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Marantz user guide av surround receiver sr6400.
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Model SR6400 User Guide
AV Surround Receiver


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  • Page 1

    Model SR6400 User Guide AV Surround Receiver...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK) NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage”...

  • Page 3

    Grounding or Polarization – This product may be equipped with a polarized alternating- current line plug (a plug having one blade wider than the other). This plug will fit into the power outlet only one way. This is a safety feature.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents


  • Page 5: Introduction, Precautions, Description

    INTRODUCTION DESCRIPTION Thank you for purchasing the Marantz SR6400 Surround receiver. This remarkable component has been engineered to provide you with many years of home theater DTS was introduced in 1994 to provide 5.1 enjoyment. Please take a few minutes to read this...

  • Page 6: Features, Accessories

    The large left dial knob on the left can be used as multi dial which allows all functions of the SR6400 to be operated via the front panel. The SR6400 is here to perform in your unrivaled home entertainment setup.

  • Page 7: Front Panel

    OFF. HEADPHONE jack for stereo headphones This jack may be used to listen to the SR6400’s output through a pair of headphones. Be certain that the headphones have a standard 1 / 4" stereo phono plug. Note that the main room speakers will automatically be turned off when the headphone jack is in use.

  • Page 8: Fl Display

    MT X 6.1 SPKR AB ¡7 ¡6 DISP (Display Off) indicator SPKR (speaker) AB indicator This indicator is illuminated when the SR6400 is in Active speaker system will be illuminated by this the display off condition. indicator. SLEEP timer indicator PEAK indicator...

  • Page 9: Rear Panel

    Power cable SWITCHED UNSWITCHED 1A 120W MAX 1A 120W MAX AC OUTLETS Connect to an AC power outlet. 120V 60H SR6400 has to be powered by 120 V AC only. AC OUTLETS SURROUND FRONT A FRONT B CENTER SURROUND BACK...

  • Page 10: Remote Controller Rc7300sra, Names And Functions

    REMOTE CONTROLLER Used to open or close the door. RC7300SRa Note: • This button is unavailable for the SR6400. NAMES AND FUNCTIONS Source POWER ON/OFF button Used to turn specific sources (such as DVD players, etc.) ON and OFF independently from the rest of the system.

  • Page 11

    ¤7 NIGHT button (when AMP mode is selected) Press to switch the power of the SR6400 ON or OFF. (when AMP mode is selected) Pressing this button prevents the Dolby Digital sig- nal from playback at a loud voice. This function re- duces the voice by 1/3 to 1/4 at maximum.

  • Page 12: Remote Control Range, Loading Batteries, General Information Of Rc7300sra To Sr6400

    Close the cover until it clicks. REMOTE CONTROL RANGE The distance between the transmitter of the remote control and the IR SENSOR of the SR6400 should be less than 5 meters. If the remote control is pointed in a direction other than the IR SENSOR or if there is an obstacle between them, use of the remote control may not be possible.

  • Page 13: Connections, Speaker Placement, Connecting Speakers

    Surround left and right speakers CONNECTIONS Place the speakers right beside of the listening position or a little backward. Surround back speaker SPEAKER PLACEMENT Place the speaker behind the listening position. Subwoofer The ideal surround speaker system for this unit is We recommend using a sub-woofer to have maximum 7-speaker systems, using front left and right bass effect.

  • Page 14: Connecting Audio Components

    CONNECTING BANANA PLUG CONNECTING AUDIO COMPONENTS Banana plug connections are also possible. Tighten the knob by turning clockwise and then insert the banana plug. Caution: • Be sure to use speakers with the specified impedance as shown on the rear panel of this unit. •...

  • Page 15: Connecting Video Components

    Make component video connections to a TV or monitor with component inputs to produce higher quality video images. Use a component video cable or 3 video cords to connect the component video out jacks on the SR6400 to the monitor. COMPONENT VIDEO Notes: DSS/VCR2 MONI.OUT...

  • Page 16: Advanced Connecting, Connecting The Remote Control Jacks

    Therefore you need to aim the remote signal only to the unit. Also, if a Marantz power amplifier (some models excluded) is connected to one of these terminals, the power amplifier’s, power switch is synchronized with this...

  • Page 17: Connecting The Antenna Terminals


  • Page 18: Setup, On Screen Display Menu System

    After all components are connected, initial setup must be performed. ON SCREEN DISPLAY MENU SYSTEM The SR6400 incorporates an on-screen menu system, which makes various operations possible by using the cursor ( , , , ) and OK buttons on the remote control or MULTI FUNCTION dial, TUNING button and ENTER button on the front panel.

  • Page 19: Input Setup (assignable Digital Input), Speaker Setup

    1 INPUT SETUP (ASSIGNABLE DIGITAL 2 SPEAKER SETUP INPUT) After you have installed the SR6400, connected all the components, and determined the speaker Six digital inputs can be assigned to a the desired layout, it is now time to perform the settings in the source.

  • Page 20: Preference

    The subwoofer can be adjusted to any level between -15 and +10 dB in 1 dB intervals.) The SR6400 will now emit the pink noise from the center speaker. Using the volume level of the noise from the center speaker so that it is the same level as the front left speaker.

  • Page 21: Surround, Pl Ii (pro Logic Ii) Music Parameter, Cs Ii (circle Surround Ii) Parameter

    CDs. played back in large movie theater environments. In this mode, SR6400 includes three controls to Activating the HT-EQ feature when watching a fine-tune the soundfield as follows.

