Casio IT-600 Series User Manual
Casio IT-600 Series User Manual

Casio IT-600 Series User Manual

Handheld terminal
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Handheld Terminal
User's Guide
Be sure to read "Safety
Precautions" inside this
guide before trying to use
your Handheld Terminal.
After reading this guide,
keep it in a safe place for
future reference.


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Casio IT-600 Series

  • Page 1 Handheld Terminal Series User’s Guide Be sure to read “Safety Precautions” inside this guide before trying to use your Handheld Terminal. After reading this guide, keep it in a safe place for future reference.
  • Page 2 • Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Information in this document is subject to change without advance notice. CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of this manual and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO product. Be sure to read the following Safety Precautions before trying to use it for the first time. Markings and Symbols The following are the meanings of the markings and symbols used in these Safety Precautions.
  • Page 4 • Should any foreign matter get into the Handheld Terminal and its options, immediately turn off the power and contact your original vendor or an authorized CASIO service provider. Continued use creates the danger of fire and electric shock. Dropping and Damage •...
  • Page 5: Lcd Screen

    Caution Foreign Objects • Take care to ensure that metals or combustible objects are not inserted into the openings of the Handheld Terminal and its options. Such the objects inside of the Handheld Terminal create the danger of fire and electric shock. Location •...
  • Page 6 Optional Lithium-ion Battery Pack Danger • Never allow the battery pack to become wet. Water can create the danger of battery pack heat emission, explosion, and fire. • Never use or leave the battery pack next to open flame, near a stove, or any other area exposed to high heat.
  • Page 7 • Danger of explosion if the battery pack is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with same or equivalent type recommended by CASIO. Dispose of used batteries according to the local regulation. • Should fluid from the battery pack accidentally get onto clothing or your skin, immediately rinse it off with clean tap water.
  • Page 8 • Should the power cord become severely damaged (to the point that wires are exposed or broken), contact an authorized CASIO service provider about repair or replacement. Use of a damaged electrical cord creates the danger of fire and electric shock.
  • Page 9 Backup Copies of All Important Data Caution • Note that CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. shall not be held liable to you or any third party for any damages or loss caused by deletion or corruption of data due to use of the Handheld Terminal, malfunction or repair of the Handheld Terminal or its peripherals, or due to the batteries going dead.
  • Page 10: Operating Precautions

    Operating Precautions Your Handheld terminal and its options are precision. Improper operation or rough handling can cause problems with data storage and other problems. Note and observe the following precautions to ensure proper operation. • Do not continue operating the Handheld Terminal when battery power is low. Doing so can cause data to be lost.
  • Page 11: Important

    • The contents of this guide are subject to change without notice. • Note that CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. shall not be held liable to you or any third parties for any losses or damages arising from the use of this guide.
  • Page 12 RF field in excess of Health Canada limits for the general population; consult Safety Code 6, obtainable from Health Canada's website at Regulatory Information The CASIO IT-600M30U and IT-600M30UC models are designed, tested and found to meet the relevant regulatory standards described below. Regulatory standards: UL60950-1...
  • Page 13: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Precautions ..................E-1 Operating Precautions ................... E-8 Important ......................E-9 Checking in the Box ..................E-13 Handheld Terminal System Configuration ..........E-14 General Guide ....................E-17 Loading and Removing the Battery Pack ..........E-19 Loading ......................E-20 Removing ......................E-21 Attaching the Neck Strap ................
  • Page 14 Resetting the Handheld Terminal ..............E-32 Performing a Full Reset (Initialization) ............E-33 IT-600 Specifications ..................E-34 USB Cradle (HA-D60IO) ................E-36 General Guide ....................E-36 Connecting the USB Cradle Power Supply ............E-38 USB Cradle (HA-D60IO) Specifications ............E-40 Using the Cradle-type Charger (HA-D30CHG) ...........
  • Page 15: Checking In The Box

    Checking in the Box Please check the contents of the box before using the Handheld Terminal for the first time. Open the box and make sure that all the items shown here are included. Handheld Terminal Stylus Large-capacity battery Neck Strap pack cover User's Guide (this manual) Touch Screen Protective Sheet...
  • Page 16: Handheld Terminal System Configuration

