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Maytag HE21250PC User Manual

Series twelve pc intelligent electric water heater
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GAMA certification applies to all residential
electric water heaters with capacities of 20 to
120 Gallons. Input rating of 12 Kw or lessat a
voltage no greater than 250 V.
Read and Follow
Safety Rules and
Before First Use of
Save this Manual for Future Reference.
This Product.



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  Summary of Contents for Maytag HE21250PC

  • Page 1 IVIAYIAG Series Twelve INTELLIGENTELECTRIC WATER HEATE R USER'SGUIDE GAMA certification applies to all residential electric water heaters with capacities of 20 to 120 Gallons. Input rating of 12 Kw or lessat a voltage no greater than 250 V. AWARNING READ THE GENERAL SAFETY SECTION BEGINNING ON INSIDE COVERAND THEN THIS ENTIREMANUAL BEFOREINSTALLINGOR OPERATINGTHIS WATERHEATER.
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    DEATH, SERIOUS BODILY INJURY, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. Refer to this manu- al for assistance consult your local utility or call Maytag Customer Service at 1-800-788-8899 authorized servicer for further information, _, WARNING HAZARD OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK! Before removing...
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    [ structure. For this reason, it is not advisable to install I the water heater in an attic or upper floor. When such locations cannot be avoided, a suitable drain...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Wiring ... Selecting Thermostat Location ... Routing Wire Harness to Location ... Thermostat Removal ... Remote Thermostat Wiring at Water Heater ... Remote Thermostat Installation and Wiring ... Installation Checklist ... Instructions for Operation ... Temperature Regulatiom ... Temperature Conditions ...
  • Page 5: Customer Information

    Wire Size (Gauge)* *Wiring size based on standard 60°C copper wire. If distance from fuse box to water heater is more than 90 feet, refer to your local electrical code. • The installation must conform with the instructions in this manual;...
  • Page 6: Accessoriesand Tools Needed

    Accessoriesand Tools Needed Accessories To simpfify the installation Maytag has available the installa- tion parts shown below. You may or may not need all of these accessories depending on your type of installation. Maytag Customer Service at 1-800-788-8899 rized installer.
  • Page 7: Removing The Old Water Heater

    __1_ a. If you have copper piping to the water heater, the two copper water pipes can be cut with a hacksaw approxi- the water heater. This will avoid cutting off the pipes too short. Additional sary.
  • Page 8: Locating The New Water Heater

    1'14inches greater than the water heater diameter and must be piped to an adequate drain. Under no circumstances ts the manufacturer or Maytag to be held liable for any water damage in connection with this water heater. INSTALLATION IN RESIDENTIAL GARAGES: The water [ heater must be located subject to phys cal damage by a mov ng veh tie.
  • Page 9: The Convertible Lower Element

    3800 watts to 5500 watts on a 240 volt system. Read and follow water heater warnings and instructions. If after reading these instructions in this manual, if you do not understand any portion, call Maytag Customer Service at 1-800-788-8899 for an authorized servicer. AWARNING...
  • Page 10: Water Piping

    Contact the local utility or call Maytag Customer Service at 1-800-788-8899 for an authorized servicer on how to con- trol this situation.
  • Page 11: Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve

    ANSI Z21.22 and ASME, may require a valve model differ- ent from the one furnished with the water heater. Compliancewith suchlocal requirementsmust be satisfied by the installer or end user of the water heater with a locally prescribed temperature-pressure installed in the designated opening in the water heater in place of the factory furnishedvalve.
  • Page 12: Filling The Water Heater

    3800 watts to 5500 watts on a 240 volt sys- If after reading these instructions and this manual, if you do tern. not understand any portion, call Maytag Customer Service at 1-800-788-8899 for an authorized servicer. tiBefore making the conversion to 5500 watts, I the (1) power supply...must...
  • Page 13 FAILURE TO DO THIS COULD RESULT IN DEATH, SERIOUS BODILY iNJURY, OR 2. The convertible element is located behind the lower access panel of the water heater. Remove the screw securing the access panel, and remove panel. PROPERTY DAMAGE. 3. Remove the flap of insulation to expose the opening.
  • Page 14: Converting The Lower Element

    8. Press the insulation back in place so that it completely cov- ers the thermister and element. 9. Replace the access panel. 10. Complete wiring to the water heater, or if completed, turn "ON" electric power to the water heater after filling the tank with water.
  • Page 15: Wiring Diagram

  • Page 16: Wiring

    Ifyun are not familiar with electric codes and practices, or if you have any doubt, even the slightest doubt, in your ability to connect the wiring to this water heater, obtain the service of a competent electrician. Call Maytag Customer Service at...
  • Page 17: Selecting Thermostat Location

    5. Before drilling a hole in the wall at the selected location, take up floor moulding (quarter round or other) and drill a small (see Repair Parts list) from your Maytag Dealer. guide hole for sighting. From the basement, drill a V/' hole in...
  • Page 18: Remote Thermostatwiring At Waterheater

    BACKOF THERMO_$_T. CONNECTOR 11. Removethe wallplate from the water heater by unscrewing the two mountingscrews. T he wall platewii1be installedat the selected location in Steps 28 and 29. 12. Looseneachscrewin the terminalconnectorand remove the wire ends. The terminal connectorwillbe installed at the selected remote location in Step 31.
  • Page 19 20. A second terminal connector is provided in a small bag con- tained within the large plastic manual envelope attached to the side of the water heater. Loosen each screw in the termi- nal connector. Insert the six colored wires of the thermostat cable into the terminal connector and tighten each screw to secure each wire.
  • Page 20: Remote Thermostat Installation And Wiring