  • Page 22: Basic Operation (play Back), Selecting An Input Source, Selecting The Surround Mode

    TAPE on the video display. The input name will also appear in the display, on the front-panel. • As the input is changed, the SR6400 will automatically switch to the digital input, surround mode, attenuation, and night mode status which...

  • Page 23: Using The Sleep Timer, Night Mode, Surround Mode

    SURROUND MODE USING THE SLEEP TIMER The SR6400 is equipped with many surround modes. These are provided to reproduce a variety of surround sound effects, according to the content of the source to be played. The available surround modes may be restricted depending on the input signal and speaker setup.

  • Page 24

    CD players and LD players • CS II mode is available for 2ch input signals which even if you connect the player to the SR6400 are encoded in Dolby Digital or PCM format. digitally. This is because the digital signal has •...

  • Page 25

    The relation between the selected surround mode and the input signal The surround mode is selected with the surround mode selector on SR6400 or the remote control unit. However, the sound you hear is subject to the relationship between the selected surround mode and input signal.

  • Page 26: Other Function, Tv Auto On/off Function, Attenuation To Analog Input Signal, Listening Through Headphones

    5 minutes. LISTENING THROUGH HEADPHONES Notes: • AUTO POWER OFF is canceled if the SR6400 is This jack may be used to listen to the SR6400’s set to a source other than TV. output through a pair of headphones. Be certain that The function reactivates when TV is selected again.

  • Page 27: Recording An Analog Source, Ht-eq, Speaker A/b, Ch Input

    RECORDING AN ANALOG SOURCE In normal operation, the audio or video source selected for listening through the SR6400 is sent to the record outputs. This means that any program you are watching or listening to may be recorded simply by placing...

  • Page 28: Basic Operation (tuner), Listening To The Tuner, Preset Memory

    For each station, you can memorize the frequency and reception mode if desired. AUTO PRESET MEMORY This function automatically scans the FM and AM band and enters all stations with proper signal strength into the memory. AV SURROUND RECEIVER SR6400 SELECTOR SELECT ENTER STANDBY POWER ON/STANDBY...

  • Page 29

    • When entering a single digit number (2 for example), either input “02” or just input “2” and (Using the remote control unit) wait for a few seconds. RECALLING A PRESET STATION AV SURROUND RECEIVER SR6400 SELECTOR VOLUME DOWN CLEAR...

  • Page 30: Remote Controller Operation, Controlling Marantz Components

    Press the desired operation buttons to play the selected component. • For details, refer to the component’s user guide. • It may not be possible to operate some models. CONTROLLING A MARANTZ DVD PLAYER (DVD MODE) POWER ON/OFF Turns the DVD player on and off...

  • Page 31

    CONTROLLING A MARANTZ CD RECORDER (CDR MODE) POWER ON/OFF Turns the CD recorder on and off POWER ON Turns the CD recorder on POWER OFF Turns the CD recorder off Opens / closes the disc tray 0 - 9 Inputs the numeric #s...

  • Page 32: Learn Mode

    LEARNING PROCEDURE Place the remote controll so that its infrared signal transmitter is facing the infrared signal receiver on the Marantz remote controll at a distance of about 5 centimeters. Note: • When NG is displayed in step 5 again, the transmitting code is unavailable for RC7300SRa, or the transmitting signal is intercepted by noise.

  • Page 33: Macro Mode

    MACRO MODE PROGRAMMING MACROS Macros make it possible to use a single function button to perform more complex series of operations that would normally require pressing several buttons. A single button can be programmed to perform up to 10 steps in a sequence. A typical example of such a series might be as follows: •...

  • Page 34

    Press CD, 3 , and 3 buttons. USING MACROS The following procedure will show how to use the function buttons for which you have programmed macros. Press the Function button for the desired macro for 3 seconds. • MACRO is displayed on the LCD for approximately 1 second, after which the number of steps in the macro is displayed on the LCD.

  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    If your trouble cannot be recovered with the remedy actions listed in the following table, malfunction of the internal circuitry is suspected; immediately unplug the power cable and contact your dealer, nearest Marantz authorized dealer or the Marantz Service Center in your country. (1.5 seconds) SYMPTOM SR6400 cannot be turned up.

  • Page 36

    PHONES Should the operation or display seem to be abnormal, reset the unit with the following procedure. The SR6400 is turned on, press and hold the SELECT and ATT buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds or more. Remember that the procedure will reset the settings of the function selector, Surround mode, delay time, TUNER PRESET etc., to their initial...

  • Page 37: Technical Specifications, Dimensions

    Weight ... 27.6 lbs (12.5 Kg) Remote Control Unit RC7300SRa ... 1 AA-size batteries ... 2 FM Feeder Antenna ... 1 FM Antenna Converter ... 1 AM Loop Antenna ... 1 AV SURROUND RECEIVER SR6400 SELECTOR SELECT ENTER STANDBY POWER ON/STANDBY PHONES 17-5/16 ins.

  • Page 38

    You can find your nearest authorized distributor or dealer on our website. JAPAN Marantz Japan, Inc. 35-1 Sagami Ohno 7-Chome, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa 228-8505, Japan U.S.A. Marantz America, Inc. 1100 Maplewood Drive, Itasca, IL 60143, U.S.A. EUROPE Marantz Europe B.V.

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