only for so long as you own or lease the Product, unless earlier terminat- ed. You may terminate this license at any time by destroying, at your expense, the Programs and related documentation together with all copies thereof in any form. This license will also terminate effective immediately upon occurrence of the conditions thereof set forth elsewhere in this Agree- ment, or if you fail to comply with any term or condition contained herein.
  • Page 36: Specifications

    Specifications This page provides the specifications for the basic model. The model number is different according to the unit configuration. l To check the model number: Check the bottom of the computer or the box the computer came in at the time of purchase. l To check CPU speed, memory size and the hard disk drive (HDD) size: Run the Setup Utility (è...
  • Page 37 PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth Technology *19 *20 Battery Recalibration Utility, Infineon TPM Professional Package , Re- covery Disc Creation Utility, Dashboard for Panasonic PC, Power Plan Ex- tension Utility, Camera Utility , GPS Viewer , Manual Selector, Microsoft *20 *22...
  • Page 38: Optional Devices

    Specifications n Wireless LAN Data Transfer Rates IEEE802.11a : 54 Mbps IEEE802.11b : 11 Mbps IEEE802.11g : 54 Mbps : HT20 = 150 Mbps IEEE802.11n HT40 = 300 Mbps IEEE802.11ac : VHT80 : 866.7 Mbps VHT40 : 433.3 Mbps Standard Supported IEEE802.11a / IEEE802.11b / IEEE802.11g / IEEE802.11n / IEEE802.11ac Transmission Method OFDM system, DS-SS system...
  • Page 39 Only for model with Bluetooth. Does not guarantee operation of all Bluetooth peripherals. This slot is compatible with UHS-Ⅰ/ UHS-Ⅱ. Operation has been tested and confirmed using Panasonic SD/SDHC Memory Cards with a capacity of up to 64 GB. Operation on other SD equipment is not guar- anteed.
  • Page 40 Specifications Do not open the back cover. Removable By Trained Technician Only. The specifications may differ depending on the model. A SIM card (15 mm × 25 mm) must be inserted in the SIM card slot. For information on TPM, refer to the Installation Manual of “Trusted Platform Module (TPM)” by the fol- lowing procedure.
  • Page 41: Standard Limited Warranty

    Service Agreement Period listed below. In the event that any prod- uct (or part thereof) is replaced, Panasonic shall transfer ownership of the replacement product (or part) to the customer and the customer shall transfer ownership of the replaced product (or part) to Panasonic.
  • Page 42 Service Centre, together with a copy of the purchase receipt, within the aforesaid warranty period. Panasonic shall have no obligation for any defects in the disk(s) or other media on which the Pro- grams are furnished resulting from your storage thereof, or for defects that have been caused by...
  • Page 43 Panasonic does not warrant that the functions contained in the software will be uninterrupted or error free. Panasonic assumes no risk of and shall not in any case be liable for any damages, including, without limitation, any special, inciden-...
  • Page 44 Panasonic Corporation Osaka, Japan Importer’s name & address pursuant to the EU legislation Panasonic System Communications Company Europe, Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Hagenauer Straße 43 65203 Wiesbaden Germany 55-E-1 HS0315-0 P-2014-0644 © Panasonic Corporation 2015...

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