    /_Y_vt-J- CABLEfJ--/ 25. Carefully press the terminal connector and connected wires down into the water heater junction box. 26. A strain-relief bushing is also provided in the small bag that contained the terminal connector. Open the bushing and place it around the remote thermostat cable exiting the junc- CABLE tion box.
  • Page 21 33. Place thermostat _.250" will snap into place on the wall plate. cable and tight- 34. Turn "ON" electric power m water heater. TERMINAL 35. Read Temperature THERMOSTAT Settings, then proceed to Programming CAUTION insulated...
  • Page 22: Installation Checklist

    2. Is the fuse or circuit breaker size correct as shown in the chart m the Product Specifications 3. Are the wires from the circuit breaker or fuse service to the water heater's junction box on the correct wire size (gauge) as shown in the chart in the "Product Specifications" sec- tion? 4.
  • Page 23: Instructions For Operation

    Instructions for Operation Temperature Regulation AWARNING HOTTER WATER CAN SCALD: Water intended to produce hot water. Water heated to a temperature which will satisfy clotheswashing, dish washing, and other sanitizing needs can scald and permanently injure you upon contact. Some people are more likely to be permanently injured by hot water than others.
  • Page 24 Manual Mode. With this mode the thermostat is set at a desired temperature and the water heater operates to maintain that temperature. The Intelligent Maytag water heater utilizes a special sensing device in the control system that allows for temperature accuracy to be maintained at plus or minus IOF.
  • Page 25 Instructions for Operation (cont'd) ERASE is the option that can delete all the settings that had been programmed previously. While in the programmable mode, depressing the "ERASE" button will delete a particular time period that is on display. Depressing and holding the "ERASE"...
  • Page 26: Programming The Thermostat

    "PWR" fPOWER) BUTTON is a button at the right-hand bottom of the panel which will activate or deactivate the display panel. It will not turn offthe power to the water heater and will not kill the uower to the heatin_ elements.
  • Page 27: Service And Maintenance

    5. OPEN the water heater drain valve to allow for tank to release water, draining. NOTE: If the water heater is going to be shut down and relief valve with drained for an extended perind, the drain valve should be left open with hose connected allowing water to termi- nate m an adequate drain.
  • Page 28: Element Cleaning And Replacement

    2. Turn offthe water supply to the water heater at the water shutoff valve or water meter. 3. Attach a hose to the water heater drain valve and put the other end in a floor drain or outdoors. Open the water heater drain valve.
  • Page 29 11. Close the water heater drain valve by turning the handle to the right (clockwise). The drain valve is on the lower front of the water beater.
  • Page 30 T i_,r Tc _ 17. Press the insulation back in place so that it completely covers the thermistor, upper high limit and element. 18. Replace access panel. 19. Turn "ON" electric power to water heater.
  • Page 31: Drain Valve Washer Replacement

    Conditions" and "Operational Conditions" found in the "Troubleshooting" section of this manual. If a condition persists or you are uncertain about the opera- tion of the water heater, let a qualified person check it out. Call Maytag Customer Service at 1-800-788-8899. heater,...
  • Page 32: Thermal Expansion

    Maytag Customer Service. Contact the local water supplier and/or call Maytag Customer Service at 1-800-788-8899 for an authorized servicer for assistance in...
  • Page 33: Not Enough Hot Water

    6. Replace the upper access panel. 7. Turn "ON" electric power to the water heater. a_ CAUTION If the high limit must be reset again, call Maytag I Customer Service at 1-800-788-8899 rized,,servicer to find out why the high limit turned I OFF the electric power.
  • Page 34: Thermostatdiagnostics

    Troubleshooting (cont'd) Operational Conditions (cont'd) THERMOSTATDIAGNOSTICS The programmable thermostat will use the upper and lower temperature sensors (thermistors) to determine when either the upper or lower heating element is not functioning. It can also detect a faulty temperature sensor. The thermostat will use the service icon and its associated codes to indicate the specific failure condition and will also save the last failure condition, To display the last failure, depress and hold the up (A) arrow...
  • Page 35: Leakage Checkpoints

    The drain valve may be leaking at the tank fitting. * Water in the water heater bottom or on the floor may be from condensation, loose connections or the tern- perature-pressure relief valve. DO NOT replace the...
  • Page 37: Repairparts List

    Repair Parts List MAYTAG ELECTRIC WATERHEATERS MAYTAG/STATE PARTNUMBERCONVERSIONKEY MAYTAG STATE 66001010 9002403 66001011 9001609 66001012 9001608 66001013 ETC2X 66001014 ETC5X 66001016 9002402 66001021 9001584 66001034 9002445 66001053 9000308 66001054 9000309 66001055 9001591 66001056 9002439 66001059 9002406 66001061 9002408 66001063 9002409...
  • Page 38 If a replacement order part no. 66001106 replacement element. If, at the time of installation, the water heater was converted to operate at 5500 watts, order part number 66001107 replacement ele- ment. (See model rating plate "If Convetted ,I"_-,-- "-.,.
  • Page 39: Repairparts List

    *Also available at most hardware stores. #Not IUustr_ted Now that you have purchased this water heater, shouId a need ever exist for repair parts or service, simply call Maytag Customer Service at 1-800-788-8899 for an authorized ser- vicer. Be sure to provide aUpertinent facts when you call or visit.
  • Page 40: Warranty

    The warranty is bruited to the original owner of the water heater. To locate an authorized service company in your area contact the Maytag dealer from whom your appliance was pur- chased; or call Maytag Customer Service at the number hsted below. Should you not receive satisfactory warranty...

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