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AEG Oxygen Installation Manual page 5

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Inlet Hole
Make a hole in the board material for the inlet valve as shown in the fi gure.
The size of the rectangular opening should be 2 3/8" x 4 3/4" (60mm x
110mm). In existing houses where tubes are routed underneath, a hole can
be drilled for the tube using a guide hole as a template. Glue the 90° inlet
elbow onto the sleeve of the mounting bracket. Leave a gap of approxi-
mately 5/8" (15cm) for the low-voltage cable to be connected to the inlet
valve. Then the dust tube is glued into the inlet elbow.
Do not disconnect the mounting screws
completely. Loosen them enough to fi t
the low voltage cable around them and
then tighten.
long screw
short screw
mounting bracket
inlet vavle
Strip off approximately 1" (2cm to 3cm) of the insulation from the end
of the low-voltage cable. Roll the end of the cable two turns around the
screws in the inlet valve and tighten the screws.
Screw the inlet valve into the mounting bracket and make sure that the
screw does not extend through the tube. If necessary, use shorter screws.
In a complete wall structure, the mounting bracket is held in place by a
hook as shown in the fi gure.
Installation in a Brick or Concrete Wall
When installing the inlet valve, sink the pipes, the inlet elbow, and the
mounting bracket in the wall so that the highest surface of the mounting
low voltage cable
bracket is approximately 1/4" (5mm) deeper than the fi nal inner surface.
For the tubing system, make a 3 1/8" x 3 1/8" (80mm x 80mm) channel
in the brick or concrete wall independent of the fi nal thickness of the wall.
The tubing installation must be sturdy enough so that tubes and parts
do not move out of their positions later during the installation work. It is
recommended to cover the opening of the inlet valve to protect it from cast
90° elbow
3 1/8" (80 mm)
wall mounting
fi nis
fi nished wall surface
AEG installation manual
Thread the low voltage cable through the slot
in the mounting bracket
low voltage
90° elbow
4 3/4"
(110 mm)
2 3/8"
(60 mm)
The tube can also be installed block / brick
wall with the rear side. In this case, the wall
is made imurasiaa for a picture with the hole.


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