Casio IT-G400-C21M Hardware Manual

Casio IT-G400-C21M Hardware Manual

It-g400 series. android 6.0
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Android 6.0
Hardware Manual
This document describes hardware
specifications of the IT-G400.
Ver 1.00


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  • Page 1 IT-G400 Series Android 6.0 Hardware Manual This document describes hardware specifications of the IT-G400. Ver 1.00...
  • Page 2 Information in this document is subject to change without advance notice. CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of this manual and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents - Overview ··········································································································································································1 Model composition ················································································································································1 1.1.1 List of models ·················································································································································1 1.1.2 List of options·················································································································································1 Interfaces·································································································································································2 Appearance ·····························································································································································3 1.3.1 IT-G400 ····························································································································································3 1.3.2 USB Cradle······················································································································································5 1.3.3 Four-bay Battery Charger ·························································································································5 1.3.4 Four-cradle Battery Charger ····················································································································6 Hardware specification········································································································································7 1.4.1 IT-G400 ····························································································································································7 1.4.2 USB Cradle···················································································································································...
  • Page 4: Overview

    1. Overview 1.1 Model composition 1.1.1 List of models model Imager Camera WLAN Battery Remark Bluetooth Size IT-G400-C21M Standard ○ ○ × ○ ○ IT-G400-C21L Large ○ ○ × ○ ○ IT-G400-WC21M Standard ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ IT-G400-WC21L Large ○...
  • Page 5: Interfaces

    1.2 Interfaces Wi-Fi Products IT-G400 Access Point Wireless LAN Telephone Network GSM/W CDMA/LTE Bluetooth Products Satellites Headset Pocket Printer Bluetooth ISO14443 Type A,B Felica ISO15693 USB host USB products USB cradle USB client (microUSB port、 PC Serial port、 Power Supply/Data AC adaptor、...
  • Page 6: Appearance

    1.3 Appearance 1.3.1 IT-G400...
  • Page 7 Name Description Receiver Receiver for voice call Charging Status LED Show charging status Notification LED Show notifications Illuminance/Proximity Sensor Measure brightness and proximity of object Front Camera Take picture and movie Display words and operation instructions Screen (Touch Panel) Input data in IT-G400 by finger or Stylus (Pen) Recent Apps Key Switch applications Home Key...
  • Page 8: Usb Cradle

    1.3.2 USB Cradle Name Description USB Client Port Transfer data to PC using USB cable Serial Port There is a serial port, but it can not be used AC Adapter Jack Connect AC adaptor Power Supply/Data Data communication and power supply to IT-G400 Communication Termina Battery Pack Power Contacts Power supply to battery pack...
  • Page 9: Four-Cradle Battery Charger

    1.3.4 Four-cradle Battery Charger Name Description Terminal Contacts Power supply to IT-G400 AC Adapter Jack Connect AC adaptor...
  • Page 10: Hardware Specification

    1.4 Hardware specification 1.4.1 IT-G400 Item Specification Memo ARM Cortex-A53 microprocessor (Quad core 1.2 GHz) Android 6.0.1 Memory 16GB 2D imager Sensor CMOS、832 x 640、monochrome Aimer laser (λ = 650nm), < 1 mW、Class 2 Laser Scan Angle 0 ° 1D: 0.127mm Minimum Resolution 2D Stacked: 0.168mm 2D Matrix: 0.191mm...
  • Page 11 Item Specification Memo Indicator 1: Status of Charging Battery Pack, 2 Indicator Colors(Red and Green) Indicator 2: Notification、2 Colors(Red and Blue) input Front 4 hard keys (Recent App, Home, Back, Function), Volume Up Key, Volume Down Key, Power Key, Reset Control Key Switch Trigger key...
  • Page 12 Item Specification Memo Standard 3GPP LTE FDD&TDD Communication Data Packet Downlink: 150Mbps (maximum) Baud rate Uplink: 50Mbps (maximum) FDD 1 (1920-1980MHz/2110-2170MHz) FDD 2 (1850-1910MHz/1930-1990MHz) FDD 3 (1710-1785MHz/1805-1880MHz) FDD 4 (1710-1755MHz/2110-2155MHz) FDD 5 (824-849MHz/869-894MHz) Frequency range FDD 7 (2500-2570MHz/2620-2690MHz) Band FDD 8 (880-915MHz/925-960MHz) FDD 17 (704-716MHz/734-746MHz) FDD 20 (832-862MHz/791-821MHz) TDD 40 (2300-2400MHz/2300-2400MHz)
  • Page 13 Item Specification Memo Use USB cable or USB Connector type Direct Sync 16pin IO Connect cradle Baud rate USB 2.0 high-speed (480Mb/s) Power to HOST voltage: 5.0V±0.25V external current : up to 500mA device Client Baud rate USB 2.0 high-speed (480Mb/s) Rear Camera Number of pixels 8M pixels...
  • Page 14 Item Specification Memo Power Main Battery Lithium-ion battery pack (Standard/large) Sub battery Lithium battery (rechargeable) Integrated Operating period Standard mode 1(JEITA G mode: WLAN model) Standard Battery: 12 hours Large Battery: 24 hours Condition: At room temperature According to JEITA G mode New battery pack LCD backlight brightness minimum, WLAN ON (with stable RF connection), Buzzer minimum, Vibrator...
  • Page 15: Usb Cradle

    Item Specification Memo Power At room temperature Sub battery fully charged ※If the battery is replaced withourt power off correctly, there is a possibility that RTC resets. Back Up Period RAM:4 min ※In order to buck up RAM, (Sub Battery only) RTC:72 hours battery must be replaced after IT-G400 gets...
  • Page 16: Four-Cradle Battery Charger

    1.4.4 Four-cradle Battery Charger Item Specification Memo Interface connected with Connector Dedecated Contacts Supply power to IT-G400. IT-G400 AC adaptor Input Voltage DC12V±5% AC adaptor 12V/5A Main Battery pack Standard Battery: Around 4 hours Able to supply 2~4 IT-G400 charger charge period Large Battery: Around 8 hours simultaneously.
  • Page 17: Four-Bay Battery Charger

    1.5.3 Four-bay Battery Charger Item Specification Memo Operation 0℃~40℃ Non-operation -20℃~60℃ For the temperature of 0~10℃ and over Temperature in order to protect battery cell, 40℃, charge control changes . In 0~10℃, battery Charge operation 0℃~40℃ pack charge period gets longer. In over 40℃, battery indicator might not become 100% after charge ends and LED turns green.
  • Page 18: Precautions

    2. Precautions For information on general safety precautions, refer to the IT-G400 User’s Guide 2.1 Handling and Operating Precautions  Be sure not to continue to use IT-G400 with main battery low status. Operation data might be deleted or changed. Please replace battery immediately when it gets main battery low warning.
  • Page 19  When installing SIM card and microSD card, check direction of card and insert card correctly. It can cause falure if card is inserted using force or reversely. Battery pack can not be installed properly if SIM card is not properly inserted. ...
  • Page 20: Storage

     Close battery cover, headset jack cover properly. Check there is no dust or sand on covers as well as no crack and scratch on O-ring.  Do not push key and screen hardly in rain.  We will not take any responsibility for accident and failure related to water stained. ...

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