    Handheld Terminal System Configuration Options USB Cradle Ethernet Cradle HA-D60IO HA-D62IO IT-600 Series Cradle-type Charger HA-D30CHG E-14...
  • Page 17 Options Battery Pack HA-D20BAT HA-D21LBAT (Battery Pack) (Large-capacity Battery Pack) Dual Battery Charger HA-D32DCHG AC Adaptor for Dual Battery Charger/ USB Cradle and Ethernet Cradle AD-S42120BE E-15...
  • Page 18 Options AC Adaptor for Cradle-Type Charger AD-S15050BE Cable DT-380USB CF Card Extention Unit HA-D94CFU2 Hand Belt HA-D95HB2 E-16...
  • Page 19: General Guide

    General Guide Left Front Right Back 1 18 11 10 Buzzer Sounds a buzzer. Indicator 1 Orange: Charging Green: Charging complete Red: Battery pack error or outside charging temperature range Indicator 2 Flashes in blue when operating via Bluetooth. Lights in green when reading a bar code successfully.
  • Page 20 Cursor Key Performs the same functions as the up, down, left and right arrow keys on a PC keyboard. Used to input a sound including voice. Microphone Speaker Alarms and voice messages are output here. Voice messages are not output from the speaker when a headset is connected to the headset jack.
  • Page 21: Loading And Removing The Battery Pack

    Loading and Removing the Battery Pack Your Handheld Terminal uses two types of battery: a battery pack and a memory backup battery. The battery pack is used to power normal operations and to store data, while the memory backup battery provides the power required to maintain memory contents when the battery pack power is unable to supply power for some reason.
  • Page 22: Loading

    Loading 1. Turn over the Handheld Terminal. 2. Slide the battery pack lock switch to the "FREE" position, and then remove the battery pack cover. 3. Load a battery pack (HA-D20BAT) or large-capacity battery pack (HA-D21LBAT). Take care that the battery pack is oriented correctly when you load it. In addition, load the battery back while making sure that the end of the battery pack removal tape is protruding above the battery pack.
  • Page 23: Removing

    Removing 1. Make sure that the Handheld Terminal is turned off. If the power is on, press the power key to turn it off. 2. Turn over the Handheld Terminal. 3. Turn the battery pack lock switch on the back of the Handheld Terminal to the "FREE"...
  • Page 24 Loading the large-capacity battery pack into the Handheld Terminal After loading the large-capacity battery pack, you need to use the special large-capacity battery pack cover in place of the standard battery pack cover. “Loading and Removing” of the large-capacity battery pack cover are the same as those for the standard battery pack cover.
  • Page 25: Attaching The Neck Strap

    Attaching the Neck Strap The neck strap can be used to prevent the Handheld Terminal from dropping when carrying it around. Since there are two strap holes where the neck strap can be attached, use the hole that affords the greatest ease of use. Attach the neck strap according to the procedure described below.
  • Page 26: Attaching The Touch Screen Protective Sheet

    Attaching the Touch Screen Protective Sheet Attach the touch screen protective sheet according to the procedure described below. Important! Do not press on the touch screen with excessive force when attaching the touch screen protective sheet. This can damage the touch screen. 1.
  • Page 27: Configuring Handheld Terminal Settings

    Configuring Handheld Terminal Settings Calibrating Touch Screen Alignment Whenever the response of the touch screen is poor, or the operations being executed do not match with the location you are tapping on the touch screen, please recalibrate the alignment of the touch screen using the following method. •...
  • Page 28: Adjusting Display Brightness

    Adjusting Display Brightness You can use the following procedures to adjust display brightness to make it easier to read under different lighting conditions. • Press the “Fn” key and then press the “5” key or “6” key after confirming that “F” is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Page 29: Using The Linear Imager

    Using the Linear Imager 1. After turning on the power, position the reader port close to a bar code and then press the trigger key. 2. The LED emits light and scans the bar code. When scanning is completed normally, Indicator 2 displays a green light and a buzzer sounds.
  • Page 30: Handling Minisd Cards

    Handling miniSD Cards The Handheld Terminal supports miniSD card. Since the miniSD card slot is located inside the battery pack compartment, first remove the battery pack when installing or removing a miniSD card. Refer to pages 20 to 23 for information on “Loading and Removing the battery pack”. Install (or replace) a miniSD card according to the procedure described below.
  • Page 31: Removing

    Removing 1. Check that the power is turned off. If the power is on, always make sure to turn it off by pressing the Power Key. 2. Remove the battery pack. 3. Push on the card. Slowly remove the card after it slightly pops out. Press Press 4.
  • Page 32: Performing Communications

    Performing Communication IR Communication IR communication can be used to transfer data between two Handheld Terminals. When performing IR communication, orient the IR ports of both Handheld Terminals so they are pointing directly at each other. The ports can be in direct contact with each other, or they can be separated by up to 1 meter ( Ú...
  • Page 33: Bluetooth Communication

    ® Bluetooth Communication Bluetooth ® interface can also be used to transfer data between two Handheld Terminals. ® With Bluetooth the two Handheld Terminals should be located within about three meters ⁄ ) from each other, as long as there is nothing blocking the path between them. "...
  • Page 34: Resetting The Handheld Terminal

    Resetting the Handheld Terminal Resetting the Handheld Terminal is the same as restarting a computer. Performing a reset causes all unsaved inputs and edits to be lost, but data that is already stored in the memory as well as all settings should be unaffected. Use reset to restore normal operation whenever the Handheld Terminal operates abnormally due to misoperation or some other reason.
  • Page 35: Performing A Full Reset (Initialization

    Performing a Full Reset (Initialization) Performing a full reset initializes memory. This means that all data stored in the memory (RAM) is deleted and all the settings are returned to their initial factory settings. Perform a full reset whenever any one of the following conditions exists. •...
  • Page 36: It-600 Specifications

    IT-600 Specifications Model: IT-600M30U, IT-600M30UC ® CPU: Marvell PXA270 520MHz Memory: 64MB RAM, 128MB Flash ROM (user defined: 60MB) ® ® Microsoft Windows CE5.0 operating system, English Version 3.7-inch, 480 × 640-dot semi-transmissive TFT color LCD Display: Linear Imager: Readable symbologies: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN8 (JAN8), EAN13 (JAN13), Codabar (NW-7), Code39, Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), MSI, Industrial 2 of 5, Code93, Code128 (EAN128), IATA, RSS-14, RSS Limited,...
  • Page 37 Approximately 82(W) × 166(D) × 27(H) mm (3 ⁄ "W × 6 ⁄ Dimensions: "D ×1 ⁄ "H) (not including projections) Weight: Approximately 290g (10.2oz) (when standard battery pack is installed) Vibrator Function: Available according to software setting. E-35...
  • Page 38: Usb Cradle (Ha-D60Io

    USB Cradle (HA-D60IO) The optionally available USB Cradle (HA-D60IO) makes it possible to transfer system data and file data between the Handheld Terminal and a computer over a USB connection (download or upload). You can also use the USB Cradle to charge the battery pack installed in the Handheld Terminal.
  • Page 39 USB Client Port This port is used to transfer system data and file data (download, upload) by connecting the Cradle to a PC using a USB cable (DT-380USB). A dedicated driver must be installed in the PC before connecting the Cradle to the PC. USB Host Port This port is used to connect a corresponding USB peripheral device.
  • Page 40: Connecting The Usb Cradle Power Supply

    Connecting the USB Cradle Power Supply Use the separately sold AC adaptor (AD-S42120BE) for the power supply of the USB cradle. Always make sure to connect the AC adaptor to the USB cradle before performing communication with the Handheld Terminal. Power to the Handheld Terminal is supplied from the USB cradle.
  • Page 41 4. Connect the USB cable (DT-380USB) to the USB client port on the back of the USB cradle, and then connect it to the PC. The USB host port is used when connecting the cradle with another USB peripheral device. USB peripheral device 5.
  • Page 42: Usb Cradle (Ha-D60Io) Specifications

    USB Cradle (HA-D60IO) Specifications 1. USB Protocol: USB Ver1.1 Standard Transfer Rate: 12Mbps (max.) 2. Charging Charging Method: Fixed-voltage (with current limiter) Charge Period: Approximately 4 hours (battery pack) Approximately 7 hours (large-capacity battery pack) 3. Power Supply Power Source: AC adaptor (AD-S42120BE) Consumption Current: 12V DC approximately 1.6A...
  • Page 43: Using The Cradle-Type Charger (Ha-D30Chg

    Using the Cradle-type Charger (HA-D30CHG) The optionally available Cradle-type Charger (HA-D30CHG) lets you charge the Handheld Terminal’s battery simply by placing the Handheld Terminal onto the charger. General Guide Front Right Back E-41...
  • Page 44 AC Adaptor Jack Connect the AC adaptor here. Terminal Detect This switch detects when the IT-600 is mounted correctly on the Switch charger. Power Contacts Power is supplied to the Handheld Terminal via these contacts. Power Indicator This lamp indicates the power status and the mountting status of Lamp the Handheld Terminal.
  • Page 45: Connecting The Ac Adaptor For Cradle-Type Charger

    Connecting the AC Adaptor for Cradle-type Charger Use the separately sold AC adaptor (AD-S15050BE) for the power supply of the Cradle-type Charger. 1. Plug the AC adaptor into the AC adaptor jack on the back of the charger. DC IN 5V 2.
  • Page 46: Cradle-Type Charger (Ha-D30Chg) Specifications

    Cradle-type Charger (HA-D30CHG) Specifications 1. Charging Specifications Charging Method: Fixed-voltage (with current limiter) Charge Period: Approximately 4 hours (battery pack) Approximately 7 hours (large-capacity battery pack) 2. Power Supply Power Source: AC adaptor (AD-S15050BE) Consumption Current: 5V DC 2.5A Output to Handheld Terminal: 5V DC 2.5A (max.) 3.
  • Page 47: Using The Dual Battery Charger (Ha-D32Dchg

    Using the Dual Battery Charger (HA-D32DCHG) The separately sold dual battery charger (HA-D32DCHG) can be used to simultaneously charge two battery packs. General Guide Left Back Right Bundled Items Connection Bracket 2 screws E-45...
  • Page 48 Charge Indicator This lamp indicates the charge status of the battery pack(s). Lamp Off: Not charging Red: Charging Red Flashing: Battery pack problem Green Flashing: Standby Green: Charging complete AC Adaptor Jack This is used to supply power by connecting the AC adaptor (sold separately).
  • Page 49: Charging A Battery Pack

    Charging a Battery Pack Use the separately sold AC adaptor (AD-S42120BE) for the power supply of the Dual Battery Charger. 1. Plug the cord from the AC adaptor into the AC adaptor jack of the Dual Battery Charger. 2. Plug the AC cord into a wall outlet. 3.Taking care that the battery pack is oriented correctly, insert it into the Dual Battery Charger.
  • Page 50: Connecting Multiple Dual Battery Chargers

    Connecting Multiple Dual Battery Chargers You can connect up to three Dual Battery Chargers. Doing so makes it possible to supply power to all the Dual Battery Chargers using one dedicated AC adaptor. 1. As shown in the illustrations below, remove the connector covers of the Dual Battery Chargers you want to connect to each other.
  • Page 51: Dual Battery Charger (Ha-D32Dchg) Specifications

    Dual Battery Charger (HA-D32DCHG) Specifications 1. Model: HA-D32DCHG 2. Charging: Charging Method: Constant voltage (with current limiter) (when one Handheld Terminal has been mounted) Charge Period: Approx. 2 hours (1 standard battery pack, normal temperature) Approx. 4 hours (1 large-capacity battery pack, normal temperature) When charging two battery packs: Approx.
  • Page 52: Using Rechargeable Battery Pack

    Using Rechargeable Battery Pack HA-D20BAT HA-D21LBAT Your Handheld Terminal supports use of two battery pack types, one at a time, of different capacity. You can select the one that best suits your needs in terms of operating time, the type of options you need to use, etc.
  • Page 53: Using Cf Card Extension Unit (Ha-D94Cfu2

    Using CF Card Extension Unit (HA-D94CFU2) The CF Card Extension Unit (HA-D94CFU2) is an add-on option available for the IT-600. This unit supports CF Type I and Type II cards. The CF Card Extension Unit comes with the following items. •...
  • Page 54 5.Fasten the unit in place with four screws accompanied. 6.Insert a CF card into the slot of the unit with the front of the card facing upward. 7.If necessary, stuff the cushion pad in the cover before tightening two screws so that your CF card firmly fits in the unit.
  • Page 55: Using Hand Belt (Ha-D95Hb2

    Using Hand Belt (HA-D95HB2) Items Included • Hand Belt • Strap • Screws (3 pcs) Attaching the Hand Belt Attach the hand belt as described below. 1.Turn the IT-600 over. 2. Attach the hand belt on the back of the 3.
  • Page 56 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. 6-2, Hon-machi 1-chome Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8543, Japan PN410427-001 Printed on recycled paper. MO0707-000101A Printed in Japan...

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