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Using The Car Quick Charger; Charging Your Devices - Sony AN420 User Manual

Car quick charger
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Using the Car Quick Charger

Charging your devices

To charge a device using the Car Quick Charger
Plug the Car Quick Charger into the cigarette lighter socket in the car. The
notification light illuminates and remains lit when power is available to the
Plug the Micro USB connector on the attached cable into the charger port of
the device that you want to charge.
To charge a second device, attach a USB cable to the USB port on the Car
Quick Charger and connect the other end of the cable to the second device.
When in use, always make sure the Car Quick Charger is fully inserted into the cigarette lighter
socket. The charger may not function properly if it is not making full contact with the anode
and cathode connectors in the lighter socket.
In some cars, the ignition switch must be turned on before power becomes available to the
cigarette lighter.
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