Installation Of Wall Inlets - AEG Oxygen Installation Manual

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AEG installation manual
Installation of the Wall Inlet Valves
For the installation, you will usually need the following parts:
Mounting bracket
Inlet valve
Wall Installation of the Inlet Valve
A typical wall inlet valve installation is shown in the fi gure on the right.
A 90° inlet elbow is used in the wall installation to prevent long objects
entering into the tubing system, protecting it against blockages.
A 90° steep elbow can be fi tted in two different ways. In practice, the
partition wall can be as narrow as 2 3/4" (65mm).
Note! A 90° inlet elbow must not be installed anywhere else in the tubing
If the thickness of the wall board is more than 1" (25mm), you can reach
the mounting bracket by using an extension tube.
Note! When installing the short version of the 90° inlet elbow, use
short screws so that they do not extend into the tube.
90° elbow
low voltage cable
90° elbow
min. 2 3/4"
(65 mm)
mounting bracket
choose the best angle
of the 90 ° inlet elbow
so that it fi ts best in
the surrounding space
open cavity
90° sweep elbow
If the Structures of the House Prevent Tubing Routing
This can be avoided by making slots as shown in the fi gure below.
Supporting structural elements of the house should not be slotted. If you
cannot attach the mounting bracket properly to the batten wall, you can
install a separate mounting board.
mounting board
mounting bracket
sweep elbow
inlet valve
fl oor



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