Electrical Connections - AEG Oxygen Installation Manual

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AEG installation manual
Electrical Connection-
Low-Voltage Cable
To power on the central vacuum system, a 24V low-voltage cable is
routed to each inlet valve. Parallel connection is made according to the
fi gure below.
inlet vavles conneted
inlet valve1
in series
inlet valve 2
low voltage circuit diagram
low voltage cable
with stripped ends
contact pins
low voltage
inlet valve
It is recommended that the low-voltage cable be installed in a conduit
pipe, and this is absolutely necessary when cables are to be hidden in
cast concrete. If the cable becomes defective, it is also much easier
to change it afterwards. In these installations, only certifi ed electrical
components may be used.
The power unit is connected to an electrical outlet. If there is no outlet
nearby, an electrician will carry out installation.
All the high-voltage connections are under the turbine cover. Only an
electrician is allowed to open the cover.
low voltage
inlet valve 3
low voltage
connetion terminals